The Creek Nation Government

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The Creek Nation government, without constitutional authority, exercise enormous power over citizens. Over the years, citizens have accepted that their government had the power to do as they wished, and that citizens had no authority to keep them within certain limits.
The word “Empowerment” is a noun. That means empowerment it is a thing, and so exists. Citizens can empower themselves, but they can’t bestow it. Exerting the power that is already inherent to citizens is the process of empowering themselves.
The government can’t tell citizens not to bother them. They can’t put citizens in jail. They can’t fire citizens from their jobs. They can’t tell citizens not to criticize them, or protest at any place they desire, whether on tribal property or not. They can’t charge a citizen with a crime. They can’t order the Lighthorse to arrest citizens. Our government is not empowered with the authority to give or take away power from citizens

Citizens get no respect
The constant refrain from citizens is that “Our government won’t talk to us.” They won’t tell us what they are doing.” “Our government doesn’t care what we think or say about them.” “It make no difference to our government what we want from them.” “Our government ignores us.”
Citizens know their government has no respect for them. They know too that their government employs a deliberate plan that keeps them uninformed by not communicating with them. And they know too, that citizens won’t do anything to make them accountable.
The Creek government is right. And the feds know this too.
Citizens are comforting themselves by saying that the result of the forensic audit is a game changer, and the “feds” will swoop in and rescue them from their thieving leaders. The feds are not going to any such thing. Their policy is not to deplete their resources on a group of people who won’t fight for themselves, and who act as if they don’t care. If the citizens won’t fight for themselves and don’t care, why should they? When citizens respect themselves and actively fight for what is theirs, will anyone believe in them and intercede in their behalf.
David Nichols has been in the Creek government for a quarter of a century, He’s a member of the Establishment. He’s done his share of hiding and ignoring citizens’ concerns. David Nichols comes from a long line of leaders who are responsible for an unaccountable government. He has spent a career empowering the government and protecting his interests.
Creek citizens get no respect, and David Nichols, as demonstrated by his record, will make sure it stays that way.

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  1. As long as we let citizens from other soveriegn nations come from their sovereign nations and take over our Creek nation Council and Communities and vote in our Creek nation elections we will never get a honest and fair government for the Nation or Comunities. We at OIC had a Kialegee Chairperson that took over our community for four years and had called nightley meeting and 12 persons signed a new -by law with a forged signature of AD Ellis was valid and we did not know until August of last year.Since election have been held at our community without a valid By~Law would the election be in question?MVTO!!We got new B!~LAWS signed by GT September 15,2004.

  2. We need a Chief that knows what transparency means, let the citizens know what you are proposing, justify what it will mean to the people, and how it funded !! We need someone who knows what PERMANENT Fund means, at one time it was suppose to ensure the tribe would always have a treasury !! With all the loans, the promises to investors, they have jeopardized our treasury !! If they default on payments , where Will they find the money to save our treasury ?? The loans have exceeded our net worth !! Will golfers travel from all across America to come and utilize this venture as we have been told ? Has Tulsa become a gaming destination to justify a $384 million expansion ? Atlantic City casino ‘s have closed, been put up for sale, Margaretville down south went bankrupt !! A lot of concerns to think about !!

  3. Ole GT is getting to big for his britches. George’s lasted episode was last week people. One of our Creek Citizen had made a complaint to Brad Fox and Brent Beaver about the work done by housing Contractors. This person said that Housing Inspectors were to them and told the homeowner they didn’t care and wasn’t going to do anymore work for them and that was final. Said the inspectors yelled at them. They made a call to Housing and just talked briefly to Brad Fox who in turn turned it over to Brent Beaver. They had told Brent they wanted to talk to Brad and Brent said rudely in a loud voice “HE DOES NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU”.
    So the homeowners made a call to George Tiger and express their complaint. GT went to the Homeowners house. He met the husband and wife (elderly couple) and when the wife tried to show him the photos of the problems GT told her he didn’t need to see any of her photos and that she just needed to sit down and shut up. The husband started to say something and said George told him to be quiet and then asked him who his family was. The couple has foundation problem and was just trying to get their house fixed and the contractors did a terrible job. If this were me and George came into my home and disrespected me or my wife he would not of left out of my home walking.

    1. Ole George just didn’t want to know anything about the problem, just who the family was, so he could count votes and decide if he needed to accommodate their needs. Once he figured out they couldn’t help him, he had no interest in helping them. Does this surprise anyone???

    2. Like I have said, get Brad Fox out, Brent Beaver. Others to name but just to many. They have ran off good people, and until they are gone. It will not change. sorry but George will have to see it first.

  4. These are a few of the names that have come up in conversation.
    The LIST keep growing.
    For the Office of Principal Chief:

    David Nichols
    Employee #1
    George Tiger
    Floyd Jones
    Robert Deere
    Cherrah Giles
    Famous Marshall
    Mr. Colbert
    Bill Fife
    A LightHorse Guy
    Kara Madina
    Jeff Fife
    Jerry Wilson
    Roger Wiley
    Mr. Johnson
    Roger Barnett

    The list for the Office of 2nd Chief is growing too:

    Floyd Jones
    Selina Dornan
    Louis Hicks
    Cherrah Giles
    Kara Madina
    Famous Marshall
    Robert Deere
    Edwin Marshall
    Roger Barnett

    For David Nichols seat in Okmulgee District:

    Floyd Jones
    Pearl Thomas
    Herod Anderson
    Robert Deere
    Jerry Wilson
    Jeff Fife
    Roger Barnett

    There is no law in our Constitution about running for multiple offices.

    With the tribal treasury at GT’s disposal he can pay for 100 people to run.

    1. Steve. We would all have to be fools to Vote for any of them except for Nichols who would be the only worthy candidate.

  5. Well maybe the God will go ahead and relieve us of this Creek Nation Corruption and as the bible says for those who are doing his works will be risen up among the clouds(Rapture) and the rest will have to stay her on earth for the 7 year tribulation and live in Torment (Read Revelations) and risk your time with the Anti-Christ in the ending years where there will be no use for money because it will not buy you food or housing or etc, you will take a Mark (666) either on your forehead or your right forehand. There won’t be a church for you to worship in because they will behead you if they catch you worshipping, and Traditionalist, you won’t be able to dance at your stomp grounds around your fire either not unless you’re giving praise and honoring Satan then they may let you dance with the Mark upon you. Yep, when that day comes you can forget all about the money and spending problems. George will be sitting on the right hand side of the Anti-Christ and getting patted on the back for being such a good and faithful follower of Satan and all who follow George, well maybe when you follow George to Hell along with the rest of his Cabinet Members, maybe they will build you a house in Hell if they can find a way to keep it from burning up. So if you’re not a follower of Christ and a non- believer and don’t Pray faithfully and have doubts that God exist then you might as well jump on George’s side and follow him straight into hell. I wrote my letters to the National Council and I made my share of phone calls to them and I attended the meeting to hear my letter read, and right now the National Council is doing nothing as to the Concern of ending the Part of the Corruption I wrote and talked to them about. Now, let me ask you, have you written letters to the Council yet or made phone calls to them. You can’t get anything done here on VOC, it takes Writing letters and making Phone calls to the National Council. Only thing you doing here is just making Gossip. I posted the E-mail Address and the Phone Numbers of all the National Council and I have asked to flood their E-mails and blow up their phones with your calls, but have you done that, No you haven’t. This is the reason why they National Council is not moving or getting anything done. You have to put HOT Coals under their seat they are on and get them up and start making them work for the people. They make you believe they are so busy with other things. I know that we have family lives but when you take a position as a National Council Member, your job is almost like a Pastor, you on call 24 hours sometimes and if you can’t except that then don’t take the position as a Council Member because its a job not an adventure, it’s a Job. You work for the people, you’re not a sub-contractor, we pay you, you work for us, we can fire you or not rehire you. Just because they sit on the Council X-amount of years doesn’t mean you know anything or done this tribe any service or justice. I hope that some of you Council members are reading this. Right now Council Members you’re Worthless. You move on things that are suppose to matter like a bunch of SLUGS, very slow. George is like a Bully, and he Challenging you as Council Members to step across this line or knock the Chip off his shoulder and not one of you have the Big Dog in you to do so. You’re tails are between your legs and you coward down from him and the rest of his Cabinet. Come on Council Members, Step across the line, knock that chip off his shoulders, and when you do KNOCK HIS HEAD OFF. Split his lip, black his eye. If you can do this then you’re the LEADER I want for this tribe, the rest of the Weenies on the Council can just go home and put a Apron on because there will be house work for them to do, get those honey dews done and don’t come asking for a vote from us because here, we have Work to do and you’ll just get in our way. We don’t have time to take you by the hand and lead you around like a child teaching you right from wrong. You should be grown up enough to see the problems this tribe is having, so go put your apron back on, have dinner ready.
    Creek Nation needs a Leader with some Junk Yard Dog Blood in him, one with some Fight. Junk Yard Dog is going to fight you no matter how big you are, he’s going to get a big piece of you. I got some Dog in me, and I’m sure not going to let anything or anyone like a George Tiger push me or bully me. So come on Citizen, You got any Dog in you, if so then lets see if you will start sending Flooding those Council Members E-mails and Blowing up their Phones with your calls. Stop Gossiping and Belly Aching on here, take the fight to your Council Members and Bite’em, make them Fight for you!!!!!

  6. Hey, folks! I read the good news in the Muscogee Nation News just last week and I want to make sure that all VOC readers know of and share in this great news! The MNBE closed the Stone Blade Restaurant because it was a big, old building and it was losing money. MNBE CEO Woody Anderson estimated that MNBE will save $25,000 to $30,000 a month by closing that restaurant. That is great news, isn’t it – saving all that money!
    Goodness sakes, yes, it is. Why, it only seems like yesterday that George Tiger announced that the MCN bought the building and its 159 acre golf course for $3,600,000. That would show those old white folks who wouldn’t let him play golf there when the este hvtke’s owned it. Yessiree, it sure would. We Indians would play there now!
    Understand that I am no business man or accountant (maybe Sam A. can help), but it seems to me that closing the Stone Blade and saving all that money would stop the cash-hemorrhage for a while, at least – maybe. I calculate (with my WalMart calculator) that since the building and grounds cost $3.6M in May 2012 and the building was renovated ($50,000 cost?) to serve food and we lost about $30,000 monthly since May 2012, the Okmulgee Golf Course has cost the MCN (Us. We are the MCN, remember?) roughly $4,500,000 total or thereabouts. Damn! Talk about saving money!
    Woody, don’t feed that skunk here to me, please. It is pure BS and you should know it!
    Now, the question is – what are you and George going to do with that BIG, OLD BUILDING and 159 ACRES that will get us our money back? By the way, since that building – based on what you said – is worthless to us, then the 159-acres cost us $4,500,000. That is roughly (again just a guess on my WalMart calculator) more than $28,000 an acre!!!
    WTH! (Pardon my extremely MILD expression!)
    We can’t sell that land to anyone and get $4,500,000 back for it! The white people are too smart to buy it at that price. Damn, Woody, really prime grazing land runs about $4,000 an acre! That is a helluva lot less than we paid for our golf course land!
    Now, Woody, having said that, how the hell are we going to get our money back that we paid for that land? Just scratching my head, wondering, and waiting for your answer!

  7. 1. Greyhead-you are a idiot. stop drinking and talking out of your butt. Also sign off of the public computer that you are using.
    And you choose George over God.. sad. have fun burning in hell…with GT.
    The nation is being laughed at day in and day out. GT mat be fooling some of the people by publishing his annual report, think about it. Do we need to publish a book for that info? Are pictures of the royal family a must? Is it possible that the report could have been printed on regular paper,or viewed online? Why are employees being highered faster than ever in the past 10 years? Because he is buying every vote. What he doesn’t buy will Nettie will donate. Why did so many absentee voters not get a ballot? Where are the by laws for the election board? AND>>>really how does Nettie have anew car considering every small loan company on every corner calls for non payment? How does she not come to work until after 8 leave before 5? OH nvermind…we can all do it because dummy GT doesn’t make anyone clock in. How doea a business with 3000 employees track their ppl? They don’t. GT said it best if they wanna be here they will if not they wont. Does that even sound logical? George ? Best dressed Chief thus far this guy is in a suit 24/7. I want to just let it be known CREEK NATION has went to hell in a hand basket…and Cherokee hand basket! Jeff Fife- think about this folks, HE WAS ON THE NEWS INNNNNHAND CUFFS, now he is clear of everything and handling all internal affairs. THATS HILLARIOUS. Jerry Wilson-pray for dem lungs he smokes his stress away, porb worrying about the pen. Bill Fife, ol sleepy what does he do? he is old, out of touch, and worst of all Team Tiggger. Justin Quiett Giles WHY is he over the museum? Does he know we start at 8 and end at 5? Glad he posted his number on this site/dummy. Im sure that’s a phone the tribe provided..ya know like the van you and Miss Quiett took all your kids to Washington in? for “work” l-o-l! P.S. Mr. Quiett Giles. Im paying it forward. I feel its only the right thing to do giving your number to all of your collectors—-gah so dumb. Wheres Brad hiding? Roger didn’t pay dat child support with all dat $ he stole..whats worse than a thief? a deadbeat dad thief. Lets look at David Nichols vs. George Townsend-I mean Tiger.
    David proven leader/Tiger proven man skirt chaser. David likeable/Tiger not likeable. David has hair/Tiger has little. David has morals/Tiger..never heard of’em. David honest/Tiger liar. David CARES about the $ the people, the business the reputation, the well being of the tribe. Tiger cares about getting money,keeping his rep under cover, David faithful/Tiger…nah. Have you ever wondered WHY George doeant do any commercials with family violence? I mean he has done with everything else! Well here is why..he has abused women. He hit his girlfriend Jonna! Knocked her to the ground to take her phone! He did this. he hurts women weather physical or mental..He is hurting his wife by cheating. The poor women has cancer(maybe) and he was setting up house with Jonna? How cruel to both women he has left them both in shambles. Ladies..come on now..George surely aint got it like that! Oh speaking of GT back to comparing Pros vs CONS*** get it CONS. ha. Lets compare how did GT live before being CHIEF? whats that? he stole from other organiztions? David-has a job. Georges kids all have jobs at the nation and another job and another job and another job. …Davids do not. David has his own home and vehicle..Tiger? questionable. citizens need to raise hell about GT. if you don’t thin k their is a need ..your in the thief ring. if you just don’t know…check for yourself…
    ASK how many peple have been hired in the past year..not counting the prev. 2 years. Hiring votes. Anyone else miss Claud Summner? everyone thot he was so bad-sorry now huh? miss Mike Flud? miss Edwin MaRSHALL? OOPS NEVER MIND HES FIRED AGAIN ..which is odd because he has been sexually harassing women young and old since 1877…but suddenly he is terminated? HMM that’s odd ohhhno that was the plan fire him when Slimy Janes term is up with Eufuala. Ask for payroll amounts from AD’s term to GT term..yet no raises? (for most)
    Slogan for ANTI gt SUPOORTERS—-ITS A JOKE , GO VOTE!…no rights reserved on that one DN feel free to use it friend.

    1. To Jack
      How did you find out about the public computer?
      Jack, you are right about the fake ways George uses to keep citizens in the dark and says he leading a transparent administration. His method is keep us uninformed is to use a lot of words, but never is specific as to the resuls of anything he’s accomplished.
      I agree too that George, through, having a steal grip over everything in the Creek Goverment, uses a blacklist to to surround himself with people who owe him and keep close to him for protection.

      But Jack, here’s where we part. David Nichols is not our hope for the future. He’s been on the council for over twenty years, and has not produced anything that any citizens can point to as his significant achievement, and he’s not honest. He knows of corruption but never did anything about it. He is no different from those who serve with him. We expect anyone who aspires to higher office to be honest and likeable, but that does not qualify him to be the Chief. Jack, we are not prohets; we know how someone will perform in the future by looking at thier past.
      I appreciate how much you know about what’s wrong in our government and agree with your assessments. But knowing what is wrong does not move our Government an inch forward to being cleaned up.
      Jack, listen up a minute. All I hear is our citizens saying, vote, vote, vote. All citizens do to improve their government is look for someone to do that for them. So, here’s what citizens do: they look for someone to do for them what they are to chicken-hearted to do for themselves.
      I don’t hate God. I hate people who sit on their coon dog asses and wait for someone to rescue them.
      I am an idiot and aplogize for that.

    2. Jack,

      You are correct on every point made. That is how George always gets votes, he buys them. Now having all the tribes money to do whatever he wants he’s living in tall cotton, cotton he didn’t plant and surely won’t pick. Why would he, when he has all his workers planting and picking?

      The FBI is a worthless drain on the US economy. I’m a tax payer along with many other Creeks and the FBI knows we have a crook in office along with a crook as our AG and still they won’t do anything for the taxpayers.

  8. The above statement is so true , it is up to the people who care to take the tribe back!! Just heard today that if a citizen wants a list of registered voters, you have to hand copy the list!! What happened to the copy machine, this is the craziest thing I have ever heard!! Another obstacle the people have to deal with, if they want to challenge the incumbents !! When was this put in place, the Election board needs to address this immediately, who came up with this idea !! This is the age of computers, print it out and make copies for those that request the list , Hell charge a fee to recover cost of paper and ink , this is unacceptable for interested citizens to hand copy the registration list of voters!! When has the list been updated with the correct addresses of voters??

    1. A. Anderson….you don’t even need to do that. The Election Board should be able to e-mail the updated list to the requesting person or organization. They then could print it out or put it on a USB drive to do whatever they wanted to do with it.

  9. Grayhead,
    You’re right, George is staying in good Shape, he’s eating good, not a day goes by where he doesn’t have Frybread with his Steak. Francis Rubs his back every night saying George what would I have done without you if you hadn’t made Chief and then they curl up together at night with their arms around each other saying I love you but never meaning it. Yea Grayhead, George needs to stay in shape because once he goes to the Federal Pen he will have to stay on the Run from Big Earl, because once Earl catches up with him then George then Francis might as well file for divorce because George will rubbing BIG EARLS back telling him how much he loves him and if he has any more sock that he can wash for him. There wont be any need to send George any Soap on the Rope, he will be in the showers washing BIG EARLS back and they will cuddle up together at Night because Earl says they will only need one bunk. Earl will be call Calling George his BIG BOOTY INDIAN. Yep and all those people that George hired in under him will all be at the Big House with him. I’m sending Picture of them right now to the Federal Pen inmate so they can see the Indian Cuties we are sending them. Think I will start a web site for the Federal Pen and call “Prison”. and have picture of all the Corruptive individuals here at Creek Nation that will be coming for housing at the Big House. Ole Jeff Fife, OOOOOOOOWEEEE, they are going to be bidding high on his butt. Brad Fox could be right along side Jeff Fife. All these Crooks that we will be sending to the Federal Pen, those prisoners are will be sending us a THANK YOU CARDS and asking if we have any more to send them. It’s going to look like a cattle auction there when they run them through. I can see it now, there will be a Prisoner as a Auctioneer, just yelling out, “Lets start the bidding off at a 3 packs, now who will give me 4, we have 4 now who gonna give me 5. They gonna save Jeff Fife for the Finale’. Daddy Fife, well him and Thomas Yahola they will spare and just let them wash the sheets. There is going to be a awful lot of marriages in the Federal Pen, so we might as well start sending those wedding cakes. I don’t know who’s gonna give away George at the Wedding. Need to send George a Bouquet so he can be able to throw to see who’s getting married next.

  10. There is currently an on going audit of the Administration and National Council as ordered by the National Council.
    This audit is public information since the funds to pay for it came from the Creek Treasury.
    If is is complete it should be available for any Creek Citizen to examine.
    If it is complete and not made available to all Creek Citizens then the Speaker and National Council are attempting to cover up any wrong doing for they have been audited also.
    Should that be the case then citizens of the Creek Nation have a huge problem for NO ONE in the Administration NOR Legislative Branch should be elected for ALL ARE THE PROBLEM.
    Let all who announce for elective office explaine the WHY or WHY NOT for their coverup of this audit.
    All Citizens should be then advised that not only are the wolves guardeing the hen house BUT the Guard Dogs(National Council) is asleep at the switch and the hens along with the entire train is in the gully!

    1. Is David Nichols still running?
      A friend told me a story about entering his 7 year old son in a track meet. He said his son stormed off the starting line was ahead of everyone, then suddenly he stopped and sat down. After the race the father asked why he had stopped running, and his son had said he was tired.
      Are you running, David, or resting?
      David, no can one say you are running if they don’t see you running. We don’t see you running. We think you are resting.
      George Tiger is in good shape. He runs every day, in fact, he’s always running, whether day or night, and even in his dreams. He knows he can’t win by sitting down.
      George is going to kick your miserable ass, because he’s not running alone, and he is running every day and his supporters are running with him. You David, have no support, zilch, none, and nada. All you have is people who say they are going to vote for you. That’s it, they’re not going to do anything else. You are one person against an army that is well equipped to fight, against a few stragglers with absentee ballots.
      The best people win political races. That’s why George wins-he’s the best. He never rests, and neither do his supporters. To use a worn out sports reference-slightly altered: “When the one Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, he writes not that your were the most honest, that you had family values, or had compassion for your struggling fellow man, but how you ran your freaking race.”
      Take it from Flud, Ellis, and all the rest, whose strewn carcasses litter campaign trails, who thought they could win without sweat and by magical thinking.

      1. Hey Greyhead,
        Don’t forget that George not only has an army of worker bees, but he has the election in won because the election office that counts the votes will put as many ballots into the machine that will make George win.

        Strewn carcasses littering campaign trails? What doe Brother Eli Grayson have to say about that comment?

      2. You’re correct that George never rests and has an army working for him. They all have high paying jobs, with great benefits, come to work when they want to and will cheat right along with George.

        The majority of Creeks don’t want honesty in government. We get thrills out of reading about the corruption in our tribe and we can’t wait for the next time we can rub elbows with the crooks at Creek Nation.

      3. Dear Greyhead,
        What the heck do you want? George Tiger has been a thief since 1995?

        You need to add Mr. George Tiger and Mr. Louis Hicks, Mrs. Cherrah Giles, Mrs. Selina Dornan, Mr. Floyd Jones, Mr. Famous Marshall, Mr. Robert Deere & Mr. Herod to the list of carcuses that litter campaign trails.
        Mr. George Tiger lost even to Mr. David Nichols in a National Council race. Mr. George Tiger and Mr. Louis Hicks lost campaign also.
        Since we all know you support the government as it stands, Sir cast your vote, if it means anything.
        Mrs. Nettie Harjo will secure the election for George Tiger and anyone he wants to be elected. What new vehicle is Nettie sporting since the January election.

        1. To Lori
          Thanks for your response.
          Who do I want for Chief? I don’t know anyone who can handle the job. So I don’t know the person, but do know what I want that person to do.
          There has been a multitude of Chiefs that have come and gone in past years. None of them has changed the culture of our Nation to make citizens more powerful than their government. That is why things have gotten so bad, as you stated in your post.
          We should demand, yes demand, that the person who says he’s running for office run on our platform, and not on the one they want. Afterall, candidates are not supposed to be running for themselves, and what they want for themselves, but for us and on our needs. They should not tell us what they want; we should tell what we want.
          Candidate, especially one for Chief should be running on our platform. The only problem with that kind of thinking is that the citizens have no platform, and that has always pose a problem.
          The citizens have always sat in the back seat and asking the question, “Are we there yet,” and have never received an answer. A platform tell us where we’re going and when were going to get there and what we have to do in the meantime to make the trip as short as possible.

          Your last quote cut directly to the chase to which I absolutly agree with. I does not matter how many votes we have against the present administration, the final outsome will remain in the hands the counters.

          I enjoyed your post. Please stay in touch.

    2. This looks another case of the fox guarding the hen house. We have an auditor, paid by the NC auditing the NC? Will they get paid before or after they show the results of the audit? I doubt anything comes of this.

      1. Someone please state the agency name and phone number. I am new to this site. Who recommended the agency? Does a federal agency receive a copy of the report? Since the tribe receives a lot of Federal money, doesn’t it have to follow Federal guidelines and regulations? Does anyone know?

    1. If it’s a question of who will save us and who won’t, I’ll take Gerorge over God. God is too associated with losers; George with winners. Have you ever heard anyone say that God gave them the shirt off his back? Has God make this a better world?
      George has. I’m for the underdog, my money, however is on a winner.

      1. Grayhead,
        Taking George Tiger over God is a dangerous path. You should watch your words and thoughts. George Tiger will throw you aside for a romp in the hay or a dollar in his pocket.

  11. Concerned Person, Helllo, I am telling you this story tonight about our trip to Macon Georgia, we set up our table on the path to the main dome in our land.
    We put our arts and crafts on the table ano sat there a little while, soon a white man came by and told us “You must pay taxes on all you sale today”. I replied “No this land is my father’s land and I will not pay any taxes” We put our arts and beads work in our blanket and took it to the bus. We did not pay taxes.
    I am asking you to tell all the arts and crafts people to not sale their arts and crafts on our father’s land ,as that show’s disrespect to our father MVTO!!

  12. Has there been an examination here or elsewhere of what we want the Nation’s welfare state to accomplish? We’ve created a system (however dysfunctional) that provides healthcare, food, housing and employment to our citizens, and in my conversations with fellow Creeks I’ve gotten a sense that this is what people fear losing more than anything. That makes sense: Most of our people live in crushing poverty.

    Is there a functioning tribal welfare state that we want to model ourselves after? What’s our end goal? And what are we willing to risk to get there?

    1. To Old New York: I want to talk with you about the qustions you pose. I’ll spring for breakfast anytime you want to talk, and if you want, bring a friend.

        1. Thanks for responding, I live in Tulsa, but I’m willing to drive anywhere to have breakfast, or lunch, kick back and talk.
          Let me know where and when. Like I said, bring a friend if you wish. Remember, I’m treating,

          1. Thanks for responding, I live in Tulsa, but I’m willing to drive anywhere to have breakfast, or lunch, kick back and talk.
            Let me know where and when. Like I said, bring a friend if you wish. Remember, I’m treating,

            If you want, select the location and cafe, and time to meet.

              1. To Old New York
                Sorry, I didn’t get your message in time. I checked my mail before turning in. I don’t know how I missed it.

  13. I have someone in mind who may be filing for the Office of Principal Chief when the time comes. This individual has worked all his life, never had a job with the tribe and none of his immediate family works for the Nation. He said he’s in it to try and move the nation forward. If he doesn’t get elected, he’s ok with that. He just hopes more people get out and cast their votes.

  14. I will talk to him about attending OIC meeting and talking you wotko82. He is very easy to talk to. He listens then gives his advice. I would hope that other elders of The Indian Community Centers would talk to him. Very Serious Man when it comes to Indian people. He doesn’t like our people being walled on.

    1. I have done many things for us elders we started in 1977
      before the community was recognized. In 2011 I took the
      Elders on a trip to Horshoe Bend. Tuckabatchee and the Mayor of Tuckabatchee met us from the bus and he presented me with the key to Tuckabatchh I brought it home and gave it to the chief,we travelled to Alabama,Mississiippi and Florida I starated the monthly meeting in 1999. And am regonized by the council our community has been raped by community officers that were not legal documents were forged that said Chief Ellis signed new by-laws but he did not the new by-laws were written in October and chief Ellis signature was signed in July..before the by-laws was written. I contacted Danny Willims in Tulsa,Oklahoma and he is looking into th rape of the community for us, so don’t say we don’t do nothing I do more than you know..But I cannot tell you everything!!
      Our funds for the community has been misused and we no longer have social services,Activities and no mor food served for four months we can do nothing, I sugested we shut down but then the board would not get paid and I did not get that to the floor.See you at Wednesday meeting!!

      1. Just to be sure that I understand, are you saying that people took charge of the Okmulgee community using illegal documents; that funds are routinely misuse, that monthly meals have been discontinued for lack of funds, that the community has no funds to do anything, and the only reason the community has not shut down, is because the Board wouldn’t allow it because they wouldn’t get paid?

        1. Yes you are correct!! We are down to raffeling beaded walkiing canes to raise money. Our Stockholders Equitey is gone three of our CD.s are gone and we have not had any accountability of funds since September 2014. I gave that information to Attorney General in Tulsa as I could not get help from Roger Wiley. I had no choice..We now have a compact with the state of Oklahom for tobacco sales and our funds are derived from the sale of tobacco I notifief the dminstration of this laalst year and they did nothing…….an then when the board handed out that information I sent it to the attorney genral and then it got noticed however it has been four years since the instigation occured.

  15. Dr. Wahoo, I didn’t get to finish my statement about the man that could run Creek Nation with Authority. He once worked in housing and then he campaigned for Chief against Perry Beaver, Ken Childers, Thomas Yahola. He ran a good political race and I believe he came in 3rd. He told everyone what would happen if any of the others were elected because they were Council members but never did a thing to make the tribe any better today than when they first came to office. He was right. He told of things that would happen in the tribe and they believe me they did. A lot of people have talked about him wishing that he would reappear and run for Chief again because they all knew that they made a mistake in voting for the wrong people. I know him, and I have talked to him and he has gave me a lot of insight that would the tribe a stronger tribe, but he said it takes the help of all the Citizens to back him. He didn’t say the National Council, he said the people. He running a political campaign at Creek Nation is a popularity voting, kind of like the most popular kid in school they want him on their team, but in Creek Nation place though, it’s all about their families when they get in office, it all about going out and putting on your best Silver Tongue and promising people he has told me. He has told me, where does a honest and true leader fit in at Creek Nation, there maybe a handful and the rest you have to put padlocks on everything. He doesn’t believe in giving any more help to the Casino’s. He believes that the Casino make enough money already that we shouldn’t have to borrow any money to make any renovations nor build a hotel. He says the tribe gives the casino money so that they can give it away. He remembers the State Compact act, that the state was only to tax the Casinos and the smoke shops of the tribe, but para-mutual and the fair meadows and the other horse tracks all started making a big fuss saying the Casinos were taking revenue away from them and they wouldn’t survive. Creek Nation gave them $2million dollars and Cherokee gave them $5 million. He said that the tribes should of never gave them a dime, it’s called Competition of business. So what if they didn’t make it, it’s called business. He said that the tribe has always given into the states wishes when we don’t have to because we are Federal Entity.
    Federal doesn’t answer to State.
    I know that if we are wanting Change and someone with integrity and as I call it Grit, this is the man you want. But he will need your help. I know that he would be willing to meet or sit down with you if you want to talk to him. Very interesting man and knowledgeable of what is going on. A very sharp individual.

    1. as a Elder of Creek Nation and member of OIC from claude Cox. We have a meeting the first Wednesday of the month…however much we would like to have this perso come and visit wiith us the present authorities will not let s have political associations to come and speak with us..that is not how we ooperated dueing Perry Beavers tenure as we had State and Federal people come and visit with us. But we Elders are still in
      the meetings, now that Mr Dunson is gone we can get our meetings back to the communities.
      When Dunson was there we were just a lawn service

  16. Yes Dr. Wahoo, this man has held a position with Creek Nation but not in the political field. His Education Experience is very high I can promise you that. He stood up to the National some years back. He found incriminating evidence that could of put some people away and if that would of happen some of the people that are in positions right now would not be working here or campaigning for office. He was just one man that stood up against the National Council and the fact finding committee. This was the Old Council he stood up against. I know that he had them on their toes. He had a couple council members that he thought would have his back, but he was terminated but he never stopped fighting for the Citizens. He went to the papers and he made calls to the Senator to try and get all the help he could get since the National Council didn’t back him when he was terminated nor did they help him to get his job back, they turned their heads the other way from him. He wrote a letter to the National Council back in January against the Housing Authority asking the Council what were they going to do about the Nepotism. Believe me, this man shows no favoritism, if he doesn’t think that you worthy of your position that he puts you he will replace you immediately. I know that all of you would like this man. He’s a Christian with Authority from God in his heart.

  17. Amen to the comments, we need a leader who can rally the people to stand up and let the council know we are tired of being accused of being weak , we voted them in to represent us, not look down on us, because we don’t speak up!! They depend on your vote, WE have the power to make changes, demand voting records on recent legislation that they approved, sinking us in debt!! Demand their presence at meetings of the people, for questions about how our national treasury is doing ?

    1. As long as 1200 or less of us turn out to vote, then they are right, we are weak. Blame the council all you want, but a whining constituency that is too lazy to vote gets what they deserve. And that is us.

  18. I know of 1 man that could be a great chief for Creek Nation. I spoke with him on numerous occasions about Putting his name in the hat to be the Chief of Creek Nation. i believe in him he’s honest and he’s a fighter for the people.. he has stood up against the National Council. he’s not afraid to force his opinions. he’s a Christian man he’s well educated is a great speaker and a man of authority. he will not stand for the wickedness ,the corruption, nepotism, favortism, or people in management that do not know their jobs. I’ve asked him was his thoughts were on council members running for chief. He told me that throughout the past voting for council member to be achieve was a bad idea. Reasons being if they done nothing to impress you as a council member they will do nothing to impress you as a chief. If they didn’t make a difference in the tribe when they were Council members then they won’t make a difference later as the Chief. He stated that Creek Nation elections for council members or for chiefs is all based on popularity or the size of your family members to Vote you in. then after they are voted in then here comes the rest of their family being placed in positions of management regardless if they have any knowledge of their positions or not. he states it’s not what you know to become a good chief, but its how many you know to be elected as chief. He told me that Being a Chief is like a man with authority in his house, you will rule your household with Authority and not put up with nonsence and bad behaviors. You want your employee to smile and greet people with a smile.
    There is more, but I will let everyone know if he decides to campaign for chief. He’s a much stronger candidate.

    1. Has this Creek ever held a position with our Creek Nation?

      How did this person standup to the elected members of the National Council?

      What is this person’s education and experience?

      In short we need many Creeks to back someone with the mentioned attributes now in order to elect this one person.
      If this person will not agree to enter the Creek political arena then this person should be persuaded to help someone with the election and then in turn begin the process of clean-up.
      In any event contact this Creek immediately for the 79,000 Creeks or this Nation as known for thousands of years will not survive into the next century.

  19. So if not David Nichols, who do you recommend? George Tiger? How we could make a worse choice is hard to imagine. Louis Hicks? A man Tiger bought an election for? Who else will step up and try to run? With only 1100 people willing to get out and vote, how can we ever expect any good candidates to take charge and lead? We are indeed a once proud people, reduced to a nation of two groups. One group robs us blind, the other group whines about it. Where is the group that is willing to make a difference? We print prayers and quote scriptures on here, but why would God help a people that are too sorry to help themselves? We should just accept that our tribe has been stolen from us, and we are too weak to try to take it back. I know this will upset some folks, but you should be upset because it is true, not because it was stated.

    1. Anonymous:
      Thank you for your insightful response. You pose some difficult questions: who should we support for Chief? You also speak to poor voter turnout, and two groups of people, one who robs us, and one who watches them do it and complains about it. And then, you ask a most pertinent question: who is willing to make a difference?
      The answer to your last question is, you and me. And how do we do that?
      We can begin by understanding how the government put citizens under their heels and ground them into the dirt, and what were the factors that created an unconcerned and helpless citizenry.
      Our government’s structure is like an inverted pyramid. All decisions of government are conducted at the top of the structure. The Little People huddle in the small area at the bottom of the structure and wait for their marching orders. The people at top enjoy lobster, the Little People munch on cheese. At the top of the structure, every day is Christmas, at the bottom of the structure, it’s a trip to pick up commodities. At the top, everyone is smart, happy and fat. At the bottom, the Little People line up like puppies at an animal shelter, and wag their tails, hoping to get adopted.
      How did things go so badly? The voters did it. They never knew what they wanted so they voted for anyone who caught their fancy. They kept doing that and are still doing that. The voters didn’t know what they wanted and so didn’t know what they wanted from the person they voted for. It is still that way; Creek elections are crap shoots. Even now, after so many years, it’s still the same: voters still don’t know what they want. And worst, citizens still want their candidate to tell them what they want. That is incredibly ass backwards.
      I believe citizens are the owners of their Nation and they should demand their government do what they want, not what they want us to do. Our government has no authority over citizens. They can’t order us to do anything. No so with us; we can absolutely demand accountability from them, and we can get it, or else.
      I know what I want. I want my candidate to put backbones in citizens, to put them back in the driver’s seat, even though they resist being there, to make them want to be there anyway. We have a lousy government because citizens want to be taken care of. I know exactly what I want from the one who wants my vote. I want him/her to agree to empower citizens. I want her/him to write down all that he/she plans to do, with times lines that he will put in writing and into the hands of voters before election day. I want him/her to announce loudly and often that the Creek Nation’s power structure is upside down; that the hired hands are telling the owners what to do, and that’s going to stop.
      Anonymous, don’t despair and let me know what you think.

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