PROJECTS – Too Many Un-Completed – Where is Money for All of Them?

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In October of 2013, Principal Chief Tiger along with all those working for him told us that Margarittaville would be completed in early 2015 with the pictures in the Tulsa World.

It’s early 2015 and haven’t seen much in the building phase of the hotel or family destination as promised.

It seems as though before we start other multi million dollar projects that we should finish the one we promised.

Though I am not an economic development expert like the National Council and Chief, there could be unforeseen expenses arise at Margarittavilla and Hotel that the new Driving Range and Bar for $22,000,000 could offset.

I compare MCN mowing the yard. I mow one area completely before moving on to the next. What if it were to rain or an emergency arose, I would have an ugly looking yard. Simple minded ME thinks the tribe should finish the $400,000,000 Margarittaville project before beginning another especially since we are so far behind our estimated time of completion.

The National Council are of one mind with Chief Tiger and guess that’s a good thing, but I say come on, elected people, stop trying to make each other look good to the public.
It ain’t workin.

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  1. Do we know any potential candidates who are willing to give time and effort to ensure good honest representation for the good of our tribe ? After this chaotic period of over spending, financing programs, is going to be tough !! Debt repayment will cause budget shortfalls for awhile!! We will need a competent Controller with experience to keep a tight fist on our treasury !!

  2. I know that on here I read a lot about how bad the National Council does there jobs and how they are the ones who is voting to spend all the money but yet as Creek Citizens and voters You’re the ones who vote them. If Council Members are so bad about dining there jobs or helping our Creek Citizens why would you want to Campaign for Council members running for the Chiefs position. If they can’t do their jobs as a council member to make a difference, of if they can’t follow policy and procedures they set as law, if they are the cause for all this spending, if they are the cause for corruption, if you can’t trust them, have no faith in them, then WHY would you want to Vote for one to Chief of Creek Nation. What you have all been saying is that they have NO leadership Ability what so ever but still, when they campaign for Chief I see you voting for them. George Tiger was a Council Member and Speaker look what he has Done and what the tribe is going through?? Next time you Vote think real hard when you see it a council member campaigning. If he talks a good story of what he can do to make a difference in the tribe, then ask him this “Why Isn’t you make a difference as a Council Member for the tribe”!!

    1. I think it is a terrible mistake to lump all NC representatives together as being evil. In this MCN government the majority of the council rules and makes the laws and spends the money. I think it unfair to say that just because the majority of the council approves something bad that all NC representatives should be considered bad. We should be more concerned in the voting record of the individuals. Personally, I think the next chief should be knowledgable of the MCN government and experienced in the inner working of the government, and more important, who the offenders are.

      It is true that the majority of the NC reps are the offenders and should be weeded out, but not all. There are some good ones, but what can they do against a Tiger political machine and hand picked supporters? All they can do is vote against them. Citizens, don’t fall into this public relations scheme. Think on your own and don’t be manipulated.

  3. The Tulsa News reported that MCN will not have the Indoor Driving Range/Sports Bar/Family Destination in Jenks completed for several years.

    Did George Tiger get caught again signing contracts with investors for his own personal gain rather than for Mvskoke Nation?

    Do you think any of those OneFire Holding Company board folks that were hired by G. Tiger have any ethics whatsoever?

    1. February 18, 2015 G Tiger announces the Driving Range/Sports Bar on the river at Jenks will be completed this time next year? Last week MCN reported it would take years to build.

      Margarittaville was reported by G Tiger to be completed in early 2015. When is it actually going to be done? It’s early 2015 right now!

      Jumping from project to project to project. Have seen earth moving equipment north of Morris for months. There is a sign that reads “Eagles Park” being built by MCN but it appears to be stalled. Is it funding, manpower, trust land agreement, water, sewer, what’s the stall?

  4. The administration is is like a flock of vultures circling a carcass , watching for a chance to pick it clean !! The carcass they want is the permanent fund !! Any one see a resume for Pratts replacement ?? Is she qualified for this position ?? Or is this a favor , for political support !! Under stand , she is a former Councilmen ‘s daughter !!! NC check it out !!! If inexperienced , kiss the permanent fund good bye !!

        1. She may be a great accountant and wonder person but if she’s anything like her MaMa Peral Thomas, she could be a traitor of the citizens.
          The National Council will have to confirm her as Controller along with the $125,000 annual salary.

        2. Is this the same daughter that the National Council appointed to the Gaming Commission when Pearl was a member of the council. Can’t remember if it was George or Roger that was speaker, not that it makes any difference George always pulled the strings.

      1. I read in the Eufaula indian rag that the mayor was quitting her mayoring job early because the MCN wanted her right away…..she can’t wait to get on Ole chicken George’s knee

        1. So it’s Selina taking Eddy Marshall’s place?
          She won’t settle for a mere $50,000 salary.
          Bet she get mileage everyday too!
          George plans to make her his 2nd Chief running partner.
          Poor Mr. Hicks. He believes George wants him in the next administration. Mr. Hicks was only a pawn in the greater scheme of things.

  5. Who is the Lender for Margarittaville Casino?
    How much is the interest rate for the loan?

    Who are the other investors for the Driving Range at Jenks?
    How much are they investing?
    What is the return on our investment of (thus far) $18,000,000?
    Do we get a portion of the profit, or just the monthly lease agreement for the construction?
    Is George Tiger one of SILENT INVESTORS?

    Why is everything such a secret?

    Why isn’t Margarittaville complete as promised by George Tiger?

  6. Spending Spending!!!! I can see right now there has been a lack of Education for some of these National Council Members. I can see that some of them have never had a Math Course or they failed it. I’m wondering who has control of the Checkbook at their homes. The RiverSpirit Casino is making money hand over fist. The tribe shouldn’t have to borrow for them to build the Hotel. The tribe puts to much hope in the Casino like it’s the only thing that will make money. Now if the Council Members would put their heads together which would make ONE WHOLE BRAIN they would realize their is more than just the Casino that can make money and it doesn’t have to do with gambling. Casinos are not a family oriented atmosphere. Can the children go in play the games to? NOOOOO!!!! This is what’s wrong with our tribe today, no family structure, minds are twisted listening to corruptive people.

  7. Does anyone know how much money the tribe has put into the Jenks RiverWalk Crossing? Will we ever know?

    $11,500,000 purchase
    $ 8,000,000 work on offices
    and how much more spent daily?
    $11,000,000 bar and driving range
    $ 7,000,000 extra appropriation for bar

    $ 47,000,000 million appropriated thus far that we know of.

    How much money has the tribe made as of January 2015?

  8. Granny, housing should be operated like a business. What I mean by this is that they need to have a plan of development for the purpose of newly constructed homes. You need a team, a developing staff in which housing does not have one. I agree with you granny its not to make money but to help our citizens. Housing has always had bad management from the past years to the present. Let’s start with Ron Qualls , Executive Director to Creek Nation Housing, he only used Creek Nation as his office while he was working on plans for Cherokee Nation. In Quall’s term at Creek Nation housing he only developed 11 homes. Ann Hancock was his Deputy Director, she actually knew nothing of her position only that she had an office and had a paycheck, but her signatures were on a lot of documents that could of incrimidated her. Beverly Sumka was housing management, Floyd Jones her Assistant, along with Daniel Wind and Gary Davis. None of these people knew what they were doing or how to talk to people. Neither had any skills of management. And the rest from there till now is history and it hasn’t changed. Its just getting worse. George brought in Brad, a person with no prior management experience, he was just a ditch. Digging plumber. This is the reason he has his wife as the manager of Contract Services in housing. She started at housing in procurement. He runs to her office for an answer. There needs to be a great change in housing. It needs to be shut completely down for the purpose of restaffing with qualified people. We need a management staff with Hearts for the Citizens of Creek Nation. Is there really a leader of Creek Nation with that type of Heart. So far, I’m not seeing it. We hear words, but Actions speak louder than Words.

  9. Housing is bad due to having brad fox in there. It won’t change, you can’t run housing like a business, it’s for helping creek citizens. Not making money they need new admin! Before its to late

  10. Correction A. Anderson, I did not mean Famous Marshall, I meant to say Sam Alexander who has taken James Pratt’s Place as the new Finance Officer. Scratch the first message.

      1. Also on Sam A., on ODCN there is a Sam A that has over 13 money judgments filed against him and a wife (sharon). I hope this isnt the same Sam.

      2. If those council members are smart (presuming), they will be wise to NOT VOTE SAM ALEXANDER into the money room.

        You all know what we’re thinking – we will wait for the elections & we will remember any that votes for Sam.

        I still think he’s on his marijuana, since he acts so weird sometimes.

  11. Has anyone seen the documents that housing was fined for inappropriate actions? Word is they came out clean when the feds checked them out!! Not defending them but documentation would seal their fate! Not everyone reads this site, so a newsletter with facts could be sent to tribal members to make them aware of these issues !!

    1. Yes, A. Anderson, confirmed by a few Council Members, but only the chief can remove Brad Fox from housing since he was put in the position by George Tiger. $8 million is a waste of money from illiteracy on behalf of the people that George is putting in these positions. It has also been confirmed that James Pratt has been released by George Tiger for the involvement of embezzling by Roger Barnett. In Pratt’s place George has positioned Famous Marshall as the new finance officer. Now that since James Pratt has been released by George, the FBI should be able to come in and arrest Pratt for his involvement. Pratt is just as much as guilty as Roger is. The crooks and thieves are beginning to turn on each other to protect themselves. It’s just a matter of time and they will all be in Prison. The Forensic auditors will have there day in court with evidence if they confiscate all the Executive Computers. George and his Cabinet will all go to Prison and we will not have to ever think about them ever coming back to work for the tribe ever again or running for any office. Praise God!!!

      1. Don’t think it was George’s idea to get rid of Pratt. That won’t save you now Tiger!

        I’d like to dedicate a song to all the thieves, liars, and cheats around MCN. Mainly George and the majority of the cabinet members.

        “Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you!!!”

        Hahaaaaaaaa!! We’re taking our Nation back!!

      2. If Pratt did something wrong, why doesnt our cowardly AG set up and file charges on him and why not Roger and if Brad is breaking laws, why not Brad?! This is another reason why our tribe is so corrupt, weak AG!! Roger dont be scared to do ur good, dont you as attorney have to take an oath to uphold laws. If you wont, i wonder if we can complain and try to get him disbarred.

        1. The AG is just as crooked as the rest…..but its a great Idea about getting him disbarred. Who do we call and write too??

          1. If u go to the mcn supreme cout web page it will give you the rules governing attorney professional conduct. Under article 8, it gives the information disciplinary matters. The MCN Supreme Court has the jurisdiction and power to make and enforce rules over the attorneys in the MCN Bar.

      3. This is great news if its true…..pratt is a snake and he has been writing the checks….so I figure it was a timed retirement with a nice big envelope….if not he should rat everyone out just based on his record . If you studied the rest of your life you couldn’t find a worst person to put in that position than FAMOUS MARSHAL. If that weren’t so sad it would be laughable. Why don’t you put little Tommie Pickering in charge of counting all the tribes money???

    2. We do need an independent newsletter. The tribe’s newspaper is no different than countries that control their news outlets in order to censure what the public is allowed to know. Like North Korea, Russia. …

  12. Attention Creek Citizens of Muscogee Creek Nation. Here is some important news for all Creek Citizens and especially for all George Tiger supporters and Voters. The housing division of Creek Nation has its tail in a wringer again. George Tiger’s wonderful friend in crime and cabinet member Brad Fox is about to have all fundings taken away and could very end any dreams of any creek member on the housing waiting list of ever getting a home. Just 3 or 4 months ago Brad Fox and the housing Division was Fined $8 million dollars on favoritism charge of moving certain people from the bottom of the waiting list to the top of list. George also had something to do with all this. Executive members from the HUD had came this week and was questioning Brad Fox along with Brent Beaver who knows nothing about housing who was also appointed by George. We could see more fines of indisputable amounts of inappropriate use of housing funding. People you keep asking about why is housing not doing any thing for the Creek Citizens? This why. Do you know that HUD could and can take away all funding to housing and then it would fall on the tribe to fund housing and it would be the bare minimum because the tribe has so much money out right now? This would mean they will have to get rid of over 3/4 the staff of housing?
    Let me ask Everyone here right now, have YOU e-mail or called everyone of the National Council Members to give them a piece of your mind about what is happening? And all YOU George Tiger supporters and voters, this effects all of you as well. George won’t be able to promise you that home if there is NO FUNDING to build or Rehab your home. Wake up People, pull your head out from between your legs, smell more than just the frybread and lies you swallowed from George making a promise to you for your votes. You’re responsible for George’s Actions and the people he puts in charge of these departments. You’re helping him to destroy our Nation. I was so mad today that I wrote to all the Council Members and made calls. It doesn’t matter if they don’t like what you have to say, What are they going to do to you? NOTHING!!! I left messages in their voice mail. There will be no future for the Creek People if this tribe falls and it could very easily happen. A treaty is only a piece of paper and a paper shredder can very easily take care of it. I hope you all do what’s right to end all this.

  13. The only thing I can see that the treaties did for Indians, is make Indians be able to steal from Indians.
    We’re Americans or the United States of America.
    This INDOOR DRIVING RANGE AND BAR. isn’t doing a thing for us. It’s is promoting George Tiger.

      1. How about indoor plumbing/bathrooms for some of our rural citizens who are lacking these basic needs?

        I’ll bet you George & his family/friends have more than two of these toilets in their own housing.

  14. Since GT and OneFire Holding Company (company created by GT) are going to build the $22,000,000 indoor driving range and bar, why can’t we know who is putting investing 50% of the cost? Is it GT himself? He’s stolen enough money through INVOICE CHEATING (telling a contractor or vendor to increase their invoice amount for services rendered) with Mr. Pratt never questioning the $$ amount.

  15. For the 2015 election, I will not vote for any National Council incumbent Seat A candidate. For those of you reading at home, that’s anyone on the current council who is seeking reelection.

    Tulsa: Robert Hufft (Has gotten his friends jobs at the casino and children jobs at the tribe)
    Muskogee: Pete Beaver (son was director of the museum)
    Creek: David Hill (daughter is director of social services)
    Tukabutchee: Shirlene Ade (rumored to reside outside of district)
    Wagoner/Rogers/Mayes: Johnnie Greene
    Okfuskee: Frank Coachman (Neck deep in George Tiger’s handouts)
    Okmulgee (Well, David Nichols is running for Chief so he’s out)
    McIntosh: Darrell Proctor (Wife and mother-in-law are the principal and superintendent at Hanna. How many times has Hanna Public Schools received Creek Nation donations?) The 2 women aren’t even Creeks or Indians.

    Not including David Nichols, all seven others voted in favor to keep Sam Alexander as Speaker and continously shown support for the spending and the administration’s actions. Several of them voted against the Kialegee bill that would stop the Kialegees from opening their casino. Each one of them is in George Tiger’s pocket. Vote the Council out!

    1. These are the same Nat Council Reps that confirmed GT’s nominations of fired AG Roger Wiley & Controller James Pratt. R Wiley calls on the FBI to do his job and J Pratt hides all the wrong doing from the FBI and auditors. GT is so secure in his position it’s almost a shame anyone would waste their money running for office against these reps. Remember, if GT can’t win at the polls, he’ll win behind closed election office doors.

  16. Noticed Tiger is talking about Tribal Towns again. That is the real economic development he wants. GT will talk about the economic impact Red Clay will make for Kialegee Tribal Town spouting the fact that they are Creeks too!!! George needs that 5% Negotiators Fee in the contract with Shane Rolls & Kialagee Tribal Town King. Yep, selling Mvskoke Nation out for a 5% profit isn’t against any laws apparently. Not MCN laws or Federal laws. MCN has no Campaign Reform of Election Ethics laws so getting money from any source is legal. Of course GT doesn’t need campaign donations with the treasury of MCN at his disposal. He wants that 5% for himself. Hide and watch. GT will have his Red Clay Casino with his 5%. The Nat. Council will vote for anything he wants. All have seen him in action. Cheating, stealing, promising, corrupting, bribing, embezzling or any other means necessary GT will do (or have someone else do) to get his way.

    What do you think? Is Red Clay a great way to make money so that Creeks citizens can have houses, health care, education and other necessities of life?

  17. I hope that every Creek Citizens sake that the phone numbers and e-mail of all Council Members have helped you and that you as a Concern Citizen of this tribe did make a call to all the Council Members and Did flood their e-mail with your Anger, Dissapointments, and your Concern of what is happening to our tribe today. If the Council can’t do anything about these problems then ask them What is it that you as a Citizen can do until the next election so we can vote in a more aggressive Council that has concerns for the tribe and that has a backbone to stand up work together and get rid of the corruption that our Nation has now.

  18. Ok Creek Citizens. Here is your chance to make a difference in the tribe if you really care about our tribe. If you want all this Corruption out of the offices then here is your chance to speak up. Now you can see what your council will do and how your votes are going to pay off. You now are given the opportunity to express your feelings and your complaints whether its about the tribe and what they are spending or doing, complaints about the Chief and Housing, Health, etc. Lets hear your voices now!!!!

    Thomas Yahola (Speaker) 918-906-1273
    Robert Hufft (2nd Speaker) 918-497-9463
    David Hill (Sgt. at Arms) 918-384-9126
    Dode W. Barnett 918-752-7959
    Darrell Proctor 918-384-8528
    Adam Jones III 918-384-9139
    Pete Beaver 918-510-4609
    Joyce C. Deere 918-752-5001
    Franklin Coachman 918-752-9772
    Mitch Jack 918-752-9061
    David Nichols 918-384-8573
    James Jennings 918-752-9181
    Lucian Tiger III 918-404-0139
    Shirlene Ade 918-520-8166
    Johnnie L. Greene 918-520-7027
    Mark Randolph 918-752-9608

    Creek Citizens, get on your phones make a call or get on your computer and flood their e-mails with your CONCERNS, COMPLAINTS, and questions, or telling them to get rid of so and so. Here is your chance to make a difference. If you voted for them they are suppose to do their jobs. Give each and everyone of them a E-mail. Now there is no excuse, make a copy of these numbers and hand them out to every Creek Citizen you know. Lets break that Chain of Command at Creek Nation with our CHAIN OF LETTERS AND E-MAIL.

  19. Creek Citizens, There is news that the Creek Nation Travel Plaza’s are now being sold to OneFire. George is selling off our tribal businesses. Lets hear who says this is a good idea. We build businesses to give our tribal people work. Citizens if you’re against what George and the rest of his Posse are doing then you need to voice out. The voice is not here on Voice of Courage but to the National Council. All the phone number and e-mails to all the Council members are on the website. If you have a problem finding their numbers go to google and google Creek Nation National Council and you can call them or write them a letter of your concerns and complaints. If there are enough complaints to the council with phone calls and e-mails to them then you will get your voice heard when you tell them about the next time they come up for election. So get busy Citizens, start buzzing their phones and piling their e-mail up with your complaints of getting rid of certain people including George. I’ll be back with the phone number and e-mail addresses for you.

  20. Granny, its already to late. George is the one you put Brad Fox in the position over housing and on his Cabinet. George knows what Brad is doing and is encouraging him to keep doing it. They all getting kickbacks and stealing everything they can get their hands on. Its going to be a long time before citizens see any homes built. Right now there are to many complaints about housing and their contractors and Brad has his wife in charge of Contract Services. He also has his Sister in force account and brother n law in 4-H department if housing. He gave his daughter a very nice house courtesy of housing and it far nicer than any home that any other Creek Citizen would ever get.

  21. Keeping brad fox in is a mistake, and the people he is putting in charge. He is trying to make money off of poor people. Buy old trailers for the elders instead of building homes. He is not a leader, he is a follower. I hope Chief Tiger see it before its too late.

    1. Brad is one guy that probably has goods on George Tiger instead of Tiger owing Brad. He won’t lose his job because he hired Tiger’s girlfriend Johnna as a consultant.
      Everyone Tiger is associated with is a CONSULTANT. Tiger is a consultant, his step-daughter Kendra owns Red Bear Consulting Group (out of George & Francis home), Frances is a consultant, Mr. Johnson is a consultant and you can be one too.

  22. You’re exactly right A. Anderson. The Council does need to stop passing every bill that the Administration sends down. The need to stop and read what and get into full details with the meaning of the bill. The Speaker needs to address those bills and clarify, but I will say this, I have attended meetings and the Speaker of the house is one that is trying to pass every bill that comes through the Council and then send it back to the Administration for their signatures of approval. Our tribe is in over their head right now in a debt. I try to see some positive in the bills they pass and I just have to sit and shake my head because there is nothing that has been sent down from the Executive Office that is doing the tribe of any good. The Casino should be taken care of its self. If the Casino has that much clientale coming in to the Casino it should be able to supply its own money to build the hotel and the tribe shouldn’t have to borrow the money to build this hotel. We all know that pockets are being padded on this project but some people just won’t admit it. People are going to see that Citizens will have very little done for them because all the money is going toward project like these that should be self supportive of itself. Is the Casino really helping our tribe or becoming a henderance that we have to keep giving them money. We need to build businesses that will become supportive on themselves that can make a profit. I know several, but if these businesses were implimented in to Creek Nation, the Crooks, Thieves and Embezzlers would suck it dry and the business would fall and not become successful.

    1. The casinos are entities of the tribe, and with that 100% of revenue after paying the bills and paying employees , goes straight to the tribe. Cherokee nation casinos only contribute 25% of revenue to the tribe. The rest is put back into the facilities. So, with that being said the casinos can’t just build expansions without the funding of the tribe. The tribe should, in theory, have the money to pay for expansions. But before they even receive the monthly revenue from the casinos the money is already spent on various things for the tribe. Thus the reasons for the loans. I wish MCN would take a page from other tribe’s financial planning play books and make solid financial investments in order for the tribe to not rely on gaming revenue alone. Banks, grocery stores, competitive business ventures that are solidly profitable. Instead, they keep investing heavily in high risk business ventures that they have to expend massive amounts of collateral before the businesses are even up and running. And once they are there’s a ton of overhead and not much return. It’s bankruptcy in any other business world, but the tribe keeps skating by because casino revenue is their fallback. Eventually, that’s not going to cut it.

  23. When I was a young child, I remember attending meetings of concerned citizens that wanted change!! These were led by tribal elders who stepped up and organized citizens to use the power of the vote, to get the NC Reps to stand up and do what they were elected to do !! If the NC members want to retain their seats, they need to show some backbone and quit passing every spending bill, Administration sends over !!

  24. In Tulsa we have or are building:
    RiverSpirit Event Center for $12,500 per month
    Margarittaville for $400,000,000
    RiverCrossing in Jenks $15,000,000
    A new bar and golf range $22,000,000

    In Okmulgee
    We took over the debt of the falling down hospital. How much was that debt?
    The George Nigh rehab center. How much was that?
    The Okmulgee Country Club $4,600,000 with the promise of housing for Veterans.

    The National Council is buying all this real estate and not building houses or rehabbing the apartments we have in Okmulgee, Checotah or Okemah.

    The saying you have to spend money to make money is gone.
    When you have money you need to get things your citizens need.

    No profit making purchases and builds:
    Travel Plazas
    Jenks RiverCrossing
    Rex Chicken (where is that)
    Mvskoke Nation Community Hospital (Okmulgee Hospital)
    Mvskoke Nation (George Nigh) Rehab
    Commerce Building (Downtown Okmulgee)
    Our treasured Council House falling apart daily (Okmulgee)
    The 26 across the river from RiverSpirit
    The 17 acres east of RiverSpirit

    1. How can you tribal members work for a thief? You must care nothing for even your own families! Can’t you see these thieves are stealing everything from you??? If you work for Gorge Tiger you are no better than he is! Make all the excuses you want. Explain to your children why you are a sell out!!!!

    2. So Georgie and the current council paid $4,600.000.00 for the country club? Now if memory serves, AD Ellis had this same property bought for less than half that. Now Georgie was speaker of the NC at that time, andunder his leadership, they decided it was too high. I guess it is no secret whose pockets the difference in those two prices went into. George started stealing early, and he will have a second term to continue, because the Creek voters are too lazy and ignorant to get out and vote him out of office. We will just sit back and wait on the Feds, or pray and hope for divine intervention. Yeah, that has worked so well in the past.

  25. We were told the country club in Okmulgee was bought to build houses for us. Where is the Veteran and other housing that the national council told us about? they said they bought the land to build housing for us. why are we building stuff for white people to enjoy when our own people need a place to live? Making money is no good if we keep building stuff to make more money. When will the Creeks get some of the money? We do not care about a bar or golf. We want houses, medical care and a good hospital, not like the one the tribe bought in Okmulgee. When will this council stop spending our money on things they want.

  26. The more of these projects that are ongoing, the deeper Manhattan/Redstone’s pockets get therefore the bigger the kickback for Principal Thief Tiger.

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