More on MCN National Council Votes of 3/10/15 About Chief George Tiger’s Illegal Activities

On other related topics, the threads have become quite long, so VOC is opening up this one for additional comments.

1st of all, lets give thanks to the Tulsa World & their investigation on our Chief’s corruption and his use of illegal means.

We realize our tribal paper and all its media will never acknowledge any negative things about our elected officials.  We always get such news from outside sources.  There is more about George than the Kialegee deals, and it will be flushed out.

At the Council’s emergency meeting, there were 13 members present with 12 voting (Speaker votes only on tied voting).  Absent were Shirlene Ade, Johnnie Green and 2nd Speaker Robert Hufft.  I’m sure they phoned in their excuses for their absences.


By now, all other outside news sources have picked up on this mess and will be printing & broadcasting what they now know.

There are now IMPEACHMENT PETITIONS hatching and that will happen.  I’m certain the petitioners will need assistance in getting the signatures so please be ready to do petitions.  Let’s let George that more of us are not in his pocket nor on his side.

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  1. Yesterday I sent to our new United States Indian Gaming Chairman Mr Jonoved Chaudhuri these files: A.D. Elllis and Community Law Suite~ Lawsuite of Golden Canyon Partners and Shane Rolls ~George Tiger~Kialegee Lawsuit.~ list of Council members on Creek Nation council~177 comments 42 pages of Creek Voices of Courage.
    I faxed to the speaker Speaker Thomas Yahols and nine council members a copy of my letter to the new confirmed Chairman of Gaming also. I tried to fax to other council members on their fax numbers and many were not in service!!Hope this will lighten your load!!!I enjoyed doig ask Mr. Narcomy!!

    1. Geo. Tiger, Roger Barnett, Sam Alexander and their supporters on the National Council (all but 4 not reflected) refused to confirm or even have a hearing on the new Chairman of NIGC when his term on the Creek Supreme Court expired, BUT guess what the President of the United States and United States Senate approved him for a most important Chairmanship, even after attempts by the current Creek Nation Administration to stop his nomination and appointment.
      This action alone clearly explains to all Creek citizens this Administrationis the most corrupt and self serving in recent history

      1. I was at Walmart a few moments ago and one of the council members told me they were happy that I sent the paperwork to the new gaming convention nerve thank you bye bye

  2. I agree to allow the help of the lawyer from Washington. We need a good attorney to go after George and the rest of the 11 thieves GT pardoned from the Duck Creek theft ring. It seems that when we file a complaint or a grievance with our tribal attorneys or court they only want to quote back you the constitution handbook because they don’t want to get involved not unless its a given order from the Executive Branch. So why wouldn’t we contract an outside attorney, everything else at Creek Nation is Contracted out. Creek Nation, the only place where you can get a good High paying position if you got the skills to be a good thief. You can become the Head of any department as long as you can show how you can pick a pocket without getting caught or you can sleep with the Chief and be on his HOTLINE as his MISTRESS. How do you think George and Francis got together? They were having an affair with each other when Francis was an employee at housing and George was a Council member. He made a office for himself at housing so he could have Francis at his beckon call when he got the urge.
    In case anyone doesn’t know I will tell you FYI. Roger Wiley is GT’s COUSIN and North cross of light horse police is also GT’s COUSIN. Francis Tiger’s relative was just been put on staff at Housing. George has stated he was for hiring Creek Citizens, just to bad that you have to be a part of his or his wife family before you get hired on. A letter of Nepotism has already been sent to every National Council member back in January and it has been addressed. have they done anything about it yet? Nope!!

  3. FYI, don’t believe half the people, who said they didn’t know what was going on. Most likely these same people were well aware what was going. I know at least one that sits on the nc now that says they didn’t know but did. Watch out for those who pretend to be against GT.

    1. You are correct they say they don’t know but they do!!I have good news for us a” Lawyer Federal in Washington DC says the petition is good enough written as for the Creek Nation Council!!’
      They are interested in us!!!

  4. GT has said he hasn’t been given Due Process, has a right to face his accusers, no one is stopping him, show up with the documents that would show innocence, explain to the tribal members why it’s OK to put the treasury in jeopardy AND send a memo to the directors to cut out the intimidating advice to employees to not get involved or run the risk of termination!! This is the USA , we have Freedom of speech !!

    1. He complains that his rights have been violated. Ha! Mafia Tiger has been violating employee rights since his Johnna Townsend scandal that involved his daughters and cousins in law enforcement and AG. Employees receive emails and messages from administration forbidding them to discuss matters involving George. Now he is moving on to retaliation. He creates a hostile work environment. Not to mention the sexual harassment women experience working in departments under his friends and relatives. EEOC!
      Read We have the right to FREEDOM of SPEECH!

    2. GT has not done the one thing that will prove his innocence – SUE THE TULSA WORLD – if he does not sue the newspaper for Lible and defamation of character THEN HE CONFESSES THE NEWSPAPER IS CORRECT AND HE IS THE PERSON WHO VIOLATED CREEK CONSTITUTIONAL AND STATUTORY LAW.


  5. I was looking for Red Fire and when I searched it Tero came up. I have 20 pages of companies that are with creek nation listed as ‘Tribal Emloyment Rights Office’ mmany LLC.Could be Red Fire.?
    The list Adult Protection, and many more offices. Take a look!!

  6. Go to River Walk Crossing they are part of Red Stone since PREVIOUS YEAR DATED March9 2014!!

    1. Wotko83. Why does the tribe need a holding company? Who is the Board of Directors and who are the shareholders? shouldn’t the tribal members be the share holders? Redstone is a privately owned company? How are they part of Riverwak?

      1. Oh MY!! Yes we should have StockHolders equity I am a member of OIC here in Okmulgee we did have stockholders equity February 2014 we had $586.748.64
        March $586.748.64 April $5$586.748.64 May $584.748.64
        JUNE $184.229.09 July $161.346.42 where did it go? That is the last account of the stockholders equity.Thhe community was investigated and because information that they needed was not provided they could not say anything but misuse of funds by the board. We also had five CD,s two I can account for but three I cannot. I can account the amount in all five but cannot account where they are now.

        1. What bank were those accounts in. They should have a record of those transfers or if checks were written on them. Who is authorized to sign for the removal of those funds? Comptroller? Needs investigation and prosecution if illegal. Federal Investigation PLEASE!

          1. thkn
            I have. that. information but since. I am only a member I have. no authority. to do anything. The attorney. general of Tulsa has that info maybe it was not enough to do any thing!!,

  7. Anyone remember the building @ the Omniplex that the Administration wanted to rebuild because GT’s consultant said it wasn’t built right and lo and behold they knew a company that could correct it for x million $ ? That was one of the first red flags of something fishy!! We all know that if you have something built and it’s shoddily built , you get with the company and Architect that built and designed it, to make it right !! We have to lobbying firm receiving hundreds of thousands of money for doing what ?? Over $400,000 last I heard ! What kind of deal was presented to the council by One Fire LLC on the same night, they met with the citizens? How is it going to benefit our nation ? Transparency, let we citizens know !!

      1. I am wondering also about the petition, I will not be a facebook client to get a petition. Let us know what you are doing to provide the petition!!Thanks Do you have a office? !

    1. “Who is Red Fire are they also Red Stone? I have spent the morning reading the Internal Revenue file and I have loaded all the Fraud that has been comited against us from GT we need to stop all National Council payment transaction now!!
      Please read the IRS Fraud and Aabusive Schemes information, There is a link that you can file against GT. We need to stop all payments!!!!

    2. It was probably Red Bear Consulting that Root owns and runs out of George & Francis home.


      The “Removal Petition” that we are circulating to attain signatures of Creek Registered Voters has NOTHING to do with politics.

      When things aren’t going George Tiger’s way he always yells ‘POLITICS’.

      The fact is that Chief Tiger is not a leader. He purchases stuff, acquires financial security for himself, micromanages all departments, decides who is hired and fired and is a thief!

      We want him to be REMOVED from office.

    3. My friend if you look on the internet at Creek Nation LLC holding you see there is only one fire holding approved by the council. I couldnot find anything for Red Fire Holding when I searched Red Fire Holding it came up for some people in Iowa.

  8. After last nights meeting I’m sure Thief Tiger will have a statement forthcoming espousing his innocence and mis-understandings regarding his role in the Kialegee Casino
    project. Thats all a pathological liar and narcissist can do at
    this point.
    It appears Tiger is going to stand pat and make the National Council and Creek citizen petitioners follow thru with the impeachment process. Thats ridiculous because Tiger has already admitted involvement with the Kialegees. Whether
    he was or wasn’t a council member at the time is irrelevant.
    He was still conspiring with the Kialegees to put a casino in
    the Creek Nation boundaries and he was receiving compensation for his services. After all, Thief Tiger doesn’t
    help anybody without being paid for it.

    Tiger needs a wake-up call because his cabinet members are
    giving him bad advice. Hey Tiger, they’re telling you to fight this because when you’re gone, they’re gone and most of them won’t survive out in the real world without receiving
    their lofty salaries from the Creek Nation.

    Tiger needs to voluntarily step down to be with his wife during her medical crisis and maybe the aura of “hatred” he claims is behind this impeachment movement will dissipate.

  9. I looked up This American Indian enterprise and it is a 501-c3 non profit organization it teaches people how to take money from the tribes successfully. HA!! And love taking the funds from the nation!! I found that you can get a cdib card for just about nothing!!From Eastern Shawnee tribe..I really do not think he is indian!!!

  10. You know what they say about politics. Politics is based on Promises and Lies and if you don’t believe that then stay tuned to the next campaign.

      1. I looked at the Redstone Construction website for Tulsa. Under staff, it has a picture of him and some information saying that he has strong Native American roots. He does not name his tribe or clan. States that he received an award in 2011 from Native Center for American Indian Enterprise Development. Website states that he graduated from Northeastern. It does not say what his degree is in.

        1. Ameican Indian enterprise development is a 501-c-3 non profit organization from new mexico and not recognized by the state of Oklahoma they are Red Stone and EMJ construction they are the thiird party to GT dream castle
          which is against the law” Improper sheltering of taxable gains by passing third party transations through native tribes.”

        2. I do not think that Northeastern offers a degree in Construction Management or Industrial Engineering or Architecture. What is his degree in? How is he qualified to build these buildings?

      1. I read on the Internet where Margaritaville in Biloxi, MS filed for bankruptcy last Fall after being in business for two years. How does that make you feel about the River Spirit project? It could end up like the golf course and country club deal.

        1. We can not afford to build Margaritaville costing over 350 million dollars and have it go Bankrupt in a couple of years. We already have River Spirit Casino on the river in Tulsa. Why are we building another one to compete next door? This is not Las Vegas. We do not have people coming from all over the country to Tulsa to gamble. If they have that much money to gamble, they go to Las Vegas where there are shows, tours and shopping. New Jersey has closed casinos and the Red Neck Riviera have closed casinos. What business deal has George made that has been profitable for the tribe? Someone tell me. He seems to be a bad business man. It looks like he can talk the Council and the banks into anything. What will Creek Nation due when BOK wants payment on that loan when we have a poor return at the new casino. Tiger sold us out! The Bank owns a big part of us now! What a con man! He must have sold used cars in the past! He has put the future of all citizens at risk. Do we expect the elders, children and grandchildren to pay this debt and do without services? We were once a Great Nation until we were misled with poor leadership and bad economic advice.

          1. I think it is a done deal!! $385,000,000,00 already plus $11,000,000.00 !! The national Council is at fault!!
            We have sold our father’s dreams for a new beggining !!!
            At their march from Alabama !! I am SAD!!! I will say this will not go without payback!!

  11. There are 4 major construction companies in Tulsa that could build the Hotel resort at River Spirit:
    Oakridge builder
    Cowen Construction
    I do hope that the Tribe had gotten 3 price comparison bids. These companies have enough manpower to build the Hotel. RedStone should bid just like the rest.

  12. TR15-033 was written by Hufft and Hil and given to the Gaming commission that would mean that all three enities is liable for fraud.Right? How did REDSTONE get the casino job?Were there bids placed out for bidding? I will call Pruitt tomorrow.

    1. Manhattan builds hospitals and huge buildings in Tulsa. They do not need any help from Red Stone Construction. This looks like just a way to siphon money off of the tribe to benefit a few people. Creating an unnecessary bill to funnel money to people close to the Chief just stinks. I wonder how much money Tiger asked from Manhattan to donate to his campaign or money to pay his bills? Bribery, extortion,skimming,adultery, personal lawsuit from his mistress, overpayment of property for possible kickbacks, nepotism. Why does the council go long with this? Where is the integrity of our leaders?

      1. Redstone Construction provides TERO cover for Manhattan. If there were Federal monies involved Redstone would provide minority cover for larger Construction companies.

        1. I saw on the Internet that Redstone Construction is part of EMJ construction or an associated company. I doubt that EMJ construction is tribally owned. When did tribally owned change to individually owned with a CDIB card?

            1. Looks like Samples is the only Indian in the company. Is he being used as a gateway for access to millions of dollars?

          1. I looked up Emg also and they are contractors all over the united states. The Naational Center for American Enterprise strarted in 1968 and ENJ Started in 1968 at the present time they need a estimator for Red Stone supertentant and red stone project manaager!!
            Look on the internet!!

            1. Found it. Redstone advertising for project manager, level 2 superintendent, project engineer-Native Americans strongly recommended to apply, superintendent with Wal-mart project experience and estimator. Looks like Samples is the token Indian for now. George hired a company that doesn’t have staff for Maragaritaville yet. Misleading to call this an Indian certified company when no significant number of Natives are working on the projects.

              1. You are indeed right!! Give me the names of Creek on these jobs? You cannot!!I do not believe we put our people to work under Chris Samples the president of Red Stone and EMJ and Native AmericanEnterprise Developement. out of New Mexico as a 501-c-3 non profit organization that is not regonized by the state of Oklahoma or the better business bureau of Tulsa.

                1. I wonder how much these companies contributed to line Tiger’s pockets and run his campaigns. This makes me sick. Can non profit companies donate to campaigns anyway? It’s kind of like a shell game. Just move the money from one place to another through these companies. We need a separate Business Council with qualified people on it to review these deals. Because right now every thing looks shady.

          2. Please llisten you are correct EMJ is RED STONE Construction they started out in 1968 as American Indian Enterprise Developement they teach people how to get involved with the tribes labor department and they get federal credit for putting our people to work, we do not need a TERO person we need to get credit for putting our own people to work. GT has gotten us involved with people who drain our funds!!Help!!Look on the internet!!!

            1. Wotko83. Are you in construction? It looks like these people are snakes. Does Creek Nation get to approve the subcontractors or is it all in Redstone’s hands now? How does it work? After they start working on Margaritaviile, they will request more money for sure. Is Redstone supposed to build the clinic in Eufaula and the hospital in Okemah? Does anyone know?

        2. hello john hope you know that EMJ and RED STONE are the same they strated out in 1968 as a 501-c3 Native American Indian Enterprise they teach people how to get funds from the tribes and they get federal credit for putting our people to work, we do not need a TERO person we need to get credit on our federal funds for putting our own people to work, These company will drain our funds GT got us into this because TERO has been aroung 15 years and we never used them until now.

  13. TR-15-033 Authorizing the Gaming Operstions Authority Board to execute a standered form of agreement and guaranteed maximum price amendment
    with Manhatten Red Stone a hjoint venture for renovation to River spirit Casino. This bill was sponsered by Hufft and Hill. and passed by 15-0 of thecounci. Since Ms. Root and Mr Samples are engaged is this not a violations of ethics of the council?

    1. How about Robert Hufft’s daughter being hired soon as he became chairman of the board for the oversight committee.
      Redstone got the contract with Manhattan because they where the (TERO) company, then William Mosher with redstone fights against the TERO rights everyday, he wants all his buddies to have the contracts.

      1. So, William Mosher works for Redstone. How come Chris Samples isn’t running the project. Their website states that he is the owner of Redstone. Is this some kind of bait and switch? Is Samples just a figure head? Where does Huft’s daughter work?

        1. Look at Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma under Wikipedia. They have Redstone Construction under their economic development. Does the Shawnee Tribe or Samples or EMJ own this company? WHO OWNS IT?

        2. Chris Samples is the owner, William Mosher is the project Manager for Redstone.
          Robert Hufft’s daughter works out of the “white house” trailer north of the casino, she is apart of the casino project of course.

  14. Citizens of the Muscogee Creek have respectively asked George Tiger to resign his position due to his actions of betrayal to the Nation for his own personal financial gain. He has refused.

    Documentation has been made public by the Tulsa World that Chief George Tiger received and required significant money through a confidential contract from Shane Rolls for Tiger’s support of the Red Casino Gaming Facility.

    Tomorrow, Monday, March 16, 2015 please call the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General Scott Pruitt for their assistance in this matter. We need the phones ringing off the hooks tomorrow. Please contact all friends and family contacts requesting them to call this office tomorrow..

    We are asking for Attorney General Scott Pruitt for a review of the matter as published in the Tulsa World.

    Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General Scott Pruitt:

    918-581-2885 (Tulsa Office)

    hours from 8 to 5. If unable to call tomorrow please call Tuesday.


    Citizens for Ethical Government.

    Gaming is regulated by the National Indian Gaming Association. We need to schedule future calling dates for this office as well as Senator James Inhofle seeking assistance.

    1. Clearly you are not a Creek and probably some stvhvtke if you want Oklahoma and Scott Pruitt to solve our politics.

      1. Ouch Rock, I be Creek but better my lady be Creek.
        Scott’s office would just make the call to the Feds. You are correct, it is not the State’s role but his office has much power to get prompt action from the Feds who will address this issue.

      2. There is no one at the Creek Tribal level who will lift a hand to correct this problem with a con artist.
        All people in place to have input at the Creek level were all appointed by GT.
        Attorney General wants to keep his job as long as possible, Lighthorse same, Judges owe GT also for their paycheck.
        Can anyone name anyone who will clean up this mess?

        1. FBI, IRS, Department of the Interior, NIGC. It seems to me that the corruption is on so many levels that it would involve more than one agency. Who replaced Pratt? Why did he leave? What does the Fact Finding Committee on the Council do? Does Creek Nation have a Grand Jury? Where is our legal system? If no action from them, turn them into the state bar association. Are they not sworn in to protect the citizens of our nation?

          1. Fact Finding Committee go to work now and research these business deals! Who is the lawyer that reviews all of these contracts?

        2. We know that Wiley is kissed up too tight to George’s butt to ever prosecute him, but the council should demand it and make him either do it or offer an explanation as to why he is not doing it. Force his hand and get his butt off the fence and do what he is drawing a fat Creek check to do. If they do not push for this, then the Council is just paying lip service to this issue and not truly committed to doing the right thing. Shirlene Ade, Johnny Greene, and Robert Huft, since you have failed so far to take part in this issue, this would be a good time for you three to redeem yourselves for your recent cowardice for not showing up to vote.

      1. More details please. When and where did they ask questions? They should call EEO for an investigation. The tribe takes a lot of money from the Federal Government.

  15. And the hits just keep on coming.
    Frances Tiger Daughter, Kendra Rood is engaged to

    Wow wee. Talk about feathering your nest. Mary one of her daughters and you can build Margarittaville – $375,000,000 project. Now grant it, Redstone can’t build a small commodity warehouse in Coweta but man do they shine for millions and millions of tribal dollars. Wasn’t that company created in 2012? Oh my, just after Georgie Poorgie became chief. Imagine that.

    Oh, Rob Daugherty is working at RiverSpirit now, because he kept sexually harassing the women while Director of TERO, another son-in-law of Georgie Porgie.

    1. Rob Daugherty is Cherokee Nation Community and Cultural Outreach Director.

      George, as head of the Five Tribes Inter-Tribal Council, decided to gift his son-in-law to the unsuspecting women of a fellow nation. And we all know exactly what type of outreach Rob Daugherty will be doing….

      1. Is it true the new director of TERO is going to be furnished a vehicle and getting paid 30k more the he was being paid at Cherokee Nation. He is also a buddy to Rob D.

          1. Haven’t you heard?? Apparently it’s apart of the “package” nowadays. Just about all cabinet members have one. They even get to use them for personal use.

  16. Just heard the economic development that the tribe has invested in at the cost of $11 , 000 , 000 , is not as lucrative as it seems , the tribe will build it , but only receive lease payments !! Full disclosure on this deal needs to be shown to the tribal members !! Every deal that has been entered into, sends up Red Flags !!

    1. According to Councilman AJ Jones, the council is only doing the paperwork for show. They have no intentions of impeaching thief tiger.

      1. Really? You’re going to listen to him who hardly shows up to meetings and who’s in GT’s pocket.

        I’ve spoken to several and they’re in to to get him out! Talk to them all and don’t rely on one of George’s cronies for information.

      2. McIntosh folks have known for some time that he has been a George supporter….Imagine if the FBI knew about him accepting tribal funds as a sub-contractor for Jimmy Corley while working on the Yardeka Church…..and then calling and demanding checks be wrote for payment of work not completed and using every bit of that appropriated money that he voted to approve on the council…..there is a paper trail out there….

      3. I thought that the elected Council was supposed to represent the citizens and the issues important to them and carry them out if requested. Chief Tiger did not elect the Council. They are not his self appointed cabinet. The Council needs to go to work. The Citizens are not going to let this rest.

      4. I know Councilman Jones and he is someone that usually speaks for himself. So, Anna, you state “According to Councilman AJ Jones” does that mean he directly told this to you or he made an official statement?

      5. If that is true it isn’t any surprise. Adam Jones is the councilperson that handled the Okmulgee Country Club overpayment. Wonder how much he received.

        1. The other person who owned the country is a creek man by the name of Dodd it is on the enternet, George said he was buying the course for the Creek nation. I also found Red Stone Construction out of Arkansas,,Why did we not use just Manhatten construction? Red Stone is aQuarry organization.Did we sell land to them?l

          1. The owners of Okmulgee Country Club before GT purchased the property at an appx: 2 million dollar increase from the offered price to the AD Ellis administration are Gary Moores, Mark Dobbs and Mike Bailey.
            All big contributors to GT and R. Barnett campaigns.
            The Ellis Administration determined Club was a bad deal for 1 million leaving owners to get GT elected so they could get their money and run.
            Same deal with Okmulgee Hospital.
            These great businessmen only know how to purchase bankrupt properties.
            By the way can anyone list 1 business they have purchased that has made 1 dime for Creek Nation?

        2. Im sure he received a handsome little sum. Hes a Tiger loyalist and he will do what he can to minimize the situation and keep him in office. Its only a matter of time before jones gets exposed himself.

          1. Well Anna, it sounds like you were able to get the discussion off what we should be thinking about and if that’s what you meant to do, good job, you succeeded… I thought this was about holding our Chief accountable and the official paperwork says that Councilman Jones was present when the council Unanimously voted to ask the Chief to resign. Rumors are started by hearsay, and that sounds like what is fueling the accusations against Councilman Jones. If your going to discuss any wrong doings of anyone else other than the Chief, why don’t we discuss how certain members of the Chiefs cabinet have been handling their departments! Now there is some factual information that should be easy to find!

            1. Lets start with the chiefs cabinet. Im all for it. Lets go through every department with a fine tooth comb. From tbe chief to the chief of staff to the controller to the council. If you have nothing to worry about then you should be in support of it. A fish rots from the head down……

    2. Icould not find legal documents for Manhattan redstone construction Tr15-033 Manhattan does not have aRedstone company.(:

      1. RedStone is based out of Tulsa. You were looking at a different RedStone . The owner of the RedStone construction is a jackass named Chris Samples he started out sleeping with Yonne Tiger then he switched to Neeley Tsoodle and now he found his real money maker he is now engaged to Kendra Root George’s stepdaughter. So this explains why RedStone gets to make millions off of every project we have going on. This is just another unethical move by Tiger.

    3. I am confused. If the tribe is building a business, why doesn’t it receive a profit for the business from the returns. If Creek Nation is not going to receive the profit, who is? 11 million dollars. How many stories is this building?

          1. One time lasy ear in the MN paper a man was going to start a trucking company!! I tried to call him but never got a call back!!

          2. What happened to the fried chicken franchise that was supposed to go into the travel plaza? Who took that money?

  17. I see King George has released a letter and a list of “facts.” In the interests of transparency we all need to see him prove these “facts.”

    – Let us see the termination documents that show the contract was ended before he took office.

    – Let us see the paperwork that clearly states that his checks were campaign donations and not contract payments. Did they go into his campaign account? Does he have the recorded proof in his campaign documentation to match these figures exactly?

    – He says that there is “a difference between payment for service and campaign donations.” Let us see that in writing. Even if he did not keep accurate records, his “Donor” will have registered the payments as such in his own tax records

    Show us the paper trail George. Until you PROVE your “facts” they are merely statements made by a man hoping we are stupid enough to trust you at your word. (again)

  18. George states in his statement council “members” knew, not the whole council. Then in his next statment he states the council did not consider it an issue or concern. Maybe because the full council wasn’t aware and only the ones that knew were the ones he was trying to get to support him. He also admits he had a private business agreement, wouldn’t that be considered “conflict of interest”? I think there is enough evidence for the AG to investigate but we all know he won’t. This is some of the same things the IRS and FBI investigated in the Choctaw Nation recently. Roger Wiley, I would consider whom you get in bed with. If you think this is going to blow over, you’re sadly mistaken. What will you do when the Feds come knocking on your door. You need to take a stand or you maybe be part of a Federal investigation. George!! Your statement isn’t nothing more than a desperate man trying to buy some time. You’ve wronged too many citizens and your time has come to answer for you actions! Once the Feds look into everything and starts putting the heat on some of your appointed people, have no doubt someone will flip and then its over. Your favors and promises have run out! Remember GT’s appointees, usually the one that first flips will probably get the best deals so avoid going down with the ship and be the first to make your deal before someone beats you to the punch!

    1. Well, the reporter with the Tulsa World left her contact info. There are lots of people that claim to know lots of things. This lady reporter has shown that she can and will dig deep and can get the story published. With the petition drive coming up, More stories might convince more people to sign it. If you know anything, by all means do your part and kick in. Tiger has contradicted himself so many times int his mess that it is impossible that he is telling the truth. Please do your part to assist the Tulsa World in helping us our of our bad situation of corruption in the leadership.

      Now for another point. Everyone should call thier council representatives and demand that they require Roger Wiley to prosecute Tiger. Yahola, ready to get in front of the camera and talk and sign the letter to the office of the Princpal Chief. He said on camera now he knows this was wrong. Now does Yahola truly do the right thing? If he truly does, then the council will require Wiley to investigate and prosecute his sugar daddy, George Tiger.
      We all know the council wont do it, and niether will Wiley.
      Wait and see.

      1. Wiley was terminated by AD Ellis, if memory serves me right, for not doing his job. Looks like all in cabinet possitions are just in he job for a BIG PAYCHECK for aas long as possible.

      2. Tiger Just Doesn’t Get It !

        It is somewhat ironic that the medium that Tiger embraced
        to further his personal career aspirations is the same medium that will eventually bring political ruin to his egotistical position as the Chief of the Creek Nation. Try as he may, it will be hard for him to defend himself with all the documents, recordings and statements from those involved that are now on display. I fully expect Tiger to
        attempt to prove that everybody else is wrong and he is right. That’s what a delusional person does. Conspiracies abound from Tiger’s political foes is what Tiger will espouse.

        What Tiger doesn’t want to admit is that, regardless whether he was NC council member or not when he secretly or openly joined forces with the Kialegees, he was assisting another entity to invade our boundaries with a casino that would be detrimental to our Creek Nation. And Tiger would personally profit from this invasion of our boundaries. You are scum Tiger.

        Tiger should man up and resign. He should also take his cabinet with him, especially the Fife’s. One of them is
        getting senile and the other is a convicted thief. MVTO!

    2. Tom
      I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the AG to investigate Tiger. He has been part and parcel of team Tiger from the git go. The only way we will be able to rid ourselves of this blight is through the impeachment process.
      400 signatures from each community will more than enough to accomplish that. GET’ER DONE

    3. The Council Members who knew are slim and none look to those who did not attend the Council meeting when GT was asked to resign and maybe those Council Members are the ones GT says he told, if so impeachment petitions are in order.

  19. My understanding is it will be a legal document, and yes we need to do it right!! We need to plan a centralized location with the petition ‘vs author to coordinate a plan of action

    1. The Muscogee (Creek) Constitution does not allow dual membership see Article III section 2.

      Where are the 800 jobs?

      What did GT have to do with the permanent fund except to attempt a raid on the fund of 25 million dollars to by Rocket BIngo as soon as he was Chief (where is the consulting agreement on this failed deal?)

      Where is the consulting agreement on the Okmulgee Country Club where he paid several million dollars more than it worth – and today it stands vacant and unused.

      Where are the profits from the purchase of River Walk?

      Where is the GT agreement on the golf bar at River Walk?
      Everyon needs to read Title 31 Muscogee (Creek) Nation Code of Laws concerning Treason, Bribery, Conflicts of Interest, Officers personal profit from Consulting Agreements and on and on.

      Tigers do not change their spots–

      1. In Creek history does it describe a situation where a chief signed a treaty without consulting other chiefs and they burned him in his house? I know we can’t do that today but it is the same happening today where a chief takes it upon himself to be above the law of the nation and his people. We can’t allow GT to set precedence for further harm our very existence and all that our people died for along the way here.

      2. The correct Gaming Law is Title 21 not 31. Title 31 has to do with Banck Secrecy Act and gaming banking laws.

      3. Agree. I would like to see this documentation published for the citizens to review. Rocket Bingo paperwork, contract for purchase of Riverwalk, Golf Bar Agreements all need to be published. Where is all the money coming from to pay for these purchases? We need to find out. I do not trust George Tiger math. Does the tribe balance the budget. Has the council been irresponsible in approving all of these deals? It seems that we can’t trust anybody. Creek Nation needs some real business people.

  20. I know we can’t please everybody with meeting times, but there is a funeral tomorrow at 10 am. I’m sure there are people who would also like to attend the meeting but have this to attend. May be something to think about.

    Since George is supposed to receive 5% ownership of the Red Clay Casino, we should ask how much of the Okmulgee Country Club LLC. did George own. It is well known that the Country Club was offered to the Ellis administration for 2 million dollars which they turned down. What made it worth 3.6 million dollars to Tiger? It now sets idle.

    1. Don’t forget about greedy#2 JD Colbert, he’s the one find all these ” bargains” for the tribe to buy and split proceeds with we all know who

    2. This certainly should be looked into. I heard the golf course was valued at less than $1M when GT/MCN bought it for $3.6M. WHO WERE THE LLC MEMBERS?

  22. 1) When will Steve Bruner (Tobacco) and Nelson Johnson’s (Gaming) character and business associations be questioned or investigated?
    BOTH were big supporters/contributors to Tiger’ campaign, Bruner has smoke shop(s?) that is under the MCN but does he contribute to the tribe? (He is also cousin to Marcella Giles! His wife Kalyn Free, Indians also part of Tiger campaign as well as Cherokee chief Baker, she has her hand in everyone’s pocket! A few years back, MCN appropriated her organization I beleive $10,000. How much went to Tiger? When questioned, she responded, once it’s “donated” it’s her organization business who they assist and what they do with it!)
    2) And is it VGT that Nelson Johnson owns, former MCN Gaming Commissioner, doesn’t he have machines in all our MCN casinos?
    Does anyone recall any if this?

  23. It is so sad the MCN National Council Speaker is talking on television about the Principal Chief when he himself is guilty of wrongdoing within the tribe according to the Personnel Policies and he knows it. It is said he is running for Principal Chief in the upcoming election but he doesn’t have my vote because he puts you off on someone else and he is Hughes County representative. Greed and nepotism come out of the same black pot.

    1. Open Letter to George Tiger:
      as I know you read this column.

      For the betterment of the Great Muscogee Nation and yourself, you should immediately resign. As the old song goes, you got to know when to fold them. Remarkably you have been able to skim a significant amount of money over the years. This time you have been caught and the media has the documentation to clearly show your guilt of bribery and corruption.

      The Red Clay Casino project was initiated by you. It was your idea from the very beginning. You brought the other parties in your proposal. All to sell out your very own people for money. Similar to a biblical story we all have been taught.

      Your spin as a victim of your opponents isn’t reality as these are the same people who have supported you all these years. Your statement of two illnesses impacting your family: Cancer and Hatred. There is no connection between the illness of your wife and the legal troubles you have created for yourself. Please stop exploiting the illness of your dear wife to garner support for yourself, during this time of revelation of your illegal activities. Tiger, is there no limit of your depravity to your serve yourself?

      Our prayers are with the first lady as she has demonstrated dignity in her position. You repaid her by your distasteful behavior with your mistress Johnna Townsend.

      You have set a terrible example of how a married man should behave to all the young Creek men and women within our nation. Please stop including these young men and women in your photo shots as you are toxic to all you claim honorably serve.

      1. As expected in Tigers response it’s someone else’s fault. He’s blaming Chief Ellis and those planning to run in next election.

        He will never ever accept the wrong he has done.

        If in fact he was doing this for “all” Creek citizens and members of the tribal towns why did he take money for it?
        If economic development was the issue why take money.

        His economic development was his only intention.

  24. This is short notice but would the tribal member that is drafting the petition call me with information on the progress !! Phone number 918 982 2285

    1. To: A. Anderson

      Shelly Harjo-Davis will be filing her petition w/election board tomorrow and it will be ready for Saturday. She spoke up at that meeting saying she would be starting a petition. Thank you.

        1. Hello Jacob.I think you and did our best when we hung signs around our necks and stood on the mounds and our signs read tiger is a thief.

          1. What a day that way. The dummy (George Tiger) hanging on the Mound steps a noose around his neck and money falling out of his pockets.

            Suggestion: When George Tiger or his supporters offer you $100 for your vote, take the money and vote for anyone else.

            Oh, man. The favors and money are going to start flying real soon.

    1. How about running a story on the campaign of intimidation and fear against the workers on the tribal Complex, most of whom fear for their jobs on a daily basis in case they upset a manager or one of George’s family take a liking to their job.

      Or the willful firings taking place behind closed doors in retaliation for this movement to oust him from office – all while he writes an open letter pretending to be the voice of reason.

      The man is a thief and a bully who has filled his cabinet with fellow thieves, bullies, and sexual predators.

      And contrary to his open letter, no I am not making these charges because I am running for office.

      1. Well said. It has to be a very stressful environment to work in as a cornered Tiger attemps to gain control.

        He fools himself if he thinks that he will slide by this time. The Tigergate scandal will be his undoing.

        While I believed he signed the released letter, I do not believe for a microsecond that he wrote it without significant contributions from his legal team. It is too well written.

        Mr.Tiger you failed again to address the following questions our citizens have of you, While the released letter was an attemp at a smoke screen with a great amount of self adoring filler, the response did not answer the real questions.

        Mr. Tiger you asked if we had any questions to bring them forward and you would answer them.

        We do have questions:
        The obvious omissions to his statement is why he entered the contract to begin with?
        Why he would enter a contract with people he already represents in his role at the MCN?
        Why is the money to him a key component of his contract as he is already is paid by the MCN to assist the Kialagees?
        Why he would think that he is entitled to compensation?
        Are all MCN Tribal Administrators and Council Members entitled to ownership and cash payments from Tribal towns from consultancy work done in their role at MCN? Isn’t that their jobs already?
        Why did he not disclose the terms of the contract to the Council or the Ellis Administration?
        Why was there a confidential clause to a contract if the agreement was such common knowledge within the Tribe?
        Why does the contract read that he would be given a share of ownership of the casino operation? Why bonus payments?
        Why did the contract not include an ending date? Or terms of the satisfaction of completion within the scope of duration of the contract? Especially a contract with such a short term of intended duration. Terms of an amended contracts can not be verbal.

        The letter nor the footnotes to the letter, did not address the specific payments to Tiger. How does specific payments fit into the criteria of consultant fees, campaign contributions, and the left out category: payments needed to Tiger before assistance would be provided for the developers to get what they wanted?

        Did he exceed the $5,000 campaign contribution limit in these gifts?
        To clear up this matter, why has he not disclose his taxes for complete transparency?
        Does his annual tax returns show consultant fees earned?
        Does his campaign reports submitted for the years outlined show these specific payments as campaign contributions?
        Where is the documentation of the payments made within
        his bank accounts? As a businessman he would know that he would need to have specific banks accounts established.

        Mr. Tiger; If you have nothing to hide, make your personal and tribal financial records available.

        1. What is the tribe’s law regarding the Freedom of Information?

          Please could someone request the tribes specific financial records under the Freedom of Information Act within the Tribe?

          An independent tribal paper generally would fulfill this role?

          Perhaps the Tulsa World Reporter could file such a request?

          How about the Native Times newspaper assisting us?

          (Did you notice some of the negative comments under the article of the Tulsa World. Obviously some family members or individuals with a vested interest not wanting the newspaper to expose Tiger’s activities. Better to let crooked people in power continue to steal from people?
          THANK YOU TULSA WORLD!!!!!!!!)

          1. The FOIA does not apply to the Muscogee Nation. We are a sovereign Nation and the laws that apply to white mans government don’t apply to us. That is why so many get away with what they do. If Roger hadn’t used an ATM to withdraw money he would still be 2nd Chief because Wiley would have let him off.

          2. Enyeto Vann,
            According to the National Council the so called “Forensic Audit” is stalled for that very reason.
            The Auditors, whoever they are, should report this to Federal authorities since our tribal authorities won’t make the Chief’s office and others release information to them. I believe the National Council hired the company.

      2. Yes, ask questions about the sexual harassment and predators in the management and employ of the Creek Nation. Female employees are afraid to speak up and/or if they do, they are fired. If you ask the question and receive a negative answer, then know that the respondent is lying.

  25. I think before all kinds of petitions are distributed, there needs to be some organization. We don’t need 30 petitions flying around. Whoever is the one starting the petition needs to be the point of contact then branch out from there. Perhaps plan a large meeting in a central location with council members invited so everyone will be on the same page. This will not need to be a GRIPE AT COUNCIL meeting rather a planning and organization meeting for the petition and acquiring signatures ONLY. Getting off topic will detour people from attending and leaving! This is our chance! I know we want this done as quick as possible however we need to make sure everything is done correctly and smoothly. Does anyone know if there is an individual who is going to be responsible for the petition being created? Maybe create some sort of board or committee? They need to be responsible, organized and have this as a main priority!

    1. We citizens also need to push for a constitutional convention so we can amend some things for the future so that the council can take care of matters like this promptly.

      1. There was a Constitutional Convention Amendment passed by the people then a Convention was held. Many amendments were passed to the citizens and several passed BUT the Fife group through Robert Treep had the Convention postpone another Convention and in the next few National Council Meetings an amendment was passed and signed to do away with the Constitutional Convention all be Council Members and a Chief who do not want the citizens to tell them what to do!

    2. I hope the petitioner has an attorney.

      Mr.Tiger will have many, many attorneys looking for any phrase or word that might be illegal.

      If having trustworthy legal council to make sure all T’s are crossed and I’s dotted makes our petition stronger, waiting a couple of more days might be best. Tiger isn’t going anywhere.

  26. Meeting room rented , @ Best Western in Ocmulgee from 0900 am till Noon on Saturday morning , March 14 , 2015 ! I will be waiting and if anyone can, a copy. Of petition , if it is ready ,, would be appreciated

    1. Another scheduled meeting for the concerned citizens:

      WEDNESDAY – MARCH 18, 2014 – @ 5:30pm
      at the same BEST WESTERN in OKMULGEE, 1st floor, Breakfast Room.

  27. George Tiger or his spokeswoman, in a Press Release will say he will let the ‘wonderful citizens’ of Muscogee Nation decide if they have faith in him, not a small group of elected political opponents.

    AND THEN, he will announce his candidacy for his 2nd term.

  28. Follow Up to “I Know” Comments

    Yes, I concur with “I Know” – Congratulations to our National Council for making the right decision of impeachment.

    Tigergate is here. The tribe’s members as well as the whole world is accessing how the Tribe’s Leadership corrects this crisis of lost confidence of the Muscogee Creek Nation’s government to govern. This brought about by a corrupt Chief who exploited the weaknesses of internal controls that lead to this crisis.

    It is the Council’s Hour of Leadership that tribal historians will look back on to access the Council’s role in leading us out of these dark days. These are truly dark days for the Tribe.

    Former Chief Tiger boasted that he control the 5 Council Members because he gave jobs to family members. Nepotism must end. Council Members must clean their own house by ensuring that this won’t happen again.

    I call on Honorable Thomas Yahola to enforce the current Nepotism Laws or create a new law to address this systematic weakness within it’s own Council.

    These five council members or their family members hired should immediately resign to show that patronage granted to relatives has ended. Show us that they can no longer be controlled by the Chief’s Administration. Votes aren’t for sale.

    Honorable Thomas Yahola I call on your leadership to ensure that the Enforcement of laws, policies and procedures are honored and enforced and strengthen to ensure complete transparency. Financial Records must be made available for the auditor’s review. This is required to address the lost of faith our Citizens have of our Administration.

    Honorable Thomas Yahola I call on your sage wisdom to come up with a PLAN OF ACTION immediately to address the Crisis within our Nation.

    Literally the world is watching……

    1. I, for one, would love to know just who those NC reps are that Tiger hired their family members. I’m sure it is a matter of record. Who can share that knowledge?

  29. Just a little bit of background on GT’s long history of criminal behavior.

  30. Will check on rental of meeting room at the Best Western in Okmulgee , hopefully Saturday morning !! If successful it will be posted here!! It will be a great challenge , but united we can make a difference !!

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