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This piece of crap was published in the latest edition of the MCN. It is supposed to be informational- meaning supply answers. Do you see any answers?

Junk Journalism

Okmulgee, Okla.—We the National Council in majority make this statement. We have taken an oath to protect the assets of the Nation.
Also, the Nation has opted for a policy of accountability and transparency.
Throughout this Nation, citizens have questioned the expenditure of tribal funds in addition to a situation involving the previous second chief. We are all are of the penalty of unauthorized expenditures.
To determine if any tribal funds have been misappropriated or misused, it is necessary to perform a forensic audit and the National Council authorized the audit in July of 2014 and such review continues until the present date.
The purpose of the forensic audit is to gather evidence to ascertain the true fact concerning an issue and thoroughly review the record of the Nation as opposed to an annual audit for compliance of required procedures and lawful expenditures, at random selection of files.
The auditors have faced obstacles to prevent collecting pertinent documentation.
But, there is an avenue to complete this task and we will utilize those means.
In closing, we the National Council are allowing our legislative body to be audited as part of the forensic audit, as we have nothing to hide.
The Nation, up to this time has not conducted a forensic audit on the expenditure of tribal funds and all documents relating to expenditures.
It’s time.
(Published the Muscogee Nation News, under a byline, Jessica McBride/Editorial Assistant)

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  1. We all have a day that we take time and look back on our life. I am not a person that looks at a person for his or her mistakes or bad choices they made in their life, because we all have to answer for them ourselves. I just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday and this day was given to you by Almighty God. ENHECKETV-NETTV AFACKET.

  2. When is our gathering date? For impeachment? I too have sent letters to the council and never received a reply!!
    NEPTHOSIM !!iS NUMBER ONE !! Lack of concern for the elder’s. I wanted to move into tne new apartments and gave my son my home because I could not mow the lawn and take care of everything but I was denied becauseBF said I owned a home but I did not own it I gave it to my son!!I had to move into the old elder apartment!! I asked the chief to help me because I would not have far to walk to dinner, but he would help me!!

  3. George Tiger sickens me more and more as days go by. This man needs to be impeached for not looking out for the tribes best interest. He only looks out for his best interest for financial gain which is against OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS! His shady back door deals with Shane Rolls (Golden Canyon Partners LLC) are direct actions against our tribe. Tiger would have made up to 2million dollars a year with the part ownership Rolls gave him. The contract would also give Tiger $5000 a month and up to $200,000 in bonuses. Tiger claims he did nothing illegal and everything was done before he was an elected official-BULLSH*T! He still would have made money after he was elected. Besides he did sign contract with Rolls AFTER he was elected. Tiger was elected in the Sept. 19, 2009, primary and signed the consulting contract Nov. 3, 2009. He was acting in the capacity of an elected official since he already was in office. Another lie by this man IMPEACH HIM NOW! You have all necessary accusations with documentation.

    Below is a link to his “consulting”contract with Rolls:

    Below is link to a check given to Tiger by Rolls:

    ACT NOW COUNCIL IF YOU HAVE ANY BALLS OR CARE FOR THIS NATION! You have everything you need. I’m sure nothing will happen for I have no faith in our council either.

    There will be a candidate that I strongly endorse that will not be afraid to enforce our constitutional laws. He will hold all officials accountable for any wrong doing within our tribe. He is not afraid of any repercussions by any tribal official. I will name this candidate after he has filed for office. If you support him and he is elected you will hear his vocal and viable arguments as well as see action in the right direction.

    Here is a link to the entire story of our corrupt chief:

  4. Auditors faced obstacles?
    Repair the obstacles National Council.
    You are our legislators.
    Are the obstacles coming from you, the courts or the chief?

    The statement made by the NC is gibberish and shows us that none of you know what the heck is going on.

    Allowing you legislative body to be audited? You should have been all along. You gave Tiger permission to spend us to death.

  5. In this same edition (front page headline) Chief GT announces the name of his new entertainment venue, The FlyingTee.

    This is a payoff for a lawsuit that was recently filed against Chief Tiger. The National Council of MCN has appropriated $18,000,000 for this project. Chief Tiger is using tribal money to settle his personal lawsuit. Chief Tiger has given orders that TERO (MCN Tribal Employment Rights Office) will not be used for this project. All control of construction, operation and hiring is given to RWRD and John Vollbrecht.

    Is this building going to belong to MCN or not?

    Who is the other investor that Chief Tiger told was putting up $11,000,000 for the project.

    1. This is very irritating to me! Yes an audit is necessary to find all the shady transactions we don’t know about but instead these audits will find nothing. Random files are chosen my ass! I witnessed these auditors allow managers to pick which files to bring to them. So this is another way to waste money and try to make the people believe they are doing their due diligence. NO WAY WILL THEY FIND ANYTHING WHEN FILES ARE HAND PICKED! Just a cop out for chief and
      council plain and simple.

      Why do you dumbass council need an audit for certain things that YOU KNOW are against policy, federal law or tribal law? No audit is necessary when all council knows Brad Fox is breaking nepotism laws, misappropriating funds, giving homes to people who do not even qualify for assistance.

      Did you know that there is a man in Tulsa that is getting a new home built for him right now? He has been jumped ahead of everyone on the waiting list because his previous home burned down. I believe there is a priority for citizens that have been involuntarily displaced by disasters but this man by law does not qualify for assistance. He does not qualify due to the fact that HE RAPED HIS DAUGHTERS! If you must build him a home put it next to YOUR house BRAD FOX! Brad Fox and George Tiger both are completely aware of this mans heinous crime and purposely circumvented laws and policy to help him and achieve a vote not worth having. You are supposed to help citizens not put predators around our children for one slimy vote!

      Link to mans record below (copy and paste into browser):

      “Warriors honor women” what a joke!

      Julian Watson has also been moved ahead of everyone else and spent no waiting time for his nice two story home that he also did not qualify for. His mother Linda Lowe worked in development (they buy homes for “QUALIFIED FAMILIES”) at the time. When news got out about this she was quickly moved to another department.
      The things I mention are only a drop in the bucket compared to all the other obvious in your face wrong doings. So council do what your oath requires. YOU SEE AND KNOW WRONG AND UNLAWFUL ACTS WITHIN THIS NATION, DO SOMETHING! Until then you all are just liars, cheats, crooks and just plain worthless!

      1. Linda Lowe still works for housing, you would do the same. As for Brad Fox! If Chief Tiger knew exactly what was going on he would be gone. Brad Fox hides stuff. His people he has in charge is running things and he listens to them.

        1. Sorry, I have morals and self discipline and loathe personal self gain. So your uniformed accusation leads me to believe you are the type of person we need to keep out of our political affairs. Ha! Tiger is responsible for half of the wrongs Fox has done. Your a fool to believe Tiger knows nothing of what Brad Fox does.

          I never said Linda Lowe didn’t work for housing. I said she was moved out of the development department. There are several departments within housing.

          You also obviously have no clue of the happenings at housing. He has surrounded himself with dumbasses so that none of them are smart enough to know of the laws he directs them to break.

          1. Well, she does work for for development , and I do know more about housing. Only if you knew. I totally agree with you.

        1. You mean to tell me that someone working for Brad Fox has done something worse than rape children? That’s got to be pretty bad. Please enlighten us.

    2. Which lawsuit did he settle? Was it the Red Clay casino group of investors that were suing him? Lets see, that is the one where he signed a contract to peddle his influence to get a casino built in Broken Arrow that never happened. The one that would have been in direct competition with River Spirit?, Heck ole George wasnt scared, he has our
      to back him up.

      1. Tulsa World 03/07/14
        Shane Rolls and George Tiger are trying a different location to build their casino. Shane Rolls is the man George Tiger signed contracts with to attain a 5% paycheck, for himself, from the net profit of the Red Clay casino.

        The new FlyingTee will end up being Shane and George’s casino? The National Council has already approved the building site for George’s venue. The only money Creek Nation will receive from the FlyingTee is a monthly lease agreement for 5 years. George will receive a larger personal profit from this venue. He’s keeping all tribal builders, architects, employees and advisors out of the project.

        1. As posted by David Nichols on Facebook:

          NCA 14-213 A Law Of The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Authorizing A Special Appropriation To One Fire Holding Company LLC For The Purpose Of Constructing An Entertainment Facility At The RIVERWALK Crossing Was Acted On And Approved During Last Saturdays Session. Another Large Appropriation. 11 Million. Voting no were Hill,Jack,Tiger,Proctor ,Nichols.

          That means yes votes were: Barnett, Jones, Beaver, Deere, Coachman, Jennings, Ade, Hufft, Greene and Randolph (assuming all were in attendance). Ask them why they decided to give George the drivers seat for his venue.

          1. Thank you for posting. If citizens would come to these council meetings they would hear which council members ask questions. Everyone says council can stop appropriating funds and they can with a majority vote. But you have members who hang on to every word George says. It sounds like this venue will be fun, but think people…if it’s not successful the nation is stuck with paying.

    3. National Council please look into this! How can Creek Nation pay for this business and not own it? Creek Nation does not need silent partners. Gosh, how any people does George owe pay backs to? Maybe Tulsa World can research this for a story on the front page.

    4. Does anyone know which National Council voted against the venture Flying Tee?

      Could someone with knowledge regarding their voting records inform me please?

  6. This is more Lip service to us !! Actions not words will go further in convincing the people that you care about the future of MCN !! The council has the power to shut down all spending until everything is made accountable to the tribal members !! Why has the Chief terminated one of his supporters during the last election ? Is it because this employee knew the position and insisted all policies be followed ?? When you start attacking your supporters, you have screwed up ?? I for one will be very vocal about this present administration !!

  7. I can only imagine the “obstacles” in gathering pertinent information. I am sure the Chief’s office has done everything it can to keep the truth out sight.

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