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  1. Fixicos not a puppet if that’s who you are referring to he’s an organ monkey for GT and yes I know what I’m talking about.

    The last white officer he hired from Wetumka told a Creek full blood citizen that “I’m just in it for the benefits, free equipment, free vehicles to drive and I don’t know anything about Creek Nation”. That’s a fact Jack!!

    There’s other things that I could say but I will save it and let everyone think about who the tribe hires. Just card carrying people or true creeks that care about their tribe.

  2. Financial disclosure is required in state and federal campaigns so if we are trying to pattern ourselves , which the present administration is , why not disclose who is funding your campaign ? Be upfront with the people , !! A meeting room has been rented at the Okmulgee Best western for Saturday morning, March 14 from 9 am till noon, it would be encouraging to have to upgrade the midsize meeting room to the Big room , if response is good ;! The room is upstairs !!!

  3. I hear that a petition has been started. How will the People have access to it? Is it online? If yes, what about all those who do not have those smart phones and/or computers. We must ensure that all MCN peoples have a chance to vote! In all towns in MCN country, have a person take a computer to the stores and set up a booth there that will allow signing of the petition to take place. This will ensure our people VOTE!

    1. A “No confidence vote?” Are you kidding us? A little too late for that, don’t you think? That should have happened when Tiger was riding high and the Council was too afraid to confront him, but now that he is on the ropes, like cowards, they’re jumping on his back. Not very impresssive.
      Speaker, Thomas Yahola, you are responsible for allowing George Tiger to run the Council and have lost your crediblility as a leader, now and for the future.
      There is a clear line separating branches of government, which is in our Consitution, which you pledge to protect but did not. You will now be held accountable for malfeasance in office.

      1. Tomas Yahola speaking lies about how he believes in transparency would be laughable if they weren’t so sad. He stood behind and supported everything Chicken George did with the Kialegee clan and Giles girls. Look at little Justin playing stickball and getting paid over $80,000/year for nothing the MCN leadership is a joke.

  4. For additional insight on this matter read Shane Roll’s Lawsuit:

    Today’s Tulsa World
    Article: Creek Tribal Council Votes 12-0 to ask Chief George Tiger to Resign.
    See under Related Documents near the end of article,
    “Lawsuit against George Tiger”
    Download the PDF to read the complete lawsuit.

    It would be a great service if this file could be included in The Voices of Courage.

    1. How does a person feel to be in another state and being awarded for outstanding leardership, only to return home and find you have no job, as result of poor leadership? It’s like receiving an award for gracefulness and dropping your throphy on your foot and breaking your toe. I wonder how it feels to be “born to be chief” and find you’ve been aborted. I wonder how it feels to believe that you’re the cock of the walk, and then suddenly have no money to buy Viagra? I wonder how it feels to be on your way to sainthood only to be seized by your serfs and toasted at the stake. I wonder how it feels to have to cancel the order of a bronzed statue of yourself that you planned to erect at the doorway to the Red Clay Casino.

      1. The Award is the owner of Red Stone and EMJ connstruction!!
        Native American Enterprise Developement a 501c-3 non profit organization who owns TERO!!That is where our $385000,000,00 will go!! I think!!Chris Samnples President of Red Stone Construction.

    1. If you truly believe this then you’re as retarded as it gets and you couldn’t find your a$$ with both hands. Oh wait, you did find it because your head is up it! If you had a clue about the Lighthorse Department, how it operates, and is being operated, you would see that Chief Fixico and his administration not only has brought the department up to date in all aspects of operations, technology, and training, but has managed to fix all of the mistakes that the past administration’s pathetic leadership team of Archie, Jughead, and Moose managed to spend all eight of their years destroying! The only successful thing the previous Lighthorse administration managed to do successfully was to keep a drunken wife beater out of jail, out of the criminal records files, and in his elected job at the time! Oh, but by the grace of God with his devine hand managed to open the eyes of some of the galaticly stupid and allow them to have enough wisdom to finally see the truth for what it was and elected someone who gave a damn! Before you judge, you should truly know the facts for what they are, not what you manage to read on the bathroom stall walls and then regurgitate! You should be so lucky as to have the group of Lighthorse officers that you have! They are all proud officers that truly care about the Creek Nation citizens and the job their entrusted to do. And for the moron who keeps screaming about hiring natives, check the current hiring records of this administration over the past three years compared to ALL eight years of the past administrations hiring statistics, and see how those brown stained words coming out of the sewer under your nose truly taste! If you could’ve heard just a part of the nicknames the past administration had for his so called “fellow citizens” you would be shaking the hand of Chief Fixico and thanking him for truly caring about his fellow Creek brothers and sisters! The past administration was only Creek when it was convenient for their needs and NOTHING else. If you knew the truth, you would know that Chief Fixico in his past acting capacity as Lighthorse Chief fired your last administrations Chief and the elected drunk hired him back to keep his butt out of trouble and guess what, he did a damn good job of doing just that! Shame on all of you who spout nonsense and criticize unfairly! You may have a problem with the current tribal command structure, but leave Lighthorse out of it, there aren’t any puppets or strings in that department. One final thought of wisdom for you naysayers, if Lighthorse had done the investigating into this matter (and they were FULLY capable of doing so) instead of allowing outside Federal agencies to do the auditing and investigating, you would have just found a reason to accuse them of not bringing outside help in because they were trying to cover up then too! So, see it for what it truly is and and take your BS reteric someplace else!!! I want to personally thank all of the Lighthorse officers for the job they do everyday by putting their lives on the line for long hours and very little pay to keep all of this Nation’s citizens safe everyday, and so should all of you “TRUE” Creek citizens join me in doing the same! But hey, don’t take my word for it, go by and visit the Lighthorse personnel and find out for yourself, you’ll be glad you did, because unlike the rest of the tribal offices at the complex; their open and manned 24/7 their doors don’t close! Try remembering that next time we get a blizzard, and their risking their lives to get their elders a heater or food and water because no one else can OR will!

      1. First off let me commend you on your post, it is a good read but a little skewed. The former Lighthorse administration did an outstanding job and actually brought credibility to the Nations Police Department. Before it was taken over the department lacked decent equipment, manpower and training, don’t get me wrong there was good training but it was limited to the Office administration, as is still the case. The former administration made the contacts and got the cross commissions with the Tulsa Police Department which had never been done, they were the first Tribal Agency to have an Officer assigned to the DEA task force, in the history of the DEA. The new Lighthorse building and equipment was obtained during the previous administration, there was a Tactical Response Team, a Dive Team and at one time four K-9 Units plus a narcotics officer. There was a close working relationship with the FBI, DEA, ICE and the US Marshalls. Is this still the case? Oh and by the way when you mentioned the ice storm and delivering heaters food and water to the elderly if I recall that was also on the previous Lighthorse Administrations watch. So if you are going to hang accolades lets be correct in your statements.

        1. That last admin, was made up of idiots. They left lighthorse in shambles. When you trash stuff so the next admin can’t have it is childish. You whoever don’t have a clue. They are a great group of men and women, so stick your last admin perfect comments in the trash and get a life.

          1. Granny, or whomever you are! You need to get your proverbial head out of your A**, and look around. Everything that Lighthorse has now is because of the previous administration, (except for a bunch of do-nothings that were run off) that have been hired back by Mr. Fixico. I think it is a time for being nervous down there, as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow there will be some changes made in that department, hopefully it hasn’t been screwed up so bad that it can’t be fixed.

      2. Wow! You remind me of the youtube “Brittany” video. Lol. Lighthorse does do some good things and they don’t do some things. Right now since the Tulsa world broke the news on GT why aren’t any of the investigators looking into it? Would it because GT has bent some rules and done favors for LH Chief Fixico. Again I say it’s funny at what price people can be bought off with. I shake my head at you Richard. You come from a good family, do what’s right!

      3. Sick of being silent. Oh my. I wish you would have remained silent, although I didn’t get into your rant very far before I just stopped reading. Name calling, attacking, and maligning others in an effort to make YOUR point just doesn’t cut it with me. You sound like a schoolyard bully, and I ignored them too.

      4. yes sir you guys have done real good heck no ones even been arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct in almost a year now where is you cage fighter now???

      5. Hi Sick of Being Silent or Jeff,

        We appreciate our LightHorse officers too.

        People may get off track and talk about unrelated topics but you have a ax to grind and it’s making you sick.

        We’re talking about GeorgeTiger committing treason against the Mvskoke Nation and the Kialegee Tribal Town. George was willing to take money from both tribes.

        You say if Lighthorse had done the investigation of this Tiger contract instead of bringing in outside Federal agencies and auditors that what? The rest of that sentence wasn’t clear. Was Lighthorse aware of Roger Barnett stealing and GT’s contract? Why didn’t Lighthorse do the investigating? If the problem that Roger Wiley is over the Lighthorse division?

        You say we finally elected someone that gives a damn? Does he give a damn about you? Or are you one those that he owns because of favors or pardons?

        Talking about the past administration is such old news. This is the 4th year of this administration & in 8 months it will be considered the past administration. Quit dreaming about ways you can hurt people, and give a damn about your brothers and sisters.

    HomeTop News
    Wednesday, 11 March 2015 04:01
    MCN National Council unanimously calls for Principle Chief George Tiger’s resignation
    Written by Valerie Rice – ONN Editor-in-Chief

    The Muscogee Creek Nation (MCN) National Council called an emergency meeting on March 10.
    During the meeting the council called a unique executive session that allowed only MCN citizens to stay in the executive session. The council allowed MCN citizens to speak and express their opinions and concerns about their MCN Principal Chief’s conduct.
    When the council returned from the executive order they voted unanimously to call for George Tiger’s immediate resignation.
    After this action they also voted unanimously to pass a no confidence resolution.
    This action came after the Tulsa World’s investigative story came out that involved Principal Chief George Tiger involvement in bribery and corruption when two months after Tiger was elected to his tribe’s council in 2009, he signed a lucrative consulting contract with the developer of a proposed Broken Arrow casino promising Tiger a share of gaming revenue on the project, which would compete with his own tribe’s casino according to the story.
    In the years following that secret deal, Tiger worked behind the scenes with developer Shane Rolls and the Kialegee Tribal Town to gain approval for the Kialegee casino. While, then-Creek Nation Chief A.D. Ellis and other tribal officials fought to stop what they viewed as an assault on Creek Nation sovereignty.
    The story states that Tiger said his actions were legal and not a conflict of interest because they occurred before he was sworn into office as a tribal councilor in January 2010.
    In the contract and records of checks, the records show Rolls agreed to give Tiger 5 percent of his company’s ownership in the casino, $5,000 per month once it opened and up to $200,000 in bonus payments.
    Published in Okmulgee in the News

    1. With this and the coverage in the Tulsa World, the Nation will see first hand the corruption of George Tiger. It is no longer whispered rumors. KOTV channel 6 will have more on their 6 o’clock tonight.
      Don’t know about the rest of you but I would feel better with an experienced leader to step in take charge of this mess. To bad we weren’t smart enough to elect A.D. Ellis 2nd Chief last January.

  6. Tiger states that “My desinty was set by Creator long before my enemies knew me.” Due to his malfeasance in office, a prison ministry may well be the Creator’s revised plan for George’s destiny. George is his own worst enemy. Such an incredible opportunity that he had to help tribal members improve their well being. This opportunity has been lost due to George’s own greedy and stupid self serving actions.

    Tiger paints himself as a Godly and prayerful man who prays for others in their time of need. I have provided George with some scriptures that would have served him well had he actually spent some time in the Bible.

    1 Timothy
    For the love of money is the root of all evil; which while some coveted after they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves.

    Mark 10: 19
    Thous knownest the commandments. Do not commit adultery do not kill, don’t steal, do not bear false witness, defraud not.

    Exodus 20:15
    Thou shalt not steal.

    Leviticus 19:11
    Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie to one to another.

    Matthew 15:19
    For out of the heart come evil thoughts: murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.

    Deuteronomy 5:19
    Neither shall thou steal.

    John 2:4
    He that saith, I know him and keepth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

    Romans 16:18
    For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.

    Matthew 7:15
    Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

    2 Peter 2:3
    And in their greed they will exploit you with fair words.

    Tiger in a cloak of deception and smooth talk, has fooled many into trusting him. Unfortunately, this trust was misplaced as Tiger is not the person he would have you to believe he is.

  7. This is just the tip of the iceberg alright. Next that needs to be investigated is the Lighthorse Department. Why didn’t They investigate all of the tribal wrong doings? We need to hire natives and keep it that way. Now GT’s puppets should be shaking in their boots!

    1. Richards not going to investigate nothing he’s all gt fan. That’s how he’s lighthorse chief. Looks like that department is gonna see a change coming too thank goodness worst I’ve ever seen it go downhill!

      1. Richard Fixico is also married to Dean Tiger’s (George Tiger’s brother) daughter. Richard is Tiger family now. How the heck did Dean Tiger get in surveillance at Bristow Casino. He can’t pass a background check.

  8. Why didn’t Robert Huft attend this emergency session? Where was Johnnie Green ? Don’t remember seeing Shirlene Ade either !! Convenient way of not going on record, voting against the PC ? Sorry , but makes you wonder !!

    1. Robert Hufft was in New Orleans on the job with his company and isn’t expected back until Friday. Who knows where the other two council members were, probably in Las Vegas with George.

    2. Johnnie Green is right there with George. She dont have the courage to vote against old George, and afraid if she didn’t she might not be in office long either. She and Shirlene both learned well from George. Take the salary but dont earn it.

  9. NC will issue a letter asking GT to resign plus a notice of no confidence !! He will not resign , but will try to fight it . It’s up to us citizens to pull this off !!! We need to get organized with a game plan .

    1. Totally agree with you he will not resign! Citizens it’s your time to be heard! I just got word that Tiger made 60,000 off the purchase of the okmulgee golf club.

      1. What ever happened to the Rex’s Chicken franchise. I thought it was supposed to go into the travel plaza. How much did Creek Nation pay for it?

  10. Anyone notice the story ran by the Creek News paper about Tiger today? Tiger is away accepting yet another award, this time for “leadership”.

  11. It is past time that our people took back control of the tribe and the NC. Each member’s votes must be looked at and their votes to use OUR money must be checked. Each of their votes siding with blatant misuse and fraudulent spending must be questioned. Require that any proposed spending of more than $5,000 be proposed in advance, allowing the NC member 30 days to bring it before their district members, and then the NC member must vote as their district voted. Otherwise, impeach the NC member.

  12. Wonder what 2nd Chief Louis Hicks thinks about all this?
    George will tell him, “Don’t worry Louis, it’s all political. Selina will write your comment for you,”

    If 2nd Chief goes to the meeting surely someone will tell him where he is suppose to sit.




  14. Hope to see a turn out at tonight’s council meeting, let them know we are sick of this crap ;!; if there isn’t a 100 per cent backing for impeachment from the council , get a list of the NC members that opposes this action and let the tribe know who they are !!

    1. Council voted to ask for George’s resignation and an NCR for no confidence. BAM! Wonder what cabinet members are shaking in their little space boots…bahahaha.

  15. To the National Council of Mvskoke Nation.

    Please, please, please don’t pull that
    “For The Good Of The Nation”
    crap on us.

  16. The National Council is extremely easy for GT to control. They approved all the questionable deals he has accomplished since elected Chief.
    Now the Creeks have invested in a GOLF venture where Creek Nation put up 11,000,000.00 DOLLARS the other side of this deal is where GT will get his share, BUT this time good luck in getting a copy of this great deal for the Nation as GT goes to the bank

    1. Dr. Wahoo, please state the council members who introduced this bill and how each member voted. we need an inquiry into this business deal. Also, who is the layer who reviews these contracts. If Tiger gets a profit, how much did he put in?

      1. I have no source for the info suggest contact Speaker’s office, since no one ever wants to publish any law to be passed for comment by the citizens

    to discuss Mr. Tiger
    in Executive Session
    per Speaker Yahola.

    That’s the problem now. Tiger and his National Council keep everything a secret.
    1. The purchase & overpayment of Okmulgee Country Club with NC approval after the fact,
    2. Tiger in Tulsa District Court representing MCN NC in support of Giles Casino,
    3. Tiger being sued for breach of contract by his mistress
    4. Purchase of house for his mistress
    5. Tiger being sued for breach of contract by Shane Rolls
    6. Tiger allowing Roger Barnett to take steal without prosecution
    7. Allowing Edwin Marshall to resign without prosecution
    8. Allowing Rob Daugherty to resign without prosecution
    and on and on and on.
    9. Know Mr. Tiger is withholding documents that auditors have requested.
    10. Hiring Jeff Fife (approved by the NC) to his cabinet after being convicted in MCN Tribal Court of embezzlement.

    It’s likely that the majority National Council already knew about the “Secret Contract” that was reported in the Tulsa World 03/08/15.

    The National Council is as corrupt as Tiger for allowing him to do these illegal contracts.

    If you know someone is stealing, embezzling, taking money under the table, corrupting and don’t report it then you’re a thief and guilty too.


    Mr. Tiger is not an employee. He was elected by the citizens of Muscogee Nation and we want to hear the National Council’s discussion with him, about him or to him. The National Council are elected to represent us and they aren’t representing us.

    The National Council of Muscogee Nation is shameful right along with G. Tiger.

  18. $2,000,000 a year skimmed off for GT, Really Tiger? How many needy tribal members would this have helped with housing, utilities, food, and emergency assistance? He is despicable.
    He won’t disclose his financial contributors and mistreats his mistress. He is unworthy of holding any office within the Muscogee Creek Nation. I agree, he should be charged with treason. He shames us…….

    Barnett stealing from the general assistance program. The program that assists the most needy. He doesn’t support his own kids? Disgusting behavior…..

    It is time to vote out the established bunch of self serving weak officials…

    Keep digging Tulsa World. I wager this is the tip of the iceberg.

    1. Enteto

      You don’t want to do anything to get rid of this corrupt govermnemt do you? All you want to di is vote. The act of voting does not do anything about cleaning up our government. It certainly does not absolve you of the responsibility to do something worthwhile.
      If you really wanted to something constructive and purposful,
      you would encourage A. Anderson to continue his efforts at organizing citizens.

    2. GT embezzled from trade and commerce before being elected to NC and he wasn’t even fired, just transferred.

  19. There is going to be a meeting tonight at 7:00 Pm in regards to GT, The cheating is not just with GT it is also with the community also, we are paying our secretary $300.00 eventho she was not at the last meeting I brought this up last night but the chair said it was ok!!No it is not ok!! It is in our new bylaws if you miss a meeting you do not get Jenning was there paid !!But they paid her anyway!!Duh! Jenning was there!!Council wanted to make the meeting private but he said no it is open to all citizens!!

    1. There is going to be a meeting tonight with the National Council to discuss George Tiger’s predicament, however, it is not clear if all council memers know of this meeting, or if they will take up the matter in executive session. Citizen should not allow this situation about George Tiger to be conducted in secret.

      1. On muscogeecreeknation@msn.com the EMERGENCY meeting is in Executive Session.

        Nothing will happen anyway. The National Council has approved and voted on everything Tiger has done with their blessing. The meeting is in “Executive Session” (keeping us out) to figure out how to keep themselves along with Tiger out of jail.

        All of Tiger and his National Council’s shady meetings are held in “Executive Session.”

      2. George won’t be there. He’s partying in Las Vegas at the National RES Conference this week. He and Selina need to get their stories straight.

        He must have called Thomas Yahola and gave the orders to have the meeting in Executive Session.

  20. Maybe it’s time for Mr. Jennings or Mr. Nichols to introduce a bill calling for the disclosure of all campaign contributions and contributors. If memory serves me correctly this was attempted once before and Mr. Tiger prevented passage, I wonder why?

    1. That bill you speak of WAS introduced by Nichols. it was called an Ethics Bill and introduced to the NC. It would have required disclosure of campaign funds. Unfortunately, George killed it in committee.

      1. Nichols introduce the bill just prior to his campaign. It was a ploy to give the idea that he was doing something and to get reelected. Nichols never tried to do that again. The fact that Nichols never tried to that again reveals what his real motive was. He’s just as corrupt as Tiger.

        1. If I’m not mistaken, the Ethics bill was introduced prior to Tiger being elected when he was controlling the NC. He killed it in committee so he wouldn’t have to reveal campaign contributions from outside money. In light of the latest controversy, it would have been nice to know Tiger WAS receiving campaign funds from Kilagee casino. It was and still is a good bill and a good idea. It sure seems like Nichols WAS trying to do something and still is, but without the majority support from the NC, nothing will happen. As far as reintroducing it … well, nothing has changed. Tiger is even more in control, and it will remains dead in committee. This just doesn’t sound like something a corrupt NC rep would want to introduce.

      2. That says just how weak MCN National Council is.

        The National Council does not have to allow George Tiger to speak at their meetings, but when he’s there he runs the meeting.

        Is any further proof needed that George Tiger is in charge of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of our government?

        Truly, MCN working the way it does now, has no need for the legislative or judicial branches of government.

  21. G. Tiger along with S. Alexander KILLED an campaign finance law proposed by David NIckles ALL now know WHY. Both along with Barnett never told the truth about their personal intanglements with illegal activities. Creek law prohibits any elected official from taking in excess of $100.00, all the above violated that law multiple times over the last decade.
    When Oklahoma elected officials take money from sources wanting a political door opened they go to Federal Prison just ask Senator Murphy.
    When tribal officials go on lavish trips, comitt sexual harassment and take cars, atvs colthing and expensive shopping trips they go to prison of are forced to pay money to charity and resign from office just ask Greg Pyle, Hollis Roberts, Seminole Chief Haney, Overton James Govenor of Chicksaws along with the President of the Navajos and on and on tribal corruption goes on because the tribal citizens will not become involved.

  22. I think we need to contact the IRS to see if any of their investigators would be interested in doing a follow up on GT. If memory recalls, I believe the IRS were the ones whom brought down Gene Stipes, State Rep from McAlester. I’m sure there are plenty other business deals GT has gotten some kind of kick back from that he has probably forgot to report. Also I was wondering if tribal offical have to report whom all has contributed to their campaign. I believe other state and federal officals has to depending on the amount that is donated.

  23. In the article George says he’s worked for the tribe for 24 years, that George & Rolls did in fact sign the contract,
    that George had not yet been sworn into office, right?

    So if you haven’t been sworn into office it’s alright to take money from your tribe? That’s how I understand it.

    Stealing from your tribe as a mere citizen, elected, but not yet sworn into office is okay.

    Bull hockey. H
    He’s a thief.
    He has taken the oath of office as a council rep and as chief to uphold our constitution. That means DO NOT STEAL, by misuse tribal funds or signing contracts or promising fraudulent projects to profit yourself at the expense of our nation.

    1. An audit of all large vendors of the nation should be immediately conducted. The focus of the audits should be on gifts received. An additional review should be with the large campaign contributors to Tiger and Barnett races for office.

      Look to the recent experiences of the other tribes within Oklahoma that have been in the news. Specific construction companies and suppliers who bought influence is a good place to begin.

  24. Again, the current administration gives a black eye to the Muscogee Nation. At some point, we the citizens are going to have to make these officials accountable. Its clear that there are no checks and balances in place within the tribe, and it apparently is a free for all for embezzlement, kickbacks, and good ol’ boy deals, just like we’ve seen with the recent casino headlines. We have a chief, who is not a mekko, but rather a politician, who is in office serving his own best interests, without regard to the future of the tribe. I believe the most effective way to deal with this is to turn to media sources outside the Muscogee Nation and expose not only Tiger, but all other scandal and shady deals taking place. We know that Tiger has lined the courts with his own people, including judges that will not oppose him, giving him free reign with no fear of legal recourse within the tribe. Unfortunately, there seems to be little action from the council in holding Tiger and his henchmen accountable, either from unwillingness to oppose him, or not knowing how. Regardless, the power lies with the people, and just like in National politics, if we allow them to get away with it, they will. My lack of faith in the council is not unfounded, as I recently submitted a letter to all 16 officials regarding nepotism and the hiring practices within the tribe; not one single response from any council member. No phone call, email, nothing, which tells me that the council has little time to listen to the little folks. I would urge fellow bloggers to do this; lets come out of the shadows and put actions with words. I believe that we should start holding meetings, exposing what we know to the media, and holding people accountable. I realize that many of you work for the tribe and are in a precarious situation, but regardless, Tiger cannot continue to win the battles with intimidation. He is using the same tactics that a playground bully uses, and abusing his position as mekko of this tribe. I am willing to move forward if anyone is on board…

  25. Tiger has been a thief as long as anyone can remember that know him.

    George Tiger has been working for years to acquire a casino for himself.

    Look at http://www.creektruth.org.
    There you find documents from the Courts in Tulsa with Judge Jesse Harris presiding having George Tiger speaking on behalf of the National Council without the council voting. (yet another tribal law broken)

    Principal Chief A. D. Ellis has been 100% correct every time.

    George Tiger has his personal interest at heart period. He has always been that way.

    The last comment from George Tiger in today’s Tulsa World is:
    “Before I came in, we were stagnated as a nation. Now we’ve got a renaissance. …My political opponents see that and that’s why we are having this discussion.” Buying bankrupt buildings is not a renaissance. It just gets his picture in the paper.
    Knowing George Tiger he loves this publicity even though it could send him to jail.
    Meaning of RENAISSANCE is rebirth. Buying run down buildings and bankrupt businesses is not a rebirth.

    Taking money, signing contracts, promising legislative agreement without the full council voting is a crime, a crime, a crime.

    George Tiger sold out our tribe for his own PERSONAL gain.

    The NATIONAL COUNCIL of MCN allow this.

    1. The contract that Tiger (will not call him Chief) signed with the Kialegees is just another example of Tiger’s trying to make money from both sides of an issue. He has sold out the Creek Nation with his act of treason. Creek citizens should be outraged and demand Tiger’s immediate resignation or TELL the National Council to initiate impeachment proceedings. Tiger has an excuse for his every action and some citizens believe his forked tongue. I want citizens to know that Tiger does not speak for me. I only hope that the day when Tiger is indicted by the federal government is near.

  26. Key events in casino deal

    July 1, 2010: The Kialegee Tribal Town submits lease agreements to the National Indian Gaming Commission involving land in Broken Arrow owned by Marcella Giles and Wynema Capps, members of the Creek Nation.

    March 31, 2011: A Tulsa County judge denies a request by Giles and Capps to approve the lease of their land.

    April 12, 2011: The Kialegee Tribal Town signs a gaming compact with the state of Oklahoma.

    Nov. 5, 2011: George Tiger elected chief of Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

    Jan. 16, 2012: Tiger publicly opposes the proposed Kialegee casino.

    Feb. 8, 2012: Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt seeks federal court injunction against casino project.

    May 23, 2012: Giles and Capps, members of the Creek Nation, apply for Kialegee citizenship.

    July 20, 2012: U.S. District Judge Gregory Frizzell issues an injunction preventing casino construction.

    March 22, 2013: The Kialegees give the National Indian Gaming Committee notice of intent to license a gaming facility on land in Wagoner County.

    July 18, 2013: NIGC says the Wagoner County land is ineligible for gaming.

    Nov. 10, 2014: A federal appeals court overturns Frizzell’s ruling that halted construction on the Broken Arrow casino.

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