New MCN Public Relations Manager

New topic please.

SELINA JAYNE DORNAN replaces Edwin Marshall as MCN’s Public Relations Manager or better known as George Tiger’s mouthpiece (get it)?

Is anyone surprised?

Let’s recap. Selina lost her NC race in 2011 so Sugar Daddy George created the PT Gaming Commissioner job just for her.

She then ran for State Senate – lost and then lo and behold she didn’t become 2nd Chief in January 2015. as she and George planned. What’s a Chief to do other than make her his personal PR woman.

They have done radio together, campaigned together and really, really get along. The perfect team. Sorry 2nd Chief Hicks.

She’s going to keep her PT Commissioner position for now (since the job didn’t require anything anyway). When she does finally leave her PT Gaming position, who do you think Chief will put in her place? Maybe Kara Medina, Robert Deere, Famous Marshall, Floyd Jones or one of his step-children. What does a part time Gaming Commissioner get paid anyway? No one on the National Council seems to know or care, because they’re all to busy stumbling around Tiger’s behind. What does the new Public Relations Manager earn + benefits?

Don’t we have the right to know what employees of our Nation earn since it is our money? Or, maybe it’s Chief Tiger’s money now.

Why do we need Commissioner York or a Part time Commissioner? Everyone knows Nelson Johnson is still running the show.

George and Selina have a long and varied past with each other. What a great team. Selina will promote George and 2nd Chief Hicks just got the boot because Selina and George will run as a team.

Think of the traveling they will do together. Selina speaks for the Chief now. Don’t think 1st Lady Tiger is going to like the relationship much.

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  1. I hear the Council is meeting to discuss impeachment proceedings shortly , we need to be aware of the council members who speak against impeachment !!

    1. Several council members have said there will be an emergency meeting and it IS open for Citizens. There are a handful who are wanting to keep it open for the citizens. LNCR meeting at 6:30 then emergency meeting will follow.

      Show up! Put pressure on them! Especially those that keep siding with George and approving everything he wants.

  2. A reliable source has informed me that Selina will begin to earn her money in the next few days. She may have to obtain some outside help to contain the fall out that is to about to hit.
    George will once again make us all proud to be Muscogee.

    1. March 8th Sunday World shows how George works. Now we see if his new PR person can clean it up. How smart are we electing a man with this kind of character traits to lead our tribe?
      One must wonder what percentage George was to get from the Giles family to push for the casino.

  3. I have a few questions to ask and hope someone here can help me. I retired from the US Army just over 2 years ago. My family is from the Okemah area. I was born and raised in the Army. From birth until 40 years old. As such, I have been removed from my family and Tribe for my whole life. I currently live in CO, but will be relocating in the coming 5 years, or so. Possibly sooner if I could find the right location for my family.

    My questions are as follows:
    If I wanted to help, what could I do?
    Outside of voting, what else can an absentee member participate in?
    Why do I have to live within my Tribal boundaries to participate in Tribal matters? Shouldn’t we venture out into the world to bring better things back to the Tribe?
    What experience and/or knowledge should a leader bring to the table?
    What are the main areas that our citizens need help in?
    Is there a quick breakdown of what/who is causing all the issues?
    Why are we spending so much money on flashy places and not on our citizens?
    Who do I need to talk to jump into the fight?!

    1. Hello, how many in your family? Children? Do you want a home ? What kind of schools does you children want?
      Okmulgee is a nice place. Near Tulsa and Oklahoma city.
      Homes are affordable and you would have a good choice of homes. It just depends on you!! Many veterans live in our elder apartments. Ken Davis is our veteran contact person. lots of luck and we welcome you home!!

    2. First of all you can’t be a thin blood other than that come and kiss the ring of Bill Fife if your family is from the Okemah area.

    3. Don’t waste your time. I had the same mentality when I left the service. My advice, focus on your life where you’re at. You’ll be much better off than trying to ‘help’ this tribe.

    4. LostinCO There is a new book out, The People’s Warrior, published by Bear Spirit Press that will give you insight into the problems within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. You might want to give it a try if you want to find out WHO and what are the issues.

  4. No professional person will ever put on a resume an item that will show his or her previously working for , under or with this present administration.
    All current employees from the top to bottom of the cabinet cannot pass any background or credit check.
    Anyone associated with this tribal government as it is currently organized and operating can ONLY work where presently employed and therefore will be personally involved in the comtinuation of status quo.
    Such will be the case until the Creek voters who never turn out on election day get fed up and clean house.
    It appears there may be a majority of the National Council on the straight and level, BUT they need help along with advice from those Creeks outside of the government who are in the know, suggestions MIKE FLUD, and FORMER CHIEF AD ELLIS.

  5. If I were to rent a meeting place, would some of you attend to discuss ways to get the word out to the people about uniting? I don’t want to be the only one there !! I will start looking for a meeting place then post it on VOC !!!

    1. Mr. Anderson:
      Bless you for what you are doing.
      Please call me tonight at 10:15 PM at 1-918-720-1354 to discuss the meeting that you are proposing. I want to help in anyway that I can.

    2. If it’s on a Saturday, like after 10:00AM, I can be there.

      We need to know who is able to lead. There are many who will follow by doing footwork and spreading the word.

      It would be great to have the many interested Creeks show up, especially those of us who complain about our present government. This is where we can put our words into action, and it will surely count.

    3. It’s about time, yes, I want to do what I can. It is time.
      It will take a few strong willed and committed citizens to start a movement to change the way our government works to serve the Mvskokvlke.
      when and where?

  6. It won’t be Mrs. Tiger that is upset about Mrs. Dornan, It will be Mrs. Johnna Townsend-Doucette-Kalbach-Criner that doesn’t appreciate George’s choice. Mrs. Dornan will have to do some sweet talking and gift giving to Johnna to get in her good graces.

    1. I’m sure johnna has been well paid by now. that’s the way George does things. slimy jane knows that and she is still getting paid to keep quite.

  7. Amen, Amen !! It’s good to see citizens researching Tribal law !! Now if we can find a few citizens that will form a coalition of concerned citizens that will get the ball rolling to get the tribe back on track !! A united front will make our elected officials take notice that if they would like to remain $46,000 a year Councilmen, they will take care of business, with the citizens a priority !! Would citizens attend an informal meeting to exchange information on a strategy to organize, like the one called the Red Sticks back in the early 90’s !! My grandmother was a part of this group, but she has passed on !! They met at the Henryetta civic center !!

  8. Hey tomjones, I hate to say this but we can forget about tribal law. Tribal constitution, tribal human resource policy and procedures, because our tribal governments cares nothing of it. If they did care, they would entire it and clean every department up. They allow George to break all rules, but of course, this has been going on for years.

    1. I am really dissapointed in Roger ,attorney general, I asked for help before I turned to Dannie Williams
      I hope they revoke his liscense as Tulsa has my letters
      asking for his help, also the assistants in Attorney general office needs a bit of scrutiny as they did not help either. The red sticks who worked for Claude also met at Sirlion stockade at noon, Many have passed but the spirit still here!! Don’t forget our Wednesday meeting at nutrition building at 10:00 am. MVTO!

  9. AG Wiley is the head law enforcer. A request could be made to his office for a reply. I would suggest you give a response deadline.

    1. Roger Wiley??? Forget asking him question or to do anything. I have already tried with him. He’s a George man. George tells him what to do. I made a call to Senator Inhofe’s office. I should be getting a response back from him.

      1. Maybe you shouldn’t be calling anyone. With all the misinformation you give out on this site you really shouldn’t be our spokesperson. You will just say anything you have heard without knowing if it is true or not. Our Tribe has lots of problems that need attention. Most of our Nations problems spawn from people such as yourself. You are really an idiot if you think Inhofe can do anything. Tribal sovereignty laws make it very difficult for any outside intervention. The only way we can be fixed is internally with a new council that knows how to make and enforce laws. Checks and balances will go a long way but we have none. The chief has total control (tyrant) of every tribal affair. How can the AG do anything when George is his boss. when George was on the council he wanted the AG to be appointed by the council but now that he is chief the council let it stay as chief appointee.

        1. Well :). I sure don’t see you doing a whole lot. We excuse you here though because we know that you don’t have a lot upstairs to work with. The lights in your upstairs department are not working, why don’t you have Brad fox send over a contract crew to fix your upstair lights, oh I’m sorry, you don’t have any 12-2 wiring to get any electrical service, you’re still on Candle Service. 🙂 Go get a GED and then come back and talk to us, right now we feel guilty explaining things to an unarmed person. We’ll feel better if had an Education. It vocabulary is limited to saying words like (Dumbass) and so on. Intelligent is by far a word that you have go ask someone what it means. You can have someone go to the Library with you and get a dictionary and show you some words that have a definition. For instance ANAL or Dumbass as you referred to it, but the one with sweet smiling picture used as an example. So when you referred to any of us as Dumbass again, then we will understand you in a more clear manner that you are picturing us to be in your image.

          1. You have not explained anything to me. Looks more like I have been trying to educate you to no avail. You should be the last one AGAIN to talk about education or vocabulary considering all your grammatical errors and incomplete sentences. ANAL? I don’t remember using that word at all. Oh, I forgot you like to make things up and lie when someone makes you mad. If I need a definition for a word I think I’ll just use the internet instead of a library. You know that thing that lets me write on here? But you can keep going to the library for definitions and to use their computer all you want. The contents of your post was expected, it proves that you lie and can’t prove anything you say. You cannot reply with honest facts so you just try and belittle with your made up accusations considering I have a college degree and you claim I need a GED. This just proves you state without factual knowledge. You have the actions of a child so grow up and come back with an intelligent response instead of meaningless and irrelevant drivel.

              1. This is funny! I’d assume his/her educated mind is located in his/her educated brain, and not in an ANAL cavity like yours. Really though, what have you done to correct your nation’s problems? Get that call back from Senator Inhofe yet?

      2. Roger Wiley? He is so corrupt that when he worked for Ellis, he constantly bad mouthed Tiger. Well actually as it turned out it was the truth. George is every bit as corrupt as Mr. Wiley said. Now lo and behold he worships Tiger. And he is the top guy enforcing laws for the MCN. Unless there is a change and soon, our Tribe is lost. But we will just sit at home on election days and then whine because it happened.

  10. tomjones,
    Thank you. Since Selina doesn’t have any true Public Relation experience perhaps we should call her the Mvskoke Nation Propaganda Manager.

  11. hey tomjones, the Council nor the Executive Branch of Creek Nation follow any kind of rules or policies. The violated the Constitution, the human resources policy and procedures. I wrote to the Council several times showing them Sections and chapter of all the violations, but have they done anything about it…NOPE!! We as Citizens have to go around the Council, around the Executive Branch and do something about it ourselves. The Council has become Slugs, they move at things in that pace. As long as George is in Control of all departments, the Council will not do anything AT ALL. They have no backbone, no voice. They don’t care what the policy and procedure hand book says, it only for those they chose to apply the rules and regulation to.

    Within 10 days of February 25, 1989 and on July 31 each year thereafter the Principal Chief shall submit to the National Council the following information:
    A. A list of all Tribal positions and the names, grades and step levels of persons in those positions. Such list shall be published in the Muscogee Nation News.
    B. A list of all Tribal positions and the compensation being paid for those positions. This shall include salaries, wages, stipends or any other compensation that is paid to any person under the jurisdiction of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

    Any Creek Nation employee who violates the Creek Nation Constitution or any Creek Nation Tribal law is subject to termination from Creek Nation employment.

    1. Tribal Laws?

      There is no MCN Tribal Law.

      PRINCIPAL CHIEF GEORGE TIGER has been sued in Okmulgee County District Court for Breach of Contract that included sexual harassment: (the accuser was paid off)

      2ND CHIEF ROGER BARNETT stole money and admitted to it in Tulsa Federal Court: (no tribal charges filed and is eligible to run for tribal office).

      JEFF FIFE, MR. HARRY & MR. DANIELS were charged and convicted of sealing money from Duck Creek in MCN Tribal Court and Fife holds a high Director/Secretary position and Mr. Harry is G Tiger’s personal greeter & Daniels works at MCN Housing because G. Tiger pardoned them:

      EDWIN MARSHALL was sexually harassing women and nothing came of it except him leaving; (did the women get paid off?)

      MR. JOHNSON has been accused of sexual misconduct and the only thing that happened is the ladies either lost their jobs or were transferred: (no Tribal intervention or charges)

      GEORGE TIGER also signed a contract to receive a % of funds from Red Clay with Mr. Shane Rolls: (no tribal intervention)

      Anything, anything goes at MCN.

      If any lawsuit or FBI charges ever are filed against George Tiger he will simply point the finger at the AG, Controller & National Council and remind them that they knew about everything and that if he goes down they all will go down. Everyone is accountable.

      They won’t be able to say, “I didn’t understand what I was voting for” or “He told me to do it.” Those excuses won’t hold up outside MCN.

      Sovereign doesn’t mean untouchable or unaccountable.

      1. All of the above mentioned actually happened.
        The character and tone of the Creek Nation is set and established by those in charge.
        When all have such questionable former backgrounds is it any wonder nothing is ever done to bonifide lawbreakers.
        The current administration is made up of womanizing, lawbreaking scallions, elected by the Creek voters on promises of more of the same.
        Always the Indian government is reined in by the United States Attorney as evidenced in the Five Tribes by former Govenor of Chicksaws, former Chief of the Choctaws convicted and sent to federal prison, current Choctaws await federal action after conviction on kickbacks and have paid huge ($250,000.00) fines, former Seminole leaders involved in casino illegalities, Creek Nation former 2d Chief on the way to federal prison, former manager of Creek Nation business enterprises sentenced by federal Judge –and then recommended to Creek Nation for a big job by some current administration officials.
        The skill exhibited by the Creek Nation Administration today a raid on the Creek Nation treasury, grab as much as you can for you never know when the feds will come after me.

      2. Oh boy! here is another one that just says whatever without proper knowledge of what they are talking about. There are plenty of MCN Tribal laws. The problem is that they are not enforced and we have a chicken sh*t council and AG that won’t act on the issue.
        George has not been sued for breach of contract and the charges did not include sexual harassment. The attempted breach of contract charges were dismissed which means that it went to court but was terminated by the judge for lack of evidence. The motion to dismiss was ordered by the defendants not the plaintiff.
        There is no one by the name of Daniels working at Housing. If you are referring to Daniel Wind, he doesn’t work there either.
        Also, no one said that sovereign means untouchable or unaccountable. I only said that it makes it very difficult for outside intervention which is true. If it was so easy then outside intervention would have already taken place regarding all the illegal activity at our tribe.
        I’m with you on all the problems our tribe faces and some of what you say is true. My only point is that misinformation or lies about issues only complicate matters. Until we ourselves start speaking the truth we only look as bad as our leaders.

        1. To :),

          Why won’t the chicken sh*t council and AG act on unlawful issues? Who hired the AG? Who tell the council what to and not do?

          You are correct. It was Daniel Wind involved with the Duck Creek conviction in tribal court and he did work for housing as a counselor during G. Tigers administration.

          Take a look at the following.
          County: Okmulgee
          Name: Tiger, George

          Case CJ-2013-00160 Okmulgee, OK
          BREACH OF CONTRACT – 10,001 OR MORE,
          10/29/2013 – Dismissal without prejudice of Def’s Tiger, Root & Moore, Only
          WITHOUT PREJUDICE often refers to procedural problems where the party may refile.

          Tulsa World: A woman who claims to have been in a longtime affair with the chief of Muscogee (Creek) Nation, George Tiger filed a lawsuit Monday accusing the chief of physical abuse and manipulation of tribal staff members to cover up the alleged affair.

          Right you are again. It wasn’t sexual harassment it was physical abuse.

          1. Huh oh,
            What does 🙁 have to say about that? You lover of George Tiger, you lover of corruption, George Tiger was charged, filed in court with Breach of Contract and his gal did charge his with PHYSICAL ABUSE. Guess in your mind Sexual Harassment or Physical Abuse are different or not as bad.

            The Principal Chief of Muscogee Creek Nation is a liar, thief and sexual abuser. The only thing that has kept him out of jail is that Johanna was bought off. Just wonder what her current husband Mr. Criner does when Daddy George Tiger comes a calling?

            Keep loving George 🙂 He will surely pay you back with your current job or a new one.

            George Tiger is a thief, liar, abuser, adulterer, manipulator and our Principal Chief. Bam, what you got to say :).?

            1. What do I have to say about what? Ronnie’s post just verifies that I do know what i am talking about and you do not. You must have quite the feeble mind to deduce that I am pro George. Sorry you can’t comprehend what you are reading Janie.
              I see you flip flopping on your incorrect information. First you say he has been sued by Johnna now you change to it has only been filed in court as I said. So which is it? Was he sued or was it just filed in court?
              I don’t know where you went to school but you should have paid more attention. Sexual harassment and physical abuse ARE two very different things although they are both unacceptable . So finally you are correct that in my mind as well as anyone else with a brain knows that these are two different offenses.
              I don’t see you trying to defend your other accusations such as making up names of people who work at housing or the definition of sovereignty.

              Let me try to put this in a way that Janie understands; Me no like George, me only want truth.
              (Yours probably stays open 24/7 anyway with a lil drool running down the side)BAM!

          2. Thank you Ronnie for verifying everything I said. It’s just too bad Janie doesn’t understand that. I don’t think her reading comprehension is up to par.

            The council won’t act either because they don’t know our own laws and are too stupid to know how to do anything or they are George followers. George hired the AG and the council approved it. So he is in their pockets. If any broken laws are needed to be overlooked then George and the council just have to tell their flunky AG to look the other way and it is done. George tells the majority of the council what to do.

            Thanks again Ronnie but I have one correction to be made to your post. Daniel Wind did work for housing under George but he was not a counselor. Mr. Wind was the Housing Management Manager. He is also a pathetic excuse for a Creek.

            1. :),
              What is a Housing Management Manager?
              Never heard of that position.
              Is that a creation of George Tiger?
              Janie may not be as educated and intelligent as you are but her heart seems to be for Creek people.

              1. The housing management manager has been a position since before our tribe took over housing. This position oversees all counselors and certain inspectors. Janie’s heart may be in the right place but lies or misinformation make it hard to get a grasp on the real problems and also does an injustice to the good people that work hard, they do not deserve to be lied about. Even if your talking about shady George the truth needs to be told. Really there is no reason to make anything up about him he does enough wrong doing that lies are unnecessary just tell truths.

        2. Totally agree :(. If what people post on here hasn’t been researched then they too look like an ass and aren’t helping the cause in any way. Outside agencies won’t investigate on hearsay, they need facts and only facts!

  13. Its Tribal law that all employees pay and positions are to be provided to the NC and published in the Creek paper but for some reason it hasn’t be published in years. This should be done yearly in July, I believe. Why haven’t our Reps requested this?

    1. tomjones,
      Thank you for your insightful information. How do we get the National Council to care about our laws?
      Our NC Reps are not business people. They ride along not wanting to rock the boat and do not represent our best interests. The National Council represents their own best interests. If they have a relative working for MCN they won’t press the issue of disclosure in compensation and benefits of employees.
      What Public Relations experience other than the radio program with Chief Tiger does Selina have? She had a Mary Kay Store in Eufaula and was the Mayor over there for a couple of years. Does that make her the best qualified to be the Tribes Public Relations Manager?
      She is Chief Tiger’s Public Relations Manager.

      1. To Carter
        Thank you Carter for your accurate description of the fixation of the National Council on protecting their jobs over the responsibility they have to protect and serve the needs of all citizens of our Nation.
        Do you agree that National Council members who have managed to stay on the council for a long time do that by favoring citizens who form coalitions that keep them in office? Would you agree that the reason Thomas Yahola lobbied citizens to vote against at-large voting in stump speeches was to save his job? Would you agree that Speaker Yahola’s behavior that seeks the disposal of at-large voting is the kind of behavior all elected officials of our government continuously engage?
        Don’t you think the effort to overturn at-large voting by putting it in on the ballot at every elections is obviously what elected officers are so afraid; that they can’t “load up” on hangers-on that keeps them in office?
        Don’t you agree too, that Thomas Yahola’s behavior is an example that reveals that our elected officers never spend any time passing laws that protect citizens’ rights, but work toward passing ones that impose limitations, while protecting them from accountability?
        I would be interested in hearing from you about any solutions you propose in dealing with the huge problems that are caused by political favoritism.
        In the meantime keep keeping on and good luck.
        As a postscript, a number of citizens, who say that they have had enough, are talking seriously about organizing in an effort to offset the propaganda being ground out by our dictators as they plan with an eye to the next election. I encourage you to stay engaged and open to the idea of organizing should the idea take root and gain momentum.

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