Arrest Records filed in Okmulgee County District Court

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Okmulgee Times, Sunday, February 8, 2015 Page 4a

Court Records:
Arrest Records:

Barnett, Roger Dana (age 52),  arrested by District Attorney’s officers for Child Support case.


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  1. This just makes me I’ll to hear of how some of our Creek people are so much of a crook. People if you look very careful of what area these crooks, thieves, embezzlers come from you wouldn’t be voting for them for any kind of office. I know that housing has big big problems and always has. Our Council is NOT going to do anything about housing either. All Council Members who have been elected as Chief have never did anything to correct the problems of housing. Brad & Tonette Fox run housing. These are GT people. They have workers in housing that are worst than Grace Bunner. Delores Mosquito needs to be FIRED, she spends her time at the Casino on Housing time. Natasha Nastyway, needs to be FIRED. She is the one right along with Council Member Mark Randolph that raised the income guideline at housing that eliminated a lot of people from the waiting list who were in line for a home.
    Please voters don’t vote Mark Randolph back in. He made a poor decision in backing and raising the income guideline. If he made that poor of a decision just think of what he’s doing as a Council member. Somebody on here said don’t vote for Council members campaigning for Chief or Second Chief, I agree with that person who said. I had to stop and think and that person is RIGHT. I’m not voting for any Council member running for Chief of 2nd cause they have done nothing as a NC to prove their worthiness to be Chief.

    1. ‘I Know’ just proves how much ignorance is abound throughout the nation. How can you say we have bigger problems than Grace Bunner? Nothing is worse than having a thief and a liar working for you, and Grace is both! She needs to be FIRED! Ha-ha-ha! You should do as 🙂 did and really do some research and prove your accusations on the others you commented on, or you end up sounding jealous. You just watch, we’ll have Mr. Randolph in for another term! Go Mark Randolph!

      1. Right now, I don’t think Grace Bunner is our problem at Creek Nation. You may have a personal Grudge against her but right now the only thing that you know and say is that she is no good for the tribe and does nothing. If that’s the case then why hasn’t Brad fired her or George gotten rid of her out of housing? Has she stolen anything or taken money from Housing yet? Right now, our focus is on the tribe of the Executive Staff where there is money being taken and misappropriated. A council member (Mark Randolph) who goes to Housing and then agrees and makes a proposal to raise the income guideline and eliminating a lot of people off the waiting list who were in line for a home.
        I believe you need to look at the whole picture instead of just one person. If she was guilty why wasn’t she arrested or in jail yet, or was she acquitted of the Charge. Not saying that I don’t believe you, but we do have bigger problems at the tribal complex than Grace Bunner where there are millions of dollars flying out the windows and nothing getting done.

        1. Who cares if she stole yet maybe she has been stealing this whole time. She was stealing from Thloploco long before she got caught. Why even give someone like this a chance to steal from us, the point is people like this shouldn’t be hired period! I am looking at the whole picture and Grace Bunner is in the front row of the portrait of thieves.
          You also should get your facts straight before you start spouting nonsense. You obviously don’t know who the good and the bad people are. You must be one of those that take rumors and run with them.
          The reason why income guidelines were raised is because Brad Fox and his dumbass cronies Brant Beaver, Laura Harjo King, who by the way still know absolutely nothing about their jobs except how to misappropriate funds and break every law the nation has. Brad Fox brought this idea to the entire council pulling the wool over their eyes and making them think this was the right thing to do. He fed them a bunch of bogus information and based this decision off of a handful of homebuyers instead of the majority.
          So stop your dumbass rumors and tell the truth and if you don’t know the truth quit making stuff up. None of the people you mention are to blame except your ignorant council they are the ones who voted to make this change. The decision rested solely in heir hands. Delores Mosquito is at work everyday so I challenge you to take a picture next time you see her at the casino during work hours. You will never get this picture because what you say is lies or rumors you ran with. As for Natasha, she is the only employee housing has that follows the federal and tribal laws. She was and always has been against raising the income guidelines. She understands these programs exist for low income families unlike the dumbasses in charge. So put blame where blame belongs. If she does something you don’t like then you have no one to blame except your council it is their laws that she abides by not hers.
          Yes there are bigger problems than Grace Bunner but she none the less is a problem. Everyone knows there are problems at the executive level so that’s no big news. People like her need to be exposed as well as the big shots. No charges were brought against her but she was fired for it so why do you need charges to prove her character. It’s normal for Creeks to fire rather than to fire and charge with crimes. They should be charged but unfortunately that is how it goes here.

          1. Well :). Obviously the people you mentioned in housing must be your good friends. And its obvious you know nothing. And its obvious that you don’t know these 2 women’s history. But that’s OK. They will soon be fired. Delores was fired Ron Qualls before because she was at the casino on company time. Natasha was only a counselor and they didn’t want her in ant management position until Daniel Wind and he is the one who put her there. The Natasha brought Delores back. But she will be fired again. Wait and see.

            1. “I Know” you’re dumb! Are you a disgruntled ex-employee who didn’t get a job offer to go back to work like these two, or is it plain and simple jealousy? Has to be one or the other or you wouldn’t care. What have they done wrong in their jobs to make you say they will be FIRED? (dont lie when you respond) And why do you care if they will or they won’t? You sound like the one with a personal grudge and no facts to back up your accusations. You stated earlier that your focus was the executive level, but it appears your focus is on these two employees. 🙁 gave you three other employee names who they think are problems, along with Grace, but you continue to focus only on Delores and Natasha. I agree with Anonymous, you’re making yourself sound jealous! Leaving out your friend Grace, Delores and Natasha, what are your concerns on housing at the executive level? The change of the minimum income is your council’s fault, so don’t use that.

              1. Obvious that your little minds of little brains that neither one of you know what is going on in the housing area until it affects you as it has affected a lot Creek Citizens. And would you say my Council? You must not be of Creek Tribe if you say its just my council. Yes they are the Council of the tribe I belong to (Creek Nation). I might not agree with the some of the things they propose and vote on but they are still a part of my tribe Creek Nation.

                1. You still didn’t answer the question, what is your concerns on housing at the executive level? What has Delores and Natasha done to affect you and Creek citizens? Can your little mind in your little brain provide an intelligent answer? Or are you only going to waste your time, and ours, by trying to insult the intelligence of others on this site which, by the way, is rudimentary on your part. (I’ll wait while you go to the library and look that up.)

                    1. You really are stupid, huh?!? You stated that the concerns were the executive staff and money, but you continue to comment about a few housing staff members. (We don’t care what you think of them, and still don’t understand why you care so much about them, a little obsessive are you?) Again, for the nth time, what are your concerns?

  2. Grace Bunner is one of Brad Foxs’ waste of money employees. She does absolutely nothing worth while at housing. Mr. Fox allows her to tell him what she will and won’t do. She was even allowed to write her own job description. She does nothing but stir up trouble and pretend to be of great importance to the tribe. She wants to be a big shot sooo bad, why not she is just as big of an idiot as the rest of the leaders of our tribe.
    Why do we keep these types of people employed that have proven to be worthless. Read this article Taken from news

    OKEMAH – A small Indian tribe has voted out its top official amid allegations she used tribal money to gamble and failed to pay more than $200,000 of the tribe’s bills.
    However, even though Thloptlocco Tribal Town members voted 45 to 23 Saturday to remove Hazel Anita “Grace” Bunner, she returned to the tribal headquarters Monday claiming the meeting was illegal, tribe Treasurer Rosalie Bateman said.
    Bunner, who held the position of town king for nearly eight years, was accused of the following:
    – Using tribal money to play gaming machines throughout the state;
    – Allowing the accumulation of $245,000 in unpaid bills;
    – Hiding some financial obligations from the business committee;
    – Hiring employees of her private construction business for tribal work.
    When asked by a reporter if she cared to comment, Bunner said “No” and hung up the telephone.
    Bateman said tribe members are unsure how much money Bunner used to play gaming machines when she said she was learning about different gaming operations.
    “She never made an accounting of how much she used,” Bateman said. “She never made an accounting of her winnings. She never tried to return that money to the tribe.”
    The town, six miles east of Okemah, has 640 members, and it’s top elected official is a mekko, which means “king,” member Charles Coleman said.
    A tribe news release states that Bunner hid the fact that she had a construction business and then funneled tribal projects toward two men who were employees of that private business.
    “She just forsook her oath of office,” Bateman said.
    The release states that members gathered Saturday to notify Bunner of the grievances against her and after allowing her to respond, voted to remove her.
    “There were instructions that she was not to enter the offices,” Bateman said. “She came back to work today, anyway.”
    Tribal members and Bunner sought the advice of Bureau of Indian Affairs officials Monday, Coleman said. The business committee planned to meet Monday evening to clarify to Bunner that she had been dismissed, Bateman said.
    Bateman said that Bunner had begun to disregard the wishes of the business committee in running the tribe and showed tribal members disrespect.
    “The members run this tribe,” she said.

  3. Maybe an old AIM tactic is needed Citizens occupying the tribal complex until the council steps up and starts removal procedures on some of our unqualified directors !! Paying huge salaries to these people for doing nothing when some of our people have to have benefits to raise money for medical needs !! When will our council demand justification for these high salaries that is paid?? Rumors say some folks make over $6,000 every 2 weeks, about $156,000 a year, for doing WHAT ?

  4. Heard the Feds arrested one of Barnett’s office people?? Suppose to be arraignment in March !; Wondering how many other people are looking over their shoulders now!! Should get very interesting, these underlings will squeal like a pig caught up in a fence !! Plea bargain for a lighter sentence so others will be tossed under the bus !!;

  5. Roger Barnett is in county jail because that is what happens when you do not fulfill a purge order on contempt to pay child support — plain and simple.

  6. Susie, so what you’re saying is that George is Honest and a Saint and that he would do right for the Tribe if Francis wasn’t in his life? You’re saying that reason why George PardonJeff Fife , Daniel Wind and the rest of the Duck Creek Embezzelers was because Francis told him to do so? And did Francis tell him to use Redstone Const ruction for the new River Spirit Hotel that is to be built? Because the original bid to build the hotel was $275 million and when they RedStone was added in because the said the wanted a native company it raised the price to $384 million and RedStone didn’t even have to bid. Was this Francis Tiger’s doings also? If so then we need to have a Federal Investigation on Francis and just let George Run Free. You need to give the council a heads up on this or is Francis paying them off to look the other way??

    1. Dear Concerned Citizen,
      George Tiger the most dishonest man ever! He sells the citizens for personal profit.
      George is Frances puppet when her children are involved. Frances manipulates George on a personal level not tribal but don’t kid yourself, she knows everything George does.

  7. Anon, I know that Sodom and Gommorrah was destroyed because of Homosexuality, but Creek Nation is just full of Sin and it will soon be destroyed by it nature of sin.
    I pray for Francis Tiger every day and ask the lord to heal her. I know that disease on the human body are that of Satan and he gives them to Death to do his dirty work. But what George has done can also affect her if she doesn’t do anything about it. This makes her look bad as the First Lady because people will give bad opinions of her.
    I like the story of Abigail in the bible. This woman had beauty and brains. Her Husband Nabel was a wealthy man but he was also foolish and violent. God saved her from Nabel’s wrath and Nabel died of a Heart Attack 10 days later. She married David who she knew was a outlaw on the run from King Saul but she knew of David’s future to become king of Israel. She told told david of how she went aganst Nabel’s wishes and announced Nabel’s fault. IN Ephesians 5: 24 women were to revere and respect their husbands as leaders, but Abigail didn’t approve of Nabel’s mean evil ways. Abigail was not a woman who was going to put up with her husbands foolishness and submit to it, but she was only submissive by protecting him and his interest.
    Francis should read about Abigail and do the same to George as Abigail had done.

    1. Don’t want to hear of anyone having cancer, but comparing Frances Tiger to any Biblical woman is outlandish. She is the one that promoted all that George has done. She uses his indiscretions as weapons to get what she wants for herself and her mean daughters. They are rude, bossy, power hungry and manipulative enemies of employees and citizens of MCN. George Tiger is merely Frances Tiger’s puppet. When Frances tells George to jump, he asks how high?

  8. Thank you Anon for your words. Even if someone were to take my platform if I did run for Chief, they wouldn’t know how to use it, because they wouldn’t have the correct answers to it and their tongues would swell because they could not give you the right answer to those ideas.
    Yes and Sodom and Gommorah was the destruction of Homosexuals and I only gave this as an example of Destruction that will come upon Creek Nation because of its sinful nature.
    Don’t get me wrong, I pray for Francis Tiger when I heard of her cancer. I know that this is a disease that only Satan puts on Human body and then gives it to death to do his dirty work. But you have to look at one thing, Francis knows of George’s affairs but will not say anything about it being that she is now the First of Creek Nation and her husband is the Chief which means she can take the Liberty to do pretty well as much as she Pleases with no one questioning her because of her husbands authority as Principal Chief. Now God does say that he will take down the wicked. Have your ever read the story of Abigail and Nabel and then to David. Nabel had a violent temper and you can more less say that he beat her if she so much as defied him, but God spared Abigail from Nabel Wrath and Nabel died 10 days later with a Heart Attack. Now Abigail was taught that as a wife to be submissive to her husband. In Ephesians 5:24 Paul says this: Women were suppose to revere and respect their husband as leaders and certainly not say anything bad about them. But Abigail went against her husband, but Abigail was a bible woman, She went behind her husband’s back and did something he would not approved of, she Announced Nabel’s Faults. She said Nabel was Wicked and lived up to his name which mean FOOL!!
    You see, Abigail was a ideal wife but she wasn’t going to put up with her husband’s Stupidity, but she was submissive by protecting him and his interest. She even apologized for his Rude behavior.
    Francis should be more like Abigail, if she loves her husband she should allow him to do as he is doing now, it only makes her look bad or a willing party. If he continues and is not wanting change his ways, Kick him to the curb.
    If I do run for Chief, its because God has led me to be that leader and that he wants me to lead our tribe with Authority over evil and wickedness and I sure wish to have your vote if I decide.
    Thank you

    1. I sure hope you don’t run. If you won, you would probably behead me because you thought I was evil by disagreeing with you. I can see you at your computer, your beard and turban, your index finger at maximum erection, wildly flailing the air above you, and your family huddled in a corner hoping the Rapture will occur and take them away from you forever.
      You are what happens when religion goes nuts.

      We world is fighting a war to defeat people like you, who want to impose their religious beliefs, systems believe they are uou

  9. Creek nation is a lawyers dream, we have attorneys just waiting to be called on to suesomeone. !! Now they are spending thousands to sue Poach Creek band for something that is a done deal!!! Yes it’s a shame a burial site was disturbed , but over the years how many other sites have been disturbed when reservoirs are built, cemetery’s are relocated to higher ground ! Thousands were spent fighting the conviction of a creek citizen in Alabama charged with disturbing the peace, this individual was arrested at our own RSC Casino for fighting w / Light Horse while intoxicated !! How does this honor our ancestors?? Just my opinion !!

    1. Your rite about that a Anderson I was at the casino that nite when that took place first it started with managers telling him to leave then a light horse officer stepped in an the fight was on I wander what ever happened on that deal because light horse left with him.

  10. Give the Fathers a HOE?? What should of been said is “Give The Father’s a HO”!! There is so much Adultery and Fornication going on at Muscogee Creek Nation Sodom and Gammorah. They should incorporate a new program Ho’s Assistant programs( H.O.Ps). These women are offering themselves up to Executive Members or of anyone in Authority to get what they want. Some are not Married and just living together with no intention to marry just living in sin and having children. Women single or married sleeping around. George has had his number of affairs. His recent one should have followed through with pressing her charges against him. Sleeping with a married man? Now is this HOish or what. No wonder George has Brad Fox over housing, got to supply those Adultress women a place to live in case Francis kicks him out if she any sense to do so. This is a reason for her cancer, its a punishment. Repent your soul Francis, Get rid of the Adultress soul of an Ole Man, Kick him to the curb.
    It’s a shame now our Citizens can vote for Men like George or a Roger. Men with no morals. There is no integrity here for men like these in leadership or who were once in leadership. God is punishing these men and women also. It seems like an Insestment that a lot of our corruption, adultery, Fornicators about all come from the same families. This is the reasons why children inherit the same sort of behavior that goes on in. Creek Nation today. The Speaker of House (Thomas Yahola) has populated Wetumka, that’s the reason Thomas pushes for everything for Wetumka. The S.I.P Plant doesn’t belong in Wetumka it should be put in Okmulgee or Tulsa where it can generate business.
    I should campaign for Chief. I would clean the place up. I’d get rid of the Fornicators and Adultery from the tribe and hire in Godly people who’s minds are not on Casinos and are happy to serve our tribal people. I would open businesses that no other chief or council member has never dreamed or thought of. I would lower the income guideline to make housing affordable and build at least a 100 homes a year if not more. I would contract anything out because when you contract work outside of the tribe you take away jobs from our citizens. I would build a plan for a much better health care, and most of all I would make sure our Children received a better Education. I would start a plan to build and sanction our own Indian School with the best teachers, Vocational training, Performing Arts, Athletics so that our children can be recognize a lot more for their achievements. I would do away with the boarding school system. I would make it where parents will be interacted with their childrens activities and be able to give adults a second chance to gain the Adult Education the need for. a better job. I care about our Creek Citizens and our Children, but most of all I care and take pride in our Indian people, No matter what tribe you are because we are the Proud, We Are INDIAN.

    1. You said it much better than I could have!!
      I applaud you for your insite and good judgement. Yes housing does have ladies in their offices with questioable back ground and Brad Fox know’s just who they are.And he should be fired because he know’s about them.Every that turns around goes around..Every thing comes in due time..

    2. Now that’s just mean. God doesn’t punish people with cancer or any sickness. By the way, Sodom and Gommorah was destroyed because of homosexuality. I do like your platform though. I like you’re ideas. I don’t think I would’ve posted them on here if you’re planning to run…others will run with your ideas as if they are their own lol.

      1. How does anyone take action against a government that is completely run by a criminal like George Tiger?

        George hired Roger Wiley back as AG after Chief Ellis fired him for not prosecuting criminals.

        The FBI knows about everything George has done since 1995 and choose to turn a blind eye toward his actions.

        Even having Roger Barnett in Okmulgee County Jail is a manipulative action conspired by George Tiger. He is in cahoots with the Okmulgee County DA, Rob Barris.

        The Court will keep postponing Roger’s sentencing until election time when George will again be Chief, he will pardon Roger’s before the filing period ends and Roger will again be 2nd Chief.

    3. Rogers sentencing has been postponed to March.
      There are members of housing authority that work at the elder apartments that occupy the restricted parking spaces. I have seen vans from other communities park a long way from the front door because others have occupied the space..

    4. How do you think GT got with Francis? When you get together out of cheating just expect the same.
      I wish we could have Creek schools. Ireland did that, they have Gaelic schools to preserve and teach the ancestral culture and language. So, it can be done and done successfully.

  11. Since Creek Nation has so many fathers that cannot pay child support for all the adoptions advertised in Okmulgee paper. just why can’t Creek nation give these fathers a HOE and put them to work digging ditches or starting a garden for their communities? Why not help our people who are not kin to GT?

  12. A deserved arrest for sure. Okmulgee County DA Rob Barris is a day late and a dollar short. The Duck Creek embezzlers were bought off by GT and Rob Barris took the money gladly. Roger is cut form the same cloth as GT, JF, BF, SA, JP, RW and corrupt national council he once led.

    Rob Barris is a chicken paid for.
    MCN courts – what a joke. Money down the drain – wasted. They only collect money for furniture stores.

  13. Why now? For child support? What about all the other fathers? Look at all the children being offered for adoptions from the creek nation!!Thats a shame for Creek nation !!Thats all the creek courts can do is give our children up for adoption!!All the money we have and we cannot have a children home for our own children?? You need to shut down the children and familey services they are not doing anything for our children

  14. Wow, everyone is jumping on Roger now aren’t they. Roger has owned back child support for years and the Okmulgee DA is just now arresting him? Sounds fishy don’t you think? Why doesn’t the DA do something about Jeff Fife?
    How will Roger get his sentencing in Federal Court if he’s in the county jail?

    1. Roger’s child support problems are not new, they were well known before the election three years ago. The voters were told of this ans his problems with the IRS but that did not matter. Roger and George had promised to return all the monies and re-instate the 50/50 split with the casino communities and that was all that mattered to folks at Eufaula, Checotah, Bristow and Okemah. By the way how is that working out for you.
      As far as the Omulgee DA doing anything, it would have had a better outcome if it had happened when Roger had a salary to garnishee instead of now. This is the same DA that wouldn’t prosecute the embezzlers at Duck Creek. This is more about show for his office than results for Roger’s ex wife.

      1. The point is that Roger is arrested now. Why wasn’t he arrested before now. Is Roger in cahoots with the DA? Or has GT stepped in to direct attention away from himself for whatever reason?

        1. Isn’t it fairly obvious that with Roger Barnett singing about Tiger, that the bought and paid for D.A. arrested him. Tiger bought him off before and got Jeff Fife out of handcuffs. Tiger had no issues at all with Barnett’s child support issues until he started talking to the feds. Just another example of abuse of power and absolute corruption in the Tiger administration

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