MCN Resignations & Leaves

The Controller, James Pratt, resigned and gave 2 weeks notice. Thief George hopes to put Sam Alexander in as the next Controller. Sam may not be able to get the votes needed from the council. Which other thief FOG will GT pick if Sam is not confirmed?

Edwin Marshall, Public Relations Manager, has been put on administrative leave for SEXUAL HARASSMENT. The same thing happened to him when he worked for the Seminole Nation. Will George fire the victim? Most likely he will. That’s the way it works at the complex.


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  1. What is the status of the Controllers position being filled? If filled by whom? What is the status of Edwin Marshall-still on admin leave-fired or what? What is Roger Barnett doing now? Who is running the TERO department and are they really running it right?

  2. The statement made by some one that not everyone on the council is part of the corruption going on, is true!! Jones from Eufaula tried to get the tribe to buy the Yogi Bear water park for a sum of $9 miiion , but opposition prevented it, what has become of that willow Heart group that was going to create businesses, at a big price!! Heard they may have teamed up with One Fire LLC ? Check voting records and see who supported these questionable ventures / then ask why !!

    1. Someone needs to find out who the owners of One Fire LLC might be?
      LLC’s are required to file with the Secretary of State if doing business in the State of Oklahoma, which they certainly are conducting since River Walk in Jenks is only owned by Muscogee (Creek) Nation not the federal government. In any event this LLC will be doing business with other businesses that are in Oklahoma and must report to the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

    2. I know the owners of One Fire. George and NC are letting them run our businesses. They are contracting our businesses out to them. They have taken over the SIP Plant and taking over our travel plazes. They are located at RiverWalk in Jenks. GT, David Nichols who is campaigning for Chief and the rest of the council all know about this because they all voted on this to allow OneFire to take the businesses
      How about that. Is everyone here in agreement that OneFire take over our businesses??

        1. Go to OneFire website. There is a whole directory or you can go to jenks river walk and walk into their office and talk to them. National Council knows OneFire. NC gave the keys and control of SIP Plant in Wetumka. Ask your Council Member the owners names.

        2. How about the SIP plant in Wetumka?. Thomas Yahola is the Speaker for the National Council and his daughter is manager and his son is assistant manager at the SIP plant. I think that is called nepotism but what do I know. He has a daughter in housing, a son at Okemah Casino and did have two daughters in the health system. Now he has a granddaughter in citizenship, a daughter who is employed at the daycare center in Wetumka and a sister who sat/or she may still sit on a board who approves applications for citizenship. I am with the person who mention AIM tactics. Believe me, I would be there.

          1. Sounds like someone’s a little ” jelly”.Maybe, if you work hard enough, educate yourself, put yourself in the position to be an asset to the Creek Nation instead of wasting your time worried about what others are accomplishing, maybe , just maybe,you can also be successful .Until then, I would recommend to concern yourself with your own personal development.Have a nice day.

          2. Ha! You again? Who the hell are you to cite policy or constitution? Aren’t you the Kialegee double dipper? You are illegally dual enrolled, illegally receive double NAHASDA funds,double dip every program MCN has to offer and your Meko is abusing our funding by being paid for a job he does not do or know how to do. He also gets a vehicle to drive at his leasure.
            So worry about your own tribe. You wanted to be separate SO BE SEPARATE. GET OFF CREEK NATIONS TIT AND MAKE SOMETHING OF YOUR OWN TRIBE AND QUIT STEALING FROM US!

            Nepotism is only when you have direct control of family members. Thomas does not have complete and direct control. The council have no control of the hiring and firing process. His son has been fired before.

            The Muscogee (Creek) Nation shall have no restrictions on employment, salary, promotion, assignment, working conditions, or other factors based on kinship. However, no employee shall participate in any actions that would directly affect a relative. Examples of prohibited actions include, but are not limited to, actions involving hiring, discharge, disciplinary action, performance evaluation, or job or work assignment. No employee shall be a relative of anyone in their chain of command.

            According to this there is no wrong doing. Also according to this George Tiger and Brad Fox are the biggest nepotism offenders we have.

      1. Who are the owners of OneFire, their names?

        How long have they been in business?

        Do they work for George Tiger?

        Are they qualified to run our businesses?

        Are they a Board comprised of people appointed by George Tiger and then confirmed by George Tiger’s National Council?

        Did OneFire decide to build the Sports Bar/Driving Range?

        1. You can verify the comments below because I’m not positive:

          One Fire Holding Company was established by MCN about maybe going on 2 years ago. They have a board of directors, but like other boards you have chief’s appointees and council appointees. All appointees are approved by council. The company was setup to be independent of council and GT. Definition of a holding company is a company that owns other companies’ outstanding stock. The term usually refers to a company that does not produce goods or services itself; rather, its purpose is to own shares of other companies to form a corporate group. Holding companies allow the reduction of risk for the owners and can allow the ownership and control of a number of different companies. Now how this works in MCN I don’t know.

          I believe that someone brought the idea to GT about Riverwalk sportsbar/driving range. I do not know who these other people are.

        2. The Chairman of One Fire Holding is Sean Kouplen. Mr Kouplen is CEO of Regents Bank and was appointed by GT. The rest of the principals of One Fire Holding LLC. are known only to the holding company. Under the rules covering LLC’s , they do not have to disclose who the owners are.

  3. Oh Please, not Thomas Yahola as a Chief. He doesn’t do anything a council member now. If he’s elected as Chief then you pick right up where George left off.
    I read a article in the Creek News paper where George gave a speech and was to answer questions at the Smithsonian, the one question was “What is the role of the Chief of Creek Nation”, and George says “The same as the President of the United States”. Whoa, now we know why their is so much spending. George Obama is playing follow the leader and it won’t be long our tribe will be in a trillion dollar deficit!!!!!!

  4. Yes “Dr” Johnson, That Colbert man,and George Tiger need to be GONE!!! They are controlling Eufaula Dorm and allowing All Colbert’s to be hired in there to work anymore.most all the administration is Colbert family and everyone knows how close the Colbert’s are with Johnson and tiger. That health coordinator that got fired is being replaced with guess who, A Colbert!!

    1. Just a little reminder:

      Cherrah Quiett-Giles is close kin to the Eufaula area Colberts.
      There are a whole bunch of them too.

      1. My wife’s last name is Giles. Stop disrespecting me and our marriage by using the Quiett…she got divorced a long time ago.
        Grow up.
        – Justin Giles
        (918) 758-6468

        1. Justin you and the actions of your family have caused the disrespect that you receive around our Creek Nation! And yes it will be ours again when either Mr. Yahola or Mr. Nichols wins the election this year. You may look like a Native and try to act like one but you will always be an apple white boy!!!! 1-800 -eat -s#%t. (punk)

        2. Justin,

          You spend an awful lot of time on here talking about how solid your marriage is. Are you trying to convince us or yourself?

        3. To Justin Giles
          You sound a little insecure in your marriage, to be so defensive about your wife’s last name.

          I have known her much longer than you, and when I knew her, her name was Quiett. Indeed, I thought that was her maiden name. Sorry if that has upset you.

          You are the one who needs to grow up.

        4. Does Justin work?? I mean actually work? As in getting to work before 8 and working? Not arriving at 10 or 11 and sitting infront of his computer reading and posting on VOC haha. I assume working hours are 8-5 and he posted after 8. Obviously we already know that answer…his poor employees…they must be the backbone of that “department”. Justin really?? Quiett Quiett Quiett…Cherrah Ridge Quiett Ridge Quiett (?) Ridge Giles. We love you too! You make our day by making us laugh. You keep us entertained Mr. Ridge.

    1. Where is Selina Dornan going to be working at the Nation. Just what we need, another puppet for GT. The Indian Journal states she is resigning from Eufaula as mayor and going to work for CN. It says its a good she couldnt pass up. She didn’t do much as a council rep before.

      1. Selina Dornan was offered a 50K per year job by Tiger if she would campaign against Ellis for 2nd Chief. So she held the community meetings rallying support for Tiger’s man, Louis Hicks. Selina didn’t like the way Ellis went about taking money from the community down there in Eufaula. I suppose she would have been happier if NIGC had come in and stopped all tribal gaming.

  5. How many council members are attending community meetings or other gatherings of the people?? Could they be afraid of being asked questions about the real state of the nation? They have borrowed money in excess of the Tribal treasury or does the tribe have more money than what we are told is in the permanent fund??

  6. Who will it be? Molly Moore or Kendra Root? Which one will take Edwin Marshall’s place with the new title Secretary of Public Relations and a higher salary?

    1. Neither…what if Cherrah takes Edwin’s place. We all know she likes promoting herself and what better place than the PR manager, of course with the same pay. Selina takes Cherrah’s place?

  7. So where’s the tribal law enforcement in this mess? Or does gt tell fixico to stay out of it? Don’t think it matters because fixico or j wittman don’t run the place or at least they didn’t used to, it was that 500 pound white guy j Comstock that shouts out all the orders anyways but wait I forgot he has a Cherokee card. I’m wandering if lighthouse administration is gonna be resigning or looking for a job because there no different than any other department.

    1. I thought more of fixico, he’s no different than the LH chief that ellis had. Both LH chiefs were in the pockets of the Principal Chief. Again, law enforcement officers take an oath to uphold the law not a handout or new house. Its funny to see how cheap someone can be bought off for.

      1. Well jones . Time people like you woke up and realized that elections have consequences. The ones that win the elections get to appoint their cohorts to positions of power so that they may do their bidding. Can you follow that or I’m I going to fast for you?
        If or when your man hicks attains a position where he can appoint his selection of people will we find out what his character really is. Whatever your disdain for “ellis” is remember this, Chief Ellis appointed hicks to the position that he held at Creek Nation and considered hicks a friend.
        You got Fixco, Pratt, Marshall and Johnson because you elected Tiger. Be careful how you cast your vote. Elections have consequences.

  8. Creek Citizens. A letter of NEPOTISM was sent to every Council member including Thomas Yahola Speaker of the house by a Creek Citizen which was brought forth to the council Jan. 31, 2015 of which I attended. It seems as if the tribe and council is not to concern of the problem of Nepotism even though the Creek Nation Human Resource Policy & Procedures state very clearly of the Policy and the Procedures of Nepotism. The letter very clearly stated of the departments where Nepotism was greater at: Housing- Man & Wife Team (Brad and Tonette Fox with Brad;s Sister in the force account and Brad’s brother n law in 4-H. The SIP plant in Wetumka where you have Thomas Yahola’s Children in Management, one is the Manager and the other Assistant Manager. The Council decided to give it to the Fact Finding Committee of Creek Nation. Now we all know that Brad Fox’s wife works with him, she is in Contract Services as the manager under Brad, so tell me people, the research has already been done for Fact Finding, now can anyone tell me as to Why they don’t do something about it immediately? It clearly states in the Policy & Procedures that they can’t be working with each other!! If it were you or I we would be fired immediately. I will say this again to all the Creek Citizens, this letter has been sent to ALL the Council Members, these are the ELECTED OFFICIALS that said and promised you when you voted for them that they would and will make a difference and work for you if you voted for them, OK, you voted for them and they are in Office, now do you think they will take care of this problem of Nepotism immediately?? Some one give me a answer, ask your council member for the answer and hear what they have to say!!!

    1. Look at children and familey services one member
      is Tecumseh and her familey has her brother and his wife working together….Duh!!!

    2. They have Debra as tonettes Manger. They figured their way around it. Brad is running housing to the ground. People stabbing each other in the back.

  9. Take a look at the Muscogee Creek Nation website.
    First thing you will see is a big picture of George and Edwin advertising their radio program.
    Mr. James Pratt is still listed as the Controller in George’s cabinet.
    What is that? Gone but not forgotten?

    1. New topic—Corruption of the AG– AG is suppose to uphold the laws of MCN instead of allowing all these corrupt directors/managers resign. He should be filing charges on these people so that way the rest of these low lives won’t even consider coming to work for MCN. Until we have someone to enforce the laws we will keep getting everyone else’s garbage. I for one am tired of this!! Council Members, keep ur campaign promises and get CN cleaned up! David Nichols lead the charge if you want to get elected Chief. Let the people know you won’t stand for the corruption any longer. And please don’t say your just one person. You’ve been on the Council for 20 years so man up and own some of this garbage and make things right!!

    2. To all citizens that use commodity at creek Nation the Rayborn Farm of North Carolina posted in October they are shutting down in two months.
      Their tuckey breast was recalled and the ity food warehouse is still issuing their turkey breast.I put one in the oven and remembered they had a recall so I threw it away. Look on the enternet!!!

  10. Nothing will change anywhere until new admin comes in. when they come in then we can get back to what is right for the citizens.

    1. We wont get a new addministration for at least 5 years. One year left in this term and then four in his next one. By then he will probably have pushed through a constitutional change that will do away with term limits. Then he will be king for life! We wont have a tribe, we will have a monarchy. But that is all we deserve when we dont turn out and vote.

  11. GT told Pratt he could no longer protect Pratt from his excessive spending and invoice fraud.
    GT is guilt free yet again.
    The Controller did it.
    The Controller said it was okay.

    GT says, “JD Colbert said it was a good deal.”
    GT says ,”Roger Wiley’s opinion was, no laws broken.”
    GT says, “Yonne Tiger – GIT.”

    1. It is certain the Controller did not do his job according to federal law and tribal law. Others were also not doing their job from the Principal Chief down through the cabinet and of course the chief law enforcement officer is the Attorney General along with employees in the accounting office who knew or should have known where Creek funds were illegally spent.
      The statements of people who have received funds for consultant fees and of course salaries who say all was legal have personally benefited from these illegal activities.
      Remember the Fox always said someone else ate the chickens I was paid to guard. This time at Creek Nation we have a pack of foxes.


  13. OMG , didn’t Sam hold a position of financial responsibility during Tigers romp through the Okmulgee Indian Communities check book. From the looks of things there are only about four or five people out of 70,000 citizens that are qualified to run our tribe.

    1. Hi, I was trying to find out the dates GT took our money,assistant attorney general said we were not recognized BUT When our chairperson wrote those checks for GT our money was coming from our gift shop at the main building they have taken our community development (gift shop) that Claude had given us away from us.
      I want the Attorney General from Tulsa to look at that, that infromation is gone from the internet.

    2. Ok, help me find the place where this is a good idea someone. The people of the Muscogee Creek Nation didnt think Sam Alexander was worthy of his counsel seat, now he is fine to handle our money?? Crooks take care of each other. Eddie Lagrone lost his election, and now he works for little Jeffie Fife. Sam Alexander gets a huge defeat for his seat, and George puts him in charge of our money? This is beyond outrageous!

      1. Didn’t Sam have a disciplinary problem over some of his accounting practices with the State of Okla or was that just a story being told?

    3. Please name these four or five Creeks capable of being our top executive so other citizens can contact them and encourage them to serve the Creek Nation.

      Every day news involving this current administration, concerning personal misbehavior, missing or wasted funds, criminal lack of ability to buy and/operate any business, abuse of power and corruption plainly informs all Creek voters MIKE FLUD should have received all our votes and our Creek Nation would have been an economic power.
      This state of affairs should not be supprising for an examination of the leadership, cabinet, consultant and director material in place top to bottom does not reveal any person who has the necessary experience and education required.
      All are simply politicians taking advantage of all Creeks.

    4. When Sam Alexander was Speaker of the National Council and Chairman of the Business & Government Committee he voted for and approved appropriation bills for various communities, those appropriation bills contained language for the community to pay for their annual audit AND GUESS WHO THE AUDITOR WAS none other than Samuel Alexander CPA.

  14. Why the heck is Marshall put on admin leave??? Why won’t they just fire him?!

    Looking to place him somewhere else???….. figures.

    1. Exactly my thoughts! The tribe has all these policies and procedures they are to follow, but do they?? Instead of facing these problems Chief just moves people around to “fix” the problem. Edwin has been involved with sexual harassment before and the tribe still hires him?? So, instead of making him resign like Rob Daughtery, former TERO manager and George’s son in law, Edwin is placed on Administrative leave while they search for another department to place him. Do all these people have that much on George that makes him not fire them? Let’s see, Yvonne Tiger claimed sexual harassment against Dr. Johnson, and she’s placed on Administrative leave, moved around two other departments until she was terminated. She stayed around because George and her daddy knew each other. Sarai Geary? She was George’s last round of fun. Bet yall didnt know that! Cherrah handled that situation and Sarai works in DC now. See, that’s how this works. If you have things on George, he won’t fire you. Georgina Tiger, Georges daughter, has been moved around 2-3 times. I believe citizenship fired her, but of course her daddy stepped in and placed her in Public Relations.

      We need a change people. We need a change.

      1. anon, How noble of you to blame the women. Ever thought that Yvonne Tiger was moved around because George was protecting Johnson – his good old boy from Haskell? That man has had so many harassment charges filed against him that it’s hard to count the number of women on the complex he hasn’t tried it on with. And yet you single out one victim and blame her? The one victim who recorded Johnson threatening and verbally abusing her and gave the tape to the chief and still he kept his job. That was why she was moved around – so she didn’t sue the tribe under the Indian Civil Rights Act. He was as guilty as Rob Daughtrey and yet still has his job. And notice the way he made Daughtrey resign and then found him a new job? So much for standing up for violence against women. The Chief was told several times by his own lawyers to sack Johnson on numerous occasions throughout the past few years and yet he still has his job. The chief’s own stepdaughter complained of harassment from Johnson and found herself being moved elsewhere while he kept his job. See the post from concerned citizen below about how the victims get abused in our nation.
        In the old days our women were revered and honored, but now they are slut shamed for speaking out against abuse and harassment.
        Shame on you for joining in.

      2. Our daughter, Yvonne, did not CLAIM Wayne Johnson sexually harassed her – she FILED charges against him. She was relocated while MCN authorities looked into the charges, but the charges were not brought into MCN court to be adjudicated and Johnson was never held accountable. Johnson has not changed his deplorable ways. Actions of this type signal a real problem in management, is known to the administration via other complaints, yet appears to be overlooked while in an outside workplace, those activities would lead to criminal charges. Those charges are still there somewhere, yet Yvonne was terminated after Yvonne was tasked to help MCN by auditing the work ethics of employees in selected departments. That intimidated the employees so much that they banded together and threatened Cherrah into terminating her. My wife and I are retired Army active duty Soldiers who now serve the Army in the Pentagon. Together, we have served our country honorably for more than 75 years and have instilled outstanding work ethics into our children that has served them well; therefore, do not throw rocks at me or mine or paint us with the same brush. We have proven that we are an honorable and trustworthy family!

        1. Thanks M. Tiger for your and yout family services. Please encourage your daughter not to give up your fight. I would encourage her to contact Shannon Cozonnie (not sure of spelling) in the Fed Court in Muskogee and report this. Maybe dhe could point your daughter in the right way. A complaint may need to be filed with the Oklahoma Bar on the AG for not doing the ethical thing and file charges. I applaud yourdaughter for being so brave and bringing this to GT attention. Mvto!

      3. Yes, we certainly need changes.

        Main change needed: GET GEORGE TIGER THE HELL OUT OF THE CREEK NATION, in any position, be it elected, appointed or even as an employee.

        He HAS NO MORALS. That is the main reason he continues to support all of the SEXUAL ABUSERS OF WOMEN, because he is the same as them. He has proven it again & again. Sorry George, but I can’t believe any sane woman would want yours or Marshall’s overweight body all over them. ( I apologize for my thoughts & language on this.)

        GET RID OF THEM ALL, PERIOD. They’re the reasons we will never prosper as the great tribe we once were.

    2. Edwin Marshall is on what we call “a paid vacation”.
      He doesn’t have to get up early to go to work. He doesn’t have to punch in for work. (I forgot, they no longer use a time-clock punch in.)
      He can just stay home and still draw his big salary. Isn’t that what is called “administrative leave”?
      We should all be so lucky.

      1. He’s not at home! He’s been seen at work on the complex.

        Obviously we do not care how uncomfortable he makes the women feel. No, no….. Let’s just keep him around.

      1. Edwin Marshall is a married man too. I’ve met his wife (?) on a couple of occasions. Is she another of a type like Frances Tiger and her ilk who will look the other way, BECAUSE OF THE NICETIES OF LIFE, provided by the Creek Nation?

      2. I must really bother you women that work at the MCN to have to lick the boots of thieves like hat fat slob Edwin Marshal . Bill Fife and the king of slime Ole Chicken George the very people that are stealing your children’s tribe and birthright, gather all the crumbs you can all this will continue until you stand up. How do you look your children in the face??

    3. GT’s son-in-law Ron Daugherty ex-MCN TERO director left because of sex stuff.
      Does Edwin know more about GT and his affairs than Daugherty did?
      GT’s woman got paid off with money and a house.
      Did Daugherty’s woman or women get payoffs?
      Is Edwin Marshall’s woman or women getting payoffs?

      It’s been a common practice to pay off sexual harassment lawsuits at least since 1995. That’s when Thomasine Fife got her payoff from Housing.

  15. In Revelation 13: Is a scripture of the “Last Dictator”, The Anti-Christ.
    The Beast is picture as having 7 heads and 10 horns like a Dragon and is empowered and guided by 7 demonic personage. But the bible says the beast is guided by historic kingdoms. In our case it is some of the elected officals. Lets look at who our 7 heads may be at Creek Nation.
    George Tiger would be the Middle Head while there would be 3 one side and 3 on the other side of George. Who are the other 6 heads. Right side (Roger Wiley) (James Pratt/Sam Alexander) (Bill Fife) Left side (Jeff Fife) (Brad Fox) (Cherrah Giles)
    The 10 horns that the bible describes could be of any of George’s MAIN supporters or people who maybe closer working with him. One horn could be the speaker of the house (Thomas Yahola). Yahola seems to agree to all the terms of George and doesn’t question just as long as all his children have jobs within the tribe. His crowns could also be the people he has put in position outside his cabinet. Demonic creature behind the beast are all identified with vile religious concepts and practices. So take your pick of the 10 horns.
    George Tiger is the last Dictator this tribe will ever have when the rest of his Cabinet falls and is destroyed.

    Father God,
    We offer from contrite hearts, that father you have pity on us and forgive us our sins.
    Lead us back to the way of righteousness and protect us now and always from the wounds of sin.
    May we ever be kept safe in your fullness from the gift your Love once gave us and your mercy now restores.
    Thank you father for hearing our prayers, thank you.
    As Citizens of Creek Nation Father we ask and invite you in to take away all the Corruption, Nepotism, Favortism, Adultry, Fornicators from our tribe and restore it with Good Morals of reaching out and helping our tribal citizens who so much need your help. Father I confess to you that we were all once sinners, but your Son Jesus Christ offer his life to all of us because he loved us that we would all have the opportunity of salvation. Father it hurts me so deep inside to know that our leaders can only benefit themselves instead of the those who are in need of their help. Money and Power has become the Root of the evil that is inside our Nation today. The Shepard of our tribe father has scattered the sheep and your words father that they are not good shepherds and that you will bring forth a good shepherd that would bring the sheep back together and watch with a careful eye upon them so the wolves could attack them.
    Thank you father for your Love, thank you for your forgiveness.
    This I pray to you in the name of Jesus.

  16. George’s cabinet is falling one one. Who will be next to go, Jeff Fife or Brad Fox? I remember when Edwin was released by Seminole Nation and it was the reason he was let go from Creek Nation a while back because Sexual Harassment and because of Pornographic picture on his office computer, with Joyce Deere as Edwins Marshalls girlfriend does she also sit around watch porn movies or search the internet with Edwin to find sites for their frollies and jollies. There is no telling what sort of activities the two are involved into. Another person that should be fired is Dr. Wayne Johnson, director of Education or we say Sexual Misconduct Education. This another man who has made sexual advances toward women. Reports by other women who said that he has tried to grab women to try and kiss, grope and wanted them to do sexual favors while working under him. There was a lady that was let go (Yvonne Tiger) and she was a VICTIM, she was terminated for being Sexually Harrassed. So it has been said, Only the VICTIM is PUNISHED. Yvonne if you’re reading this, I encourage you to write all the Council members a letter and let them know how you were terminated. You’re not alone, we will stand beside you. George likes hiring and protecting people like Edwin Marshall or Wayne Johnson because George is the same way. How many and I mean AFFAIRS has George had. His last last episode was with Johanna Townson-Criner. Did she sell herself out cheap, probably so. She had a chance to put George away but she dropped all charges against him. Why? Was it because she didn’t get all she wanted from George or does she think she still has leverage over George to get any position she would want in the tribe. Why would a women want to have an AFFAIR with a MARRIED man anyway? MORALS, one thing in there character they lack is MORALS. Would I have someone working on my Staff who lacks Morals…..NO!!! I don’t need fornicators, Adultress, hormonger working for me. If they had one Affair, chances are they will have another to get what they want. There was a woman who stated she wouldn’t vote for A.D Ellis because he beats his wife. What about George Tiger didn’t he fight Johnna Townson. Let’s ask Johnna to tell the story or should we just post the article that was in paper about the domestic assault. Our tribe should changed the name Muscogee Creek Nation to Muscogee illreputes Nation. Seems like our tribe has turned into a new era of Sodom and Gamorrah. These are a few reasons why our tribe does not prosper, God has yet to be invited in. The SIN our tribe is in will keep Creek Nation from receiving any Blessings of prosperity from God. We can’t blame people from the outside causing our problems when its all done from the inside. Until the Citizen of Creek Nation can join hands together and Unite as one and say enough is enough and pray together and This how we can put a End to all these problem is to invite God in and let him take care of these people. He destroyed Sodom and Gamorrah and he will do the same here if we just give it to him. So Let’s join hands and continue to pray.

    1. Listen up people. It is to be noted that Ole George is still fooling around with Johnna Townsend (or vice-versa). He has been spotted going to her abode while Mr. Criner, “her husband” is working. Apparently, neither Criner or Frances Tiger (1st lady?) don’t know or don’t care. Probably don’t care as long as they too are benefitting from our tribe, through George.

      No matter what any one says, this is our business as citizens. If one measly cent of our tribal money is spent on such lowly behavior, we are free to speak up about it. We do demand ethical behavior and good character from our officials and we are not even close to getting it.

  17. If all of the directors that GT have put in these different places are all having issues, this should show what kind of man GT is. Birds of a feather fluck together. Citizens, pray for our tribe and be bold and step up and make a stand. Its long over due for us to take our tribe back from all of the corruption and law breaking. We cant stand another four years of this.

  18. What is happening to the tribe now ? Resignations , high profile employees being put on Administrative Leave for sexual harassment, allegations of misappropriation of funds, favoritism , nepotism, you name it, it’s happening !! When you have Code of ethics and Code of conduct , you have to enforce it , to avoid these issues!! It’s a wonder that the tribe is even able to get loans or investors to do business with us ! An unstable government is a risk to do business with !! The people need to take action and let the Principal Chief know it won’t be tolerated, any longer ! GT is supposed to announce his bid for another term !! He doesn’t realize that he alienated most of his supporters when he replaced full bloods with Very thin bloods , these tribal members have large families and they haven’t forgotten !! Solomon Morgan , young creek citizen , was termed!! He isn’t a family member, but we encouraged him to work for the tribe!! This PO’d a lot of us!! There are plenty of reasons the present administration and 60 per cent of the council needs to go!!

    1. GT lacks moral principles and is unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct. He is manipulative and cunning, and never
      recognizes the rights of others and sees his self-serving behaviors as permissible. he appears to be charming, yet is covertly hostile and domineering, seeing his victim as merely an instrument to be used. He has a grandiose sense of himself feeling entitled to certain things as “his right.” I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I pray for those people who are charmed by him and hope they come to their senses. Sadly, I think most of them are greedy and have been bought off.

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