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    1. The Election Board has decided to continue accepting Voter registrations BUT they will not be processing any of these new Voter registrations until after the impeachment process has been completed! Apparently, per an election board employee, the Attorney General is supporting the Election Board decision.
      How can the refuse to allow Citizens to participate in this very important process? It is unconscionable for anyone to inhibit the Rights of our Citizens in any way! I cannot find anything in the Constitution, or in the Code Books which allows, or prevents, them from this decision. It does limit Citizen involvement on a pretense that it would change the numbers of signatures needed. This is NOT a LAW, it is their opinion and judgment! Of course, George Tiger doesn’t want them to process new registrations because he may be afraid all these new Voters are only jumping on board to oust him from his throne, uh, I mean office.

      1. It is really sad that the employees would like to sign but are afraid of termination if they do !! Their grandparents are afraid if they sign, their grandkids will lose their job !! We do live in the USA where this should be unacceptable!! Have any of the petition workers been confronted yet !!!

        1. That is correct! Even though the Employee Preotection Act was revised (yet vetoed) though I have a strong inclination it will be overridden, we are scared to sign. Should we sign it in fear of our treatment at the workplace? Or hang in there and wait til the end of the year when he’s not reelected and him and his administration are gone. I’d like to know how many signatures they have. Perhaps the week before they have to turn it in give the best possible estimate of the signatures they have then maybe if it’s going to be really close, the emoloyees who are scared will pull through and sign. But as I understand, it is still a tedious process once the signatures are collected.

            1. George it is time to resign. This is not going to end well for you. All you vetoes were over ridden by the National Council. Your now have a lame duck administration. The National Council is going to block any big deals that will further threaten the financial stability of the Nation. You betrayed us and got caught when you tried to build a casino in Broken Arrow and give yourself a percentage of the ownership to make yourself a millionaire. You had a conflict of interest when you agreed to be a consultant for a developer when your were on the council and continued when you became Chief. You demonstrated that you were in it for yourself. George, you increased the cost of Margaritaville by over a million dollars to have a Native construction company involved. How convenient it is that your step daughter is in a relationship with the owner. Are you getting a kickback on that? I hope that you have picked a different company for the new hospital and the Eufaula Clinic. I do not see how you are going to double talk your way out of it. The citizens do not trust you anymore. You have lost their respect. You screwed too many people over and have embarrassed our Nation with all of your scandals. You and your cousin Wiley are looking desperate. I think he gave you some bad advice. It is time to resign with some dignity and stop the circus.d

        2. Yep! One of our petitioners has been “harassed” by City police and by Lighthorse, which they stated was at the direction of George Tiger. This happened in Bristow. The Bristow police stopped by & related the complaint of HARASSMENT to the petitioner, but then said they saw nothing wrong was happening & they left. A few minutes after that, the MCN Lighthorse showed up saying the same thing, AND they also said they saw nothing wrong, then they left.

          Another petitioner down Okemah way noted a vehicle stopped & parked near her and was taking pictures of her & her vehicle. When the culprit realized she/he had been spotted, that vehicle took off.

          There was an instance where a “mole” attempted to come into one of our meetings – but would not sign the petition!!!

          SO FELLOW PETITIONERS, WATCH OUT, & ALSO HAVE YOUR CAMERAS READY. TAG NUMBERS/COLOR OF VEHICLE, MODEL, ETC. We have to watch out for ourselves since we don’t have access to OUR Lighthorse! That seems to belong to George.


    At Concharty Wild Onion Dinner yesterday, Chief Tiger had four LightHorse Officers with him. Is George afraid of his beloved people? Why the four guards? Are they for his protection or ours?

    1. When George Tiger became Chief he has been guarded by LightHorse everywhere he goes, unless it’s personal.
      At least one officer at all times.
      What is he afraid of?
      Why does he need protection?
      Or, does having LightHorse around him make Chief Tiger FEEL GOOD, like the purchase of the Okmulgee Country Club made him FEEL GOOD?

      1. From my memory bank: Remember when George’s henchpersons wrote up their petition in an attempt to impeach Chief AD Ellis, one of their reasons was that Ellis was using the Lighthorse to do his bidding? Well, Ellis did not use them, and other reasons on that petitions were worthless & full of lies & made up.

        BUT, George does use the Lighthorse for his own purposes, including as his bodyguards. Why, it sounds like he had more security than Obama & his secret service. Well, our LH personnel are not secret and we know who they are!!!

        As you state, is George afraid of his own people, the very ones he chose himself to lead? He should come around to see some of us and see how we treat him.

      2. GT has gone Hollywood. It’s the price of being a big time celebrity. Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Jay, and GT all have personal body guards, For Tiger, its the big decisions of the day for when George decides where he is to have his big boy all you can stuff buffet lunch.

        A motorcade with the lights on and sirens blowing through downtown Okmulgee without stopping at intersections is only fitting for someone of his level of hubris and importance. Tiger deserves it.

        Rumor has it and I take no stock in it, that Hollywood has taken notice of George’s daily drama. Secret business deals, sex, affairs, millions of Creek dollars, secret service guards, secret pay offs, and a smiling self absorbed celebrity who takes a selfie every two steps for his facebook face has the makings of a Hollywood Movie. Of course, self important GT would want to play himself.

        Like all big time Hollywood celebrity’s , Tiger needs a theme park. Like Dollywood, TIGERWOOD is suggested for the name of the $11 million golf game at River Walk. Where all participants can be taken down the river like his constitutents have been.

        1. Since Hollywood Tiger seeks tons of extra cash, a Thought for a new reality show for GT to host. Instead of the outdated theme Girls Gone Wild, CHIEFS GONE WILD. A light hearted show that shares Tiger’s daily drama depicting FUN, FUN, FUN at the Creek House starring Mistresses, Shady Business Partners, Former Disgraced Tribal Chiefs and known thieves who hatch new business opportunities for a huge financial cut. If all goes well for Tiger, a segment of the Rich and Famous may develop. Hollywood Tiger deserves it.

            1. He doesn’t pay money back to anyone, at least not with his money. He doesn’t hesitate to spend the tribe’s money.

  2. Would or can a member of NC, clarify that agreement with One Fire LLC ? I have heard that they get all proceeds from River Walk, the tribe gets zip ! The tribe gave them $21 million to develop business, small businesses can’t afford a monthly lease payment of $11,000 to locate at Riverwalk !! Who are the people on the board ? This set up has a bad smell !! Why would you give millions and not expect a return on your investment!! No wonder citizens are concerned about the treasury !!

    1. Great point! It has been said many times. MCN is paying/has paid a lot of money for the improvement of bad properties and will see very little return on that investment; therefore, the news that those investments touted as a great thing by Muscogee Nation News appears to be extremely bad investments for MCN. So someone is making money from this. Who? Look at who owns the companies involved and who owns percentages in these companies or has business interests thereof. Some interesting names may be uncovered.

    2. Isn’t One Fire the casino? Does Creek Nation have two One Fire businesses? Do they have the same name for confusion to keep two sets of books to show auditors. Monthly lease of 11,000 is outrageous. We need transparency!

  3. My name is Cindy McIntosh and I work for Creek Nation as a RN for the Division of Health. I have not been told to not talk about what is going on with the chief. I have a say and I be damn if anyone thinks they can threaten me with my job. And yes I’m Creek.

  4. The network of people George Tiger employs to protect his image appears to be wider than once thought. The attorney for the National Council is Zeke Matthews. Zeke Matthews has a brother who owns the Turtle Talk website. The Turtle Talk website purports to report the devious dealings of tribal executives found to be in trouble with their tribe. Despite that pompous mission, Turtle Talk has never mentioned, not even once, anything connected to the widespread coverage that George Tiger is currently having, or has the Turtle Talk ever mentioned George Tiger’s name since his election to office.
    And, Zeke Matthews hired Roger Wiley after he was canned by Ellis.

  5. I understand that a few employees have been told if they have issues with his administration, to visit him is his office !! One said he told her not to get involved or she might be looking for a job !! He needs to be reminded that Creek Nation isn’t a third world country , we have freedom of speech and have the right to work without intimidation hanging over an employees head !!! He continues to claim innocence, but documentation says otherwise, he plead guilty to the OIC case but the statue of limitations saved him . One reason, he is scrutinized on these high dollar expenditures he has insisted on !! Inflated purchase of country club which now sits vacant . Now he wants the Flying Tee golf venture built ASAP , why. ?

    1. If anyone has hard evidence ( memo, e-mail, voice recording) that George Tiger or one of his minions are threatening employees and their families with loss of jobs for signing the petition. This information should be turned over to Tulsa World reporter immediately.
      We may be a sovereign Nation but our people are also U.S. Citizens and have employment rights and protections from Dictators like George and his staff.

      1. It’s being continuously reported by Creek tribal employees that they are being threatened with termination if THEY SIGN THE PETITION. This is wrong & illegal. It’s probably against FREEDOM OF SPEECH laws too.

        Unfortunately, there have been many employees who say they would sign if they didn’t have those threats being held over their heads.

        Our laws warn against intimidation or threats thereof, so why are the powers that be in the Creek Nation doing this to the employees? This is an item that can be reported to Federal authorities or whomever is over this.

        What can we “outsiders” do about this? We can push harder for more signatures on that petition, I guess.

        Go to facebook page MUSCOGEE CREEK REMOVAL PETITION, and you can get all sorts of information about the petition drive.

      1. I see the Inspector General Hotline is listed above. Now is our chance to take back our Nation. We need as many people as possible to call this number and state what they know of the improper and illegal activites of our current administration. You can remain anonymous if you fear retaliation. The Creek Nation accepts federal money. This money is to benefit all tribal members. It is not for a selected group of people. Tigergate has damaged our Nation’s reputation in Indian Country and in local and state communities. Call the IG with any information of the misuse of funds, the diversion of funds, the theft of funds and give them specific information if you have it. We can not allow this to go on. We will be bankrupt! We need to have a future and take care of the treasury and programs that our elders have left for us to manage. Let a better future be available for our descendants. Preserve our future! Let’s be the best stewards we can be. I am calling on All Concerned Creek Citizens To Take Back Our Nation!! Take Action! Call the IG, 1-800-447-8477. Let’s control our future! Please call the Inspector General! Mvto.

  6. Found this comment on facebook page MUSCOGEE CREEK REMOVAL PETITION. Check it out if you have fb account.

    George had said something about a tiger fighting back with his abundance of power:

    ” I take it as a threat. This petition activity is not about “abundance of power”. It is about getting our Nation back on track. Time to take back what power WE have and that’s the power of our MCN Constitution and the intents of Oaths of Office that have been taken, and both have not been adhered to. Being against actions that have been taken are not the same as being against a person — there is quite a difference, and this petition is against actions. Being intimidated by our elected & appointed officials should not be the Creek way.”

    1. I read it as a threat. Shocking that a tribal Chief would made such a statement against anyone much less his own people. Obviously he thinks he owns the job, the house, the cars, the trips, and the payoffs from his secret under the table deals.

      Tigergate is his undoing – he will pay for what he has done against our young, elderly, and our truly needy members!

    2. The network of people George Tiger employs to protect his image appears to be wider than once thought. The attorney for the National Council is Zeke Matthews. Zeke Matthews has a brother who owns the Turtle Talk website. The Turtle Talk website purports to report the devious dealings of tribal executives found to be in trouble with their tribe. Despite that pompous mission, Turtle Talk has never mentioned, not even once, anything connected to the widespread coverage that George Tiger is currently having, or has the Turtle Talk ever mentioned George Tiger’s name since his election to office.
      And, Zeke Matthews hired Roger Wiley after he was canned by Ellis.

      1. My bad. The Council’s attorney is Zeke Fletcher. His brother owns the Turtle Talk website. Zeke Fletcher hired Roger Wiley.

          1. Lawyer Weimer is certainly one to get to the bottom of all this current administration’s corrupt dealings. He knows more about the internal workings of the Creek government that any other lawyer. He would be ideal!

  7. I think George has his loophole in this petition. We need a stronger petition written.
    § 1–304. Articles of Impeachment
    A. If evidence warrants it, the Special Impeachment Committee shall vote by majority vote and direct the Special Prosecutor to prepare formal written statements as Articles of Impeachment charging the Officer with a formal charge with each charge being a separate and individual Article of Impeach- ment; such charges to reflect ‘‘treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors’’.
    B. The charge(s) cited in the Article of Impeachment showing cause for removal shall be set forth in common and concise language and must specify the statutory or regulatory provisions alleged to have been violated, but may not consist merely of allegations stated in statutory or regulatory language.

    1. To CreekReviewer,

      The petition looks strong as it is to many Creeks.

      We can’t start over now.

      It only takes one CONVICTION of TREASON to convict Mr. Tiger.

      We need to continue gathering signatures from Creeks that want change.

  8. I signed the petition The holder of the petition told me that she was not allowed to go on Creek property to get signatures.
    I want Roger Wiley to know you are invading my civil rights if we can go to the communities to vote we can go anywhere we want to go. I will tell very one about Okmulgee Indian community Constitution and new By!Laws dated September 15,2015.

    1. I mean September 15,2014,We did not have a valid by-Law for over four years so all the elections are subject to being void!!
      I gave this information to the attorney general in Tulsa,OK I think you creek citizens should know this as every one tried to keep it quite even the Attorney General office!!

      1. Why in okmulgee county PO-2013-00166 (johnna townsend’s PO) on 8-8-13 was there a letter about subpoea from the Office of Attorney General of Muscogee Creek Nation listed? Why did the AG send the letter? Was this not a civil matter? GT was also listed subpoena. Did the AG act of his step daughters’ behalf? If so wouldn’t that be misuse of tribal fund? Embezzlement? However the PO was dismissed. Maybe someone should get a copy of the letter to see why the AG sent the letter. Js

          1. Thats the case number in okmulgee county. Go to ODCR and enter GT’s name and it will pull up cases that have been filed against him in most oklahoma courts.

  9. The people that support George Tiger, work for George Tiger and he holds their very livelihood in his hands.

    Most Creek People know that Tiger is corrupt and has used his position while on the National Council Rep and as Chief.

    We have all seen the Contract with Shane Rolls and know that no one should cheat money out of their own people, sworn in office or not.

    The National Council should ban Roger Wiley from attending their meetings. At this point the NC have listened to AG Roger Wiley and allowed him to speak in their meetings and followed his opinions. He has played the NC like a fiddle.

    Roger Wiley – Attorney General for Muscogee (Creek) Nation works for George Tiger. He always has.

    Do any of you remember why Chief Ellis terminated Roger Wiley? It’s because he sided the National Council when Roger Barnett was Speaker and George Tiger was a Representative and breaking MCN’s Constitutional Laws. That National Council session did not follow our constitution as Roger Wiley doesn’t either.

    Why do you think Mrs. James Pratt is gone? Pratt did Tiger’s bidding and paid out checks to Johnna Townsend and other women.

    Pratt is in the same line as:
    Edwin Marshall
    Rob Daugheray
    Wayne Johnson
    Jeff Fife
    and many more.

    The March 20, 2015 threatening comment to employees shows that Tiger is in a corner and may strike back. Generally George speaks of prayers and thoughts and love of his people.
    Now he wants to fight back. Fight against whom? The National Council, the Citizens, his family, who?

    George Tiger has bought real estate and embarrassed us enough, from his stealing from Okmulgee Indian Community to today.

    The threats that George Tiger’s people tell the employees through Dornan is despicable.

    If you believe that taking money from your own people is honorable then keep George Tiger.

    NATIONAL COUNCIL take some of his line items from him. Fund the executive branch with bare necessities and nothing more. Stop his propaganda Selina Dornan, threatening employees with their jobs and all the other PR she does for George.

    Take away any money that does not have a direct impact for the Office of Principal Chief that can still operate without a Public Relations office and manager, a corrupt worthless Attorney Generals office, MCN Radio, MCN Newspaper, travel and mail outs just to name a few.

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