Feds Can Be Requested to Audit Tribal Finances — Example Here.

Warm Springs Tribes Ask Federal Gov’t To Investigate Funds

WARM SPRINGS, Ore. (AP) — The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs has asked federal regulators to investigate alleged financial mismanagement within its tribal government.

The Bend Bulletin reports the confederation asked the U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of Inspector General for an investigation in early March. Tribal officials say Warm Springs is nearing the brink of bankruptcy.

The inspector general’s office declined to confirm whether an investigation was under way.

Warm Springs’ secretary-treasurer Jake Suppah said the tribes have overspent more than $100 million over the past 10 years, putting at risk senior pensions, monthly payouts to tribal members, and essential services such as tribal courts and police.

The Warm Springs tribes are a sovereign nation, but they receive federal money, giving the inspector general authority to investigate possible misuse of funds.

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    1. What a poser? This is false representation of himself! I doubt anyone is going to believe this? What a piece of work! Hey George, who gave you that Dr degree!

      1. Okay, so here’s the story. George was with the cowardly lion, scarecrow and tinman when the wizard bestowed courage, brain and a heart. The Tiger asked for a Doctorate and “poof”, he’s a Doc. The dude doesn’t have an associates, bachelors or a masters degree so how can he have a doctorate? His bios say he “studied” at different schools. Never finished anything. He wants to run with the big boys but doesn’t have the pedigree. Always has been a wannabe. But hey, if his dumb-as- a-rock chief of staff can get a doctorate there may be hope.

        1. I thought George said he went to Haskell when it was a junior college? I read where there were people who went to college with him at Haskell. Oh well doesn’t matter. IMPEAH GEORGE TIGER!!!!!

    2. It was an honorary degree. A lot of universities do this, but it is often given only to graduation speakers at a university or college. The degree is NOT recognized by employers as having the same stature as a corresponding earned doctorate degree and should NOT be represented as such. With regard to the use of this honorific, the policies of institutions of higher education generally ask that recipients “refrain from adopting the misleading title” and that a recipient of an honorary doctorate’s use of the title “Dr” before his or her name should BE RESTRICTED to engagement with the institution of higher education in question and NOT within the broader community. But in GT’s case he will have the world calling him Dr.

    3. This another piece of self promotion by George that appeared in the AARP magazine. Bet you that KOTV and KTUL didn’t know that he was an Executive there.
      “George Phillip Tiger Creek a full blood Creek he has served on the Board of Regents of Haskell Indian Nations
      University at Lawrence Kansas for 20 years and on the Creek Nation Tribal Council for 12 years. He also has served
      as Chairman of the United Indian Nation for Oklahoma Kansas and Texas; For 27 years he has been a television
      executive with KOTV and KTUL in Tulsa where he has been honored for outstanding public relations for the
      American Indian on television and radio in Tulsa.”
      Page 1 of 1 AARP honors Native elders
      8/2/2011 http://www.nativetimes.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article& …

  1. QUESTION: Can the NC request the MCN appoint an independent investigator or can they fund one on their own using appropriated money? Just wondering since their will be much to find out in the contracts, contractor LLC partners and real estate documents that need researching. One is the (supposed) golf course. What is the provenance of the property? I have heard that the previous owners were involved with some administration personnel in this sale of this property that has cost the MCN people almost $5million so far.

      1. No. What should be made clear is who (LLC owners) owned the property when MCN bought it. Remember that AD would not buy it for $2M. Why was it worth $3.6M to George and then lost more than $30,000 a month since MCN bought it.

        1. We need to hire an investigator to see how any people received kick backs. If you pay more money for something than it is worth to move money around and funnel it to your friends who will give you a cut and call it a consulting fee. Can you call this racketeering?

      1. While investigations are being done…..supposedly someone needs to ask and ask hard questions about Contract Health Funding.

        They are OUT of $$$$$!. Referrals will be denied.
        Ask George, Senneca, and write a letter to Roger about the hundreds of bills they forced Contract Health to pay. Payments that people did not go thru the proper channels for. The federal guidelines require that the process be followed. Well for some of us anyway.
        The tribal funding also has guidelines but those 3 men have demanded they pay for unnecessary procedures. Having weight loss surgery, boob jobs, tummy tucks, blue pill viaggra, etc… The list goes on and on. Non emergent services.
        I work with a woman at casino that had botox. Went without a referral then thought tribe should pay for it.

        Audit is past due. The National Counsel needs to look. Unless they got some of this money used on them or their families.
        When did those 3 men get their medical degree to make these decisions?

        1. The Health Department is laughable. An Xray tech runs the Health Department and does not give a darn about quality. A lot of the doctors they must have scraped the bottom of the barrel to get. We know they don’t care about us. How many people has that Dr in Okmulgee let die or killed? Dr. Vark just goes through the motions. He plays a big role in that Contract Health. Heard they took money from Contract Health to pay the hospital bills over at that money pit. These are the worst businessmen ever. I forgot, they are not businessmen.

          1. I know that you are talking about Dr. Earls. She does not care about us and she does not want to take care of us. Why does the Health Department subject us to her? I guess the Health Department does not care about us either. Seneca get her out of Okmulgee! We deserve better!

    1. One of the promises that Chief Ellis made when he ran for 2nd Chief this past January was to look into the contracts that the NC and George. We weren’t smart enough to take advantage of that opportunity.
      Where is Louis? George got him elected, now he’s hiding out. When is he going to step up and look out for people that put him in office? Wait a minute, I spoke too soon that is what he’s doing.

    2. The National Council was supposed to look into these contracts before they approved them. This is a very good reason not to elect someone to the Chiefs office that has held key positions on the National Council. I guess you” have to pass the bill so you can see what the bill is all about”
      Do your job National Council.

    3. I would like to know which council member received campaine donations from a certain contributor? Can I get that answered?
      Can we have the campaine contributors list made public? Can you hide what you do not want us to know?

  2. New Topic Please

    GT’s newest letter is BS. He states in the letter that councils actions “have created a constitutional crisis that have violated my rights under the Indian civil rights act”. This is just a ploy to shift blame. There is a Supreme Court ruling that says:

    Suits against the tribe under the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 are barred by the tribe’s sovereign immunity from suit, since nothing on the face of the ICRA purports to subject tribes to the jurisdiction of federal courts in civil actions for declaratory or injunctive relief. Nor does the ICRA impliedly authorize a private cause of action for declaratory and injunctive relief. Congress’ failure to provide remedies other than habeas corpus for enforcement of the ICRA was deliberate, as is manifest from the structure of the statutory scheme and the legislative history of Title I.

    .The courts decided that “…tribal common-law sovereign immunity prevented a suit against the tribe.” This decision ultimately strengthened tribal self-determination by further proving that generally, the federal government played no enforcement role over the tribal governments.

    This means that GT’s statement is a red hearing a ploy. He is trying to cast enough doubt so when the signatures come in he can fight it when the council votes to impeach. GT is not locked up…. Yet so he has no remedy under the Act. The Act only provides habeas corpus remedy through the federal court to criminals in custody.

    1. The letter Thief Tiger sent out to all of us points out that the National Council or Speaker has no business adopting resolutions dealing with the the activities of the Executive Branch. Now this brings up the following questions.
      1. If memory serves, there were votes of no confidence on AD Ellis when Tiger was on the Council. Either the rules have changed or this is another example of Tiger taking the position that the rules don’t apply to him.
      2. Is the National Council not obligated to look out for the interests of the MCN? So when the Council sees such blatant abuse of power, is our “Honorable” Chief to be left alone to further plunder the the till at the expense of all of us?
      Again, it appears that Thief Tiger has the attitude that he answers to no one!
      The Tulsa World proves without a doubt that Tiger is all about lining his own pockets at the expense of the tribe, and his letter sends the message that stopping him could lead to a “Constitutional Crisis”??? What a spin doctor he has hired this time!
      Let’s all sign that impeachment petition!!

      1. I have signed the petition , I have been informed from attorney in Washingnton DC that the petition is not correctly
        written the first two exhibits were all right but the other eight was elementary to the petition and does not protect the nation as a whole. Advise is let the petition be written by an attorney.
        Thank you to the lady that started the petition.

    2. Does Tiger not violate ICRA of tribal employees by not allowing them their Freedom of Speech? This double talk and veiled threats are getting old. Chief, you have lost the respect of your citizens and council. Your reputation is tarnished. There is no way that you are going to be an effective leader from now on. Your path will be full of obstacles. The bloodhounds are going to turn over every stone to look for your agreements of betrayal to you people. Resign to preserve what little there is left of your damaged legacy. There is no winner here. We have all lost.

      1. Agreed! I find it a threat when he said “It’s not good for anyone that backs a tiger in a corner, eventually the tiger with abundance of power fights back….a main event is on the horizon”. I’ve heard George is calling all the employees that spoke up at the council meeting to his office. No employee is going to want to sign this petition. If enough signatures aren’t provided, George will see the list then he will fire them. We need something to protect employees. What is in place?

  3. George Tiger – The Great Manipulator

    In July of 2009 Mr. Tiger filed and campaigned for a National Council seat in Creek District. He was elected in November 2009.

    While he campaigned he promised us at the forums he would obey and uphold the constitution of Mvskoke Nation, help the Nation prosper, unite all citizens the Mvskoke Way, and yada, yada, yada.

    Days after the election he signed a CONSULTING AGREEMENT to become part owner of a casino that would belong to a Creek family and a development group with a small percentage to Kialegee Tribal Town and 5% to himself. He signed this agreement in secret.

    Do not support this man.
    He is not true to the citizens, his wife or his children.

    1. Nor should Johnnie Greene or Shirlene Ade be supported or trusted. Both voted against the resolution of no confidence against Tiger. So I suppose they support Treason and theft. Ms. Ade even told Fox News that Tiger was an honest man and that there was just no proof of any wrong doing. Either she is as crooked as he is or totally beyond stupid.
      Public records will show that criminal activity runs in Johnnie Green’s family, so I guess she is okay with crime.

      1. No one should be surprised that Johnnie Greene or Shirlene Ade were dissenting votes. They both have a personal history with George. When they are up for re-election this should be remembered by the voters and everyone that signs the impeachment petition.

      2. You bet!!We will not forget Ade and Green.Their days are numbered on the council!!Green got the food commodity moved over to Coweta and ther is not that many citizens in her back yard also the clinic. That is a hard drive for us elders!!

    2. COUNCIL CALL THE INPECTOR GENERAL!! We need to find out how broke we are? Also, does anyone know if George Phillip Tiger has any felony convictions against him?

  4. LIBEL any publication that is injurious to the reputation of another person:

    DEFAMATION a false published statement that injures a persons reputation or good name:

    If Tulsa World stories are false WHY DOESN’T GT FILE A LAWSUIT.

    REASON all claims reported are absolutely TRUE!

    AND should GT sue then he will be subject to court orders concerning testimoney and providing his records to lawyers – really something he wishes to keep very secret.

    Anything GT aleges or publicly states with out being under oath in a court of law is his SPIN!

    1. Dr. Wahoo,
      Another spin that Tiger has going and some members seem to be buying into; GT says that he is a Victim of Hate. Message conveyed is that the Haters will lose as our all mighty God will save George Tiger’s throne.

      I have not read or heard one person who stated that they Hate him. People have said that they are very sorry that he is Chief and they have no confidence in him – certainly can’t trust him but haven’t heard “Hate”. Only from Chief Tiger…….

      I think there is a great sadness, disappointment, shock and disbelief that our Chief would betray us……….

    2. Well I guess he is spinning like a top now. He is like an adolescent, always blaming someone else and not taking responsibility for himself.

    1. National Council members say GT won’t allow the auditors to examine administration emails in connection to the audit – well how many other secret agreements are in those emails ?
      At the present time the only way for GT to come clean is allow a complete audit and face the music.
      Does anyone believe the Broken Arrow Casino was the only so-called deal GT benefited from???
      GT needs to be under oath before the National Council examined by a Special Prosecutor about all his deals, and of course after he has to surrender of all records and bank accounts to the investigation.

      1. We need a grand jury investigation? What does it take to get the creek nation lawyers involved? There seems to be a lot of underhanded activity. Are they not supposed to protect the citizens? They should be held culpable if they are not going to do anything?


    A Petition has been filed to IMPEACH GEORGE TIGER.

    The Petition to Impeach Chief George Tiger was filed today.

    The only reason needed. The highest of crimes listed.

    This Chief is self-serving, has no morals, no shame, no repentance and continues to tell us he is not GUILTY.

    MR. GEORGE TIGER signed a contract to take money from Muscogee Nation and Kialegee Nation with a family that doesn’t have love for their own people, and he did it in secret.

    $2,000,000 a month was his payoff + any other income from the deal.

    Sigh the petition, show your Voters Registration Card (that shouldn’t even have to be shown) because it’s the law, put your Roll Number down (because of the Dawes Rolls) and get him gone, gone down the road at least, if not to prison.

    This man has not destroyed the credibility and financial stability of Mvskoke Nation, he has hurt all people within the boundaries of the Nation.

    White, Black, Spanish or any other race feels the repercussions of his corrupt activities and appetite for treasonous money.

    The reputation of Mvskoke Nation is ruined for years to come because of George Tiger and Roger Barnett.

    I will sign the petition.

  6. Remember back in the 90’s when Dept of Interior helped the Cherokees get the house in order, that was during the Sixkiller administration. James Pruitt was working for his tribe during that period and came to us after that.
    Where did Pruitt go after leaving George? Follow the money.

        1. There was also a judge named James Pratt that was involved in Eufaula dealings when he got hiis attorney liscense taken away. Stidham Watts and the others went to bat for him he is one of the owners of thhe golf course!!

  7. Johnna!! You all ready got your money, car, and house!!! Help your people out! Let’s get George by the balls. Give us documents, texts, or emails. Whatever you got!

    1. If you want to ask Johnna to give documents and information about George then go to Facebook and ask her. You van even leave her a message. She will respond back to you.

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