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Could this be a topic of its own?

Has any National Council Rep driven by our Council House?  If they don’t know where it is, it’s downtown Okmulgee, Oklahoma facing 6th Street.

What a disgrace!  The roof is in such poor condition it is literally falling in.

Why does MCN have millions upon millions of dollars to build in Tulsa County and allow our beloved Council House to be an eye sore to all that look at it.

It is the belief of many that George Tiger would rather see the COUNCIL HOUSE fall to the ground rather than repair it because the tribe acquired it from the City of Okmulgee during the Ellis Administration.

If any National Council representative has any heart at all for the heritage of our people, they will demand the repairs to our COUNCIL HOUSE take precedence over any other project.

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  1. Looking at the Selser Schafer website they look to be great at the modern/industrial flair to older buildings such as the Ice House in Tulsa. Is that what our Council House will look like?

    1. Lordy, I don’t get on here every day. It is too negative. Ya’ll have my email and phone number, call me or email if you want information quicker. Be courageous and pick up the phone to call me. Plus, I get bashed on here no matter what I say or do.

      Architectural firm is Selser Schafer, visit their web site:

      For more information, call or email me and please try not to be negative. This project has been in the works for the past year and half with Tulsa Universty assisting me and our staff with research. Council passed the bill months ago that approved our selection and funding of the firm.

      Lastly, who is going to get mad at me for typing on this Courageous site during my lunch hour?
      Justin Giles

  2. It appears Mr. Giles (whose department oversees the Council House ) does not know who the architects for the renovation are. Does anyone know who will be doing the work? Is it a secret? Are citizens of MCN not allowed to know or are we just not smart enough to know since we are the underbelly of the tribe?

  3. We elders that live out here at the two Elder apartments
    have no transportation on the week ends. I have talked to Steve Baldridge and he was to talk witih Ron Ballard city manager. I am talking to the new Okmulge e Council member about our problem he is planning to meet with transportaion mamger at Creek Nation to help us.Okmlgee has two 503 non profit transporation services but they don’t work on Saturdays. Keep us in your thoughts.MVTO!!

  4. It’s so obvious that if the renovation begins this year. it is – IT’S ELECTION YEAR.
    It’s always “we have plans to begin” or “glad you asked that question.”
    What has been completed?
    Not Margarittaville
    Not the new hospital
    Not the Sports Bar/ Driving Range
    Not the Council House
    Not the Morris Park
    Not the RiverWalk Shopping Center
    and on and on and on.

    1. The Creek Nation just simply does not have the administrative horse power to do anything but make a big splash with a headlined purchase of bad businesses, pie in the sky ideas, big business deals with SILENT PARTNERS and of course raids on the treasury (Barnett matter) that everyone in the administration was aware of but did nothing, where was the Attorney General, Principal Chief, Controller and administrative staff watching the bank account, well nothing was done because the doings of the 2d Chief was business as usual from the early days begining at least 3 Chiefs ago, but many of the actors are still present having learned from observing, allowing and getting their own bread buttered.
      Take a look at the upheaval recently in the Choctaw Nation.

  5. The Council House can be restored and it wouldn’t really cost all that much just as long as we don’t hire Sub-Contractors to come in and do the work. The Council House can be repaired by the Force Account of the Housing Division. Put those people to work and lets see what kind of talent we have in there if there is any. This will keep the cost down a lot if they know what they are doing. They need someone to supervise them with construction experience and a eye for design, such as trim, colors, and etc.

  6. Yep, we are taking care of that. My department oversees the Council House and we anticipate ground breaking this May with construction anticipated this summer. Restoring the sacred site to its original state as it was in 1878…whipping post and original stone wall to be restored. For more information, please feel free to email or call me. Formal announcements coming next month after our last meeting with our architects.
    Justin Giles
    (918) 758-6468

    1. Mr. Giles,
      Who is in your department? Since you and your department oversee the Council House could you tell us how many feasibility studies will be done and how many consultant companies will have to be hired to assist you in the renovation.
      Who are your architects? Are they professionals in restoration of historic properties, or are they a newly established company in 2013?
      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this is one project that we, the citizens, are given true transparency and told the truth about?

    2. Justin,
      Who are the architects?
      Have you already had your last meeting with the architects, or are you going to have your last meeting with them in March and then make your announcements?

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