With Ole George T & Kialegee – Have a Deal to Build a Casino & Are Now Making Attempts to Fulfill their deal.

All right, folks.  Remember that big past controversy when Ole George and Roger Barnett fought OUR tribe with their shady methods trying their best to assist Kialegee so they could build their casino in Broken Arrow.   George will say he fought them.  Don’t believe him.  He could NOT bring himself to simply say NO, YOU CANNOT BUILD A CASINO ON OUR LANDS, AND AS MUSCOGEE CREEKS, WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO BUILD A CASINO ON OUR LANDS.  What he seems to have told the Kialegees is OK, I will do what I can to let you build your casino as long as you pay me thousands of dollars UNDER THE TABLE, because I know how to get it done.

(More information in The Tulsa World, 3/7/2015 edition.)


19 thoughts on “With Ole George T & Kialegee – Have a Deal to Build a Casino & Are Now Making Attempts to Fulfill their deal.”

  1. Have you heard the frictional story about a Creek Lad who all he wanted his whole life was to be RICH and CHIEF of the Great Muscogee Creek Nation? (In that order)

    The young humble Creek lad prayed nightly to the Creator for three wishes to come true:
    1) he would no longer be 7/8 Indian and become a full blood
    Chief, (I know that’s 2, Lad is greedy and poor in fractions)
    2) he would overcome his childhood problem of confusing the
    letter T for C as THIEF, no CHIEF, no THIEF, no CHIEF,
    and finally CHIEF THIEF!
    3) Honorary Doctorate of Knowledge bestowed upon the
    lad from Fools University allowing the Thief no Chief to
    market himself as a PHD and become a RICH Dumb Celebrity
    known to the world!!
    4) A CASINO Contract with a 5% royalty ($2 million) paid to lad for evermore for influence peddling. (Contract to include $200K bonus and $30K for personal expenses). ( I know that’s more three wishes. Lad is REALLY GREEDY and poor in math).

    The All Knowing Creator has forwarded this Bull Shit matter to the MCN Council House to remove the problem Lad no Thief from office.

    FBI Agents – Please Come Soon……………………..

  2. I would like to take this time to Congratulate Our National Council for the Right Decision of impeachment. Once George is out and gone and will never again be elected to office, nor hold any position with Creek Nation. He might as well relinquish being Creek and join a tribe that accept him as the crook he is. Keep it going National Council, there are still more we need to rid of out of office and those George had put into positions (Selina Dornan, JD Colbert, Roger Wiley, Brad Fox, Bill & Jeff Five and the list goes on). The Council will go back after those 11 people that George had Pardoned from Duck Creek who took monies.
    Go National Council, you’re on a roll, don’t stop now.

    1. National Council needs to clean up the Health Department. There is a lot of waste and dead wood floating around there as well.

      1. Deadwood? Like??? You sound like someone that knows nothing about Healths day to day… They are actually professionals over there. Sounds like someone couldn’t get on at Health.

        1. Not really professionals with experience from the private sector. Same thing over there. You are hired by who you know or are related to. They lose so much money over there in the billing department or lack of a billing department.

      1. I thought the Creek Nation Hospital in Okmulgee would be like the other Indian hospitals. But, when you go there you get a bill sent to you. Doesn’t the government give them money to run the hospitals and clinics? Why are we being charged?

          1. I believe that the ER bills were paid through Contract Health. So, now there is less money for referrals for specialists.

  3. Now we know what VOC and their contributors have been trying to tell us for months – – that George Tiger and his FOGs had nothing in mind except to bilk the Creek Nation for their own good.

    Yes, we all need to contact all of the Council Members and get their opinions on the Tulsa World story, and answer to their own NC voting records if they voted to approve what George wanted. I’ll tell you right now, most of those who voted YEA will not answer your calls, nor return your calls. Bet you on this.

  4. Tulsa World reports on Key events in casino deal

    July 1, 2010: The Kialegee Tribal Town submits lease agreements to the National Indian Gaming Commission involving land in Broken Arrow owned by Marcella Giles and Wynema Capps, members of the Creek Nation.
    March 31, 2011: A Tulsa County judge denies a request by Giles and Capps to approve lease of their land.
    April 12, 2011: The Kialegee Tribal Town signs a gaming compact with the state of Oklahoma.
    Nov 5, 2011: George Tiger elected chief of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.
    Jan 16, 2012: George Tiger publicly opposes the proposed Kialegee casino.
    Feb. 8, 2012 Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt seeks federal court injunction against casino project.
    May 23, 2012: Giles and Capps, members of the Creek Nation, apply for Kialegee citizenship
    July 20 2012: U.S. District Judge Gregory Frizzell issues an injunction preventing casino construction.
    March 22, 2013: The Kialegees give the National Indian Gaming Committee notice of intent to license a gaming facility on land in Wagoner County.
    July 18, 2013: NIGC says the Wagoner County land is ineligible for gaming.
    Nov 10. 2014: A federal appeals court overturns Frizzell’s ruling that halted construction on the Broken Arrow casino.

  5. I just read the article and are we “surprised” at all?? Everyone knew that the timeframe fit perfectly for what transpired. Chief Tiger was elected, Red Clay goes into motion because they knew they had the support of the chief.

    What bothers me about the whole thing the most is that we have to hear from the writers of the Tulsa World and not anyone from our own tribe. Do we not have anyone that can do an investigation? We have been hearing about this forensic audit now for about a year.

    Now consider all the other transactions the tribe has made while he is in office. You have to wonder, is he getting “consulting fees” for all these business deals that have been made.

  6. Tulsa World wake up call!!! All of you people with your heads in the sand that are supporters of Tiger surely can see what we have elected. How can you not see that this in influence peddling? Thief Tiger “secretly” sold his influence at the expense of the Creek Nation. That is influence peddling, pure and simple. Influence peddling is a felony. Roger Wiley is the AG, our top law enforcement position within the tribe. We know that George owns Wiley too, as well as most of the National Council! Tiger’s flimsy explanation of the events and political rhetoric about helping a “sister” is classic
    political bull crap. Tiger claims that the tribe was stagnating when he took over. Does it need to be pointed out that we we had just completed River Spirit Casino? The major point of stagnation was a Council made up of the like of George Tiger, Roger Barnett, Sam Alexander, Bill Fife, Shirlene Ade, Johnny Greene, Eddie Lagrone, Lena Wind, just to name a few Tiger Clones. And lets not Forget Selina Jayne, a huge George supporter. George Tiger and Roger Barnett were both speakers of the council during this era.
    As I remember, even after the council had selected architect, and agreed upon a design, the same council wanted to change both repeatedly. You can’t mention stagnation and not mention George and his supporters. Anyone remember Michael Wisenor? Yep, thee is another of Tiger’s buds. I think there should be a federal prison out there somewhere with a Muscogee (Creek) Nation cell block, since George is so big on getting his name on things.

  7. The citizens must take immediate action to remove George Tiger from office. Citizens, please call your Representative and insist they meet with us Tuesday morning in the Mounds Building concerning the revelation of George Tiger’s illegal activites in regards to the failed Red Clay Casino, as reported by The Tulsa World.

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