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Some people walk away from the same written word with completely different impressions of what was written.

We have probably all been misunderstood or had misunderstandings when something has been taken out of its original context.

I think the intent was that the remaining candidates lost the election and were losers of the election for second chief.


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  1. We need more citizens to attend committee meetings of the NC , to see if the council members are debating legislation that comes before them!! Some of this stuff could be killed in committee before it reaches the floor. Emergency sessions are called to get some legislation passed w/o any debate, as if we don’t act now , we can’t throw this money away!! Drive by the Cromwell exit and look at the old station that was purchased for 1/2 million dollars and was suppose to generate lots of revenue for the tribe! It’s a eyesore off I-40 now!! This was done in emergency session many years ago, window of opportunity, they said. Let’s show up for these sessions and show the Council and Administration, we are interested in their actions, concerning tribal funds !!!

    1. That sounds like a good question for the newly elected 2nd Chief, since you have used an obvious disrespectful tone toward Chief Ellis in phasing your question.

    2. Michael Wisner as Director of Trade & Commerce was in charge of creating income for the tribe with that station purchase. Chief Ellis fired Michael Wisner and dismantled the board. Michael Wisner was a U. S. Marine and the U. S. Military dishonorably discharged for his actions while in charge of our Trade & Commerce.

      The MCN Attorney General Roger Wiley fought Chief Ellis along with then Nat Council Reps G. Tiger, R. Barnett and others over the terminations. Now as Chief, Tiger has comingled T&C with MNBE and has complete control of their funds just as he does our tribal funds.

      There is no accounting of our funds. With James Pratt in control of our funds and Roger Wiley in control of safeguarding our laws and funds, Tiger has unlimited money for whatever he wants to do.

      It appears Tiger is interested only in providing outlandish purchases for the public to be mesmerized by his love he has for his people.

  2. New Topic Please.

    In October of 2013, Principal Chief Tiger along with all those working for him told us that Margarittaville would be completed in early 2015 with the pictures in the Tulsa World.

    It’s early 2015 and haven’t seen much in the building phase of the hotel or family destination as promised.

    It seems as though before we start other multi million dollar projects that we should finish the one we promised.

    Though I am not an economic development expert like the National Council and Chief, there could be unforeseen expenses arise at Margarittavilla and Hotel that the new Driving Range and Bar for $22,000,000 could offset.

    I compare MCN mowing the yard. I mow one area completely before moving on to the next. What if it were to rain or an emergency arose, I would have an ugly looking yard. Simple minded ME thinks the tribe should finish the $400,000,000 Margarittaville project before beginning another especially since we are so far behind our estimated time of completion.

    The National Council are of one mind with Chief Tiger and guess that’s a good thing, but I say come one elected people stop trying to make each other look good to the public.
    It ain’t workin.

    1. Hey Lori. You don’t have to apologize for not being economic expert because the council nor the chief are experts either that’s the reason of all the money spending is because they know nothing of economics. if they knew of anything about economic development then we would have businesses that would be making profits.

  3. I happen to know that Ken Davis made a call to a veteran to vote. Perhaps check phone records and see how many other calls he made to other veterans.

  4. Creek citizens all is not lost yet George is still not out of the woodworks. the FBI the federal marshals are just waiting for the OK to go in and take him. I can assure you that Roger Barnett has talked. we haven’t lost this election yet so let’s get that thought out of our mind. there are plenty of other people that work for Creek Nation there are going to be taken away. the ones who voted for these people will be the losers. I believe that when Roger is sentence and is on his way to the federal penitentiary then I believe the process will start with George and the rest of his cabinet.

  5. Looks like Chief Ellis is fortunate George Tiger
    didn’t have him killed. Tiger’s people will do
    anything he tells them to do or pays them to do.

  6. Tiger with his cabinet will call Hicks into his conference room and Hicks will receive a standing ovation. He will be told that he with the help of Tiger and followers that he accomplished something even Tiger could not do. Tiger will then dismiss his cabinet to have a private talk with his new 2nd chief and the newly created jobs for Hicks children will take place.
    We were wrong to depend on the Feds to help us. We don’t deserve help. We deserve to continue to fall into debt and turmoil.
    Under the table contracts for services not rendered, percentages given to Tiger for inadequate construction and continued misuse of tribal funds is the norm.
    Money, greed, lies and deception are the foundation of our tribe.
    Tiger has never in his life been honest or true and we Creeks are just like him.
    Watch services for the people diminish rapidly.
    Take a walk into the places Tiger and his staff have purchased. All buildings are in crumbling condition, the new construction is not completed and money is being thrown down the drain like sewer water.
    Being thrown into a snake pit without any antidote for the venom is a true death. We are in the snake pit and we jumped in willingly.
    Creeks love thieves.

  7. A. D. Ellis is now a (LOSER) of an election. When Mr. Eli Grayson runs for office and looses, he also will be a (LOSER) of that election.

    As far as our 1st Lady is concerned – she is no LADY. She has disgraced herself by staying with a man who not only has one woman at Twin Hills but has another in Bristow that he (KEEPS UP) so to speak. Mrs. Tiger is just like the losers in the primary election. She will do anything, say anything and side with anyone that promotes her financial security for herself and her children. When George goes to prison will she then run to Louis Hicks?

    This election was not between Chief Ellis and Mr. Hicks. It was between Chief Ellis and George Tiger’s money. George Tiger has stolen, promised to pay back and manipulated even the Chickasaws out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    If you are one of the ignorant people that believe George Tiger cares about you, you are a loser and stupid.

    Eli Grayson needs to run for office along with Frances Tiger. They follow a manipulative man that serves himself.

    What can Eli Grayson get? Another Hall of Fame blanket?

    1. Let’s see what Mr. Hicks when George and his Cabinet stroke Mr. Hicks with glory of beating A. D. Ellis. Something that George Tiger couldn’t do.

      Mr. Hicks head will b e so big that he won’t be able to see anything but his own personal glory.

      Will Mr. Hicks use this 11 months to campaign against George Tiger for the Office of Principal Chief. Not likely. Mr. Hicks will become one of George Tigers “YES Men” bower, downers and praising the almighty money giving Tiger People.

      We Creeks have just made the biggest mistake in history. We have given George Tiger a man that knows ABSOLUTLY NOTHING about tribal government to do his bidding. At least Roger Barnett knew tribal government.

      George Tiger and his money won. Hoorah for George. Let’s all dance at his arrest when he goes to jail and Louis Hicks is run by Pratt, Wiley, Fife, Quiett and all the other corrupt employees of MCN.

  8. You people need to wake up! By “you people”, I mean the once proud people of the Muscogee Creek Nation. DO NOT BE SWAYED BY COMMENTS MADE BY ELI GRAYSON, FRANCES TIGER, AND WHOMEVER ELSE HAPPENS TO HAVE A “PUBLIC PLATFORM” FROM WHICH THEY USE TO PUSH THEIR IDEAOLOGY, THEIR BELIEFS AND THEIR PERSONAL AGENDAS ONTO THE CITIZENS OF MUSCOGEE CREEK NATION. Most of our citizens are clueless to what is really going on and they will be easily led to slaughter like the sheep (followers) they are because of people like Frances Tiger and Eli Grayson. Creek citizens are not dumb, but they are lazy. Get up off your backsides and do your own research as to whom you vote for in today’s election. You’re all adults. Well, it’s time to put on your big boy/girl pants and act as such. Both Eli and Frances have hundreds of friends on Facebook, the majority of which are Creek citizens or MCN employees and they EXPLOIT that fact by posting stuff like “loser gate” and who they plan on voting for today. I will give you one guess at who they are voting for and I’ll bet it is the same person. People like that know how to twist words around so they don’t kn

    1. After the “loser gate” post comes out? She publicly posted about her supporting Eli’s stance and then publicly announced who she’d be voting for today. In 2 small facebook posts, they were able to shout out their agenda to hundreds and hundreds of Creek citizens, knowing full well that the majority of their “friends” would be lazy, as they continue to prove them right at every turn. How many votes for Loius Hicks did these two facebook posts generate? It could very well be the difference in the election and we citizens will have no room to complain. So I’m sure Eli spin some yarn around my posts on here today to discredit anything I’ve said. He’ll say that I called the proud Muscogee people sheep, lazy, blind, and whatever else I said. My reply to him would be, “did I lie?” The truth will set you free and that’s exactly what they are afraid of. Sometimes the truth is a tough pill to swallow. As citizens, let us set out to change the way people describe us. Far too often we are referred to as “the once proud” people of the Muscogee Creek Nation. Let’s rise up together as a Nation united, make the necessary changes we need to make and force out the “once” from people’s vocabulary and ONLY be referred to as, “THE PROUD PEOPLE OF THE MUSCOGEE CREEK NATION.”

      1. Well, if there was any doubt before, it is quite clear now that Hicks is a Tiger man. With Frances endorsing him, that should convince anyone who was not sure before, that a vote for Hicks is a vote for Tiger.

  9. Hey there. I’m sure there are many typos on the brochure. That candidate doesn’t have thousands of tribal dollars to critique and make sure all is politically correct. But, someone has informed those of us that care, that Mr. J. D. Colbert earns $12,500 per payday for his services. That is $325,000.00 per year. Thought there is a tribal law that no one can earn more than the principal chief without National Council approval. Has that law been thrown out too? Guess tribal law is not law with this administration.

    How much you wanna bet that Chief Mr. Tiger gets a piece of Mr. Colbert’s money?

    Ask your NC Reps how much money Mr. Colbert draws on a part time consultant basis?

    Oh, that brings to mind Red Bear Consulting. That one is run by Kentra Root (Frances Tiger’s daughter) that uses Chief Tiger’s home address for her business. The company claims to have 25 years experience. Mrs. Root is not approximately 22 years old. Guess she started early.

    1. There is one important event that says so much about Tiger that has not been mentioned in awhile, but should not be forgotten. How about George’s fling that brought shame and embarrassment to the tribe. So how much hush money is the tribe still paying Johnna? Does anyone on the council know? There was national news coverage about our great chief and his conduct with another woman. And then there is lil Miss Francis, so enamored with being the first lady that she will let the old boar root around anywhere he likes.
      The reason I am posting this is to remind everyone that Louis Hicks is a Tiger man and a vote for him is a vote for the same type of shameful representation we have gotten since George was elected. Endorsed by all the candidates that George sponsored in the 2nd Chief race. Ken Davis campaigning for him on the complex, on the clock. He cant do that without George’s approval. And yes it is illegal under tribal law.
      Whoever wins the second chief race will be Chief. There is no way that Roger Barnett doesn’t know enough to get Tiger indicted. Why would he not spill it? How in the world can elect a FOG?? This election can very well set the course of our future as a nation.

  10. The people need to speak out about the future of the tribe, we see the millions being spent on various projects, $365 million for casino expansion, millions being borrowed for hospital, $500 thousand for a community center, and now, they want to build a toll bridge on 81 street in Tulsa!! They are putting the tribe in debt . Common sense says don’t drown us in debt !!

  11. Let’s talk about losers since it has been brought up. The Creek Nation is the biggest loser if we sit on our collective butts with out hands out begging for crumbs from Tiger’s corrupt table. Are we an honest people with any pride left or are we nothing more than a welfare state? Tiger and Barnett and all their buddies appointed to the cabinet are proven thieves and criminals. Do we want the mess cleaned up, or do we elect another Tiger man? How was Barnett able to steal with a Tribal card for over a year without Pratt and Tiger knowing it? It was allowed until Tiger saw Barnett as an opponent in the next Chief race. How about our attorney General? Why isn’t he investigating criminal activity? Who is going to sue Tiger and Pratt on behalf of the Creek People for allowing the theft to go on for a year and make no attempt to stop it until it was a huge amount. We need major changes and immediately! Waiting on the Feds to step in will be disastrous for all of us. Does anyone believe that with Barnett’s fall this is not on the way? The Feds may be slow but they will eventually get there. Can we afford an inexperienced Chief if that happens? Think for yourselves people!

  12. Eli goes where the power is. He played the same game with Chief Ellis. Before Chief Ellis , Mr. Grayson had no affiliation with Creek Nation, now he’s jumped on the “I love George Tiger & Roger Barnett” bandwagon. He’s in the same category with Ken Davis (traitor, back stabber, non loyalist). By the way, wonder how long the statute of limitations is for sexual harassment in the workplace?

      1. Eli, you must be very happy to be on George’s bandwagon, because that’s the comment you’re responding to. And so very juvenile too in your response.

  13. Oh this is so sad. I always had respect for Eli, but I’m afraid this is gone now. I thought he was above playing politics, but obviously I was wrong. Everyone that knows A.D. also knows he doesn’t malign people, and he has had plenty of chances. Taking “Losers” out of context is nothing but pure politics, just like putting up and paying for so many people to enter in the Second Chief’s race was nothing but politics. The only real loser here is George.

  14. Mr. Grayson has made a BIG DEAL out of a simple word “LOSER” for those 7 other 2nd Chief candidates who lost in the primary. Some of us do know English. If you lose, you are indeed a “loser”.

    I think his main purpose is to promote George’s candidate Louis Hicks, by creating a stir suggesting that the word loser in a campaign flyer painted all citizens of the MCN as losers. We are probably able to read between the lines, Eli. That’s not what WE read into it.

    Eli is completely in the pocket of George Tiger and they both know it. George gave him a title at the infamous GALA, which Eli has swallowed hook, line & sinker. He has also been bragging that George & his wife are now personal friends, whom he has entertained at his house and has been feted with gifts from George.

    We know how George operates. Now we know how Eli does too, if we didn’t before. Too bad. I used to hold Eli in higher regard.

  15. The mail out recently received from Mr. Hicks has endorsements from Floyd Jones, loser in 2d Chief contest(George Tiger’s Campaign Manager, BUT winner in job at Creek Nation) Kara Medina, loser in 2d Chief contest(former National Council Member and Geogge Tiger supporter with more than 1 DUI conviction) Selina Jayne-Dornan George Tiger Supporter-Loser in Senate Race, Loser in 2d Chief Race, BUT winner in Job at Creek Nation.
    Looks like the George Tiger supporters are desperate to have anyone BUT AD ELLIS as 2ND Chief.
    Californians, Out of Creek Nation voters, and all voters with less than 1/4 Creek Blood quantum must vote for a NEW CREEK NATION, which will be ushered in by AD ELLIS who can and will steady the SHIP OF STATE until the next election in 2015 when all Creek citizens will be treated as equals under the Muscogee (Creek) Constitution.

  16. Maybe the letter should have said “the seven non-winners” of the primary election which still means losers.

    There is no apology needed. The malice is in your heart Mr. Eli Grayson and anyone else that read hatred or meanness into it.

    1. It seems that Mr. Grayson and his followers on his gossip facebook have forgotten why we are having this election.

      Our former 2nd Chief embezzled (stole) money from us. Our current Principal Chief has said nothing about the issue which leads us to believe that he was aware of the stealing.

      This is a ‘Special Election’ because the former 2nd Chief resigned. The other seven candidates did lose the primary election, which makes them a loser not a winner.

      Climb down off your destructive soap box and remember why this election is needed. Loyalty is a word that seems to have been taken from some citizens vocabulary.

    2. Whoever runs this site, seems like you live a miserable life. This is my first time checking this site out and I can’t believe how you keep on and on about such stupid stuff. This is why they say Indians can’t get along, jealous of one another. I feel like people say things on here it’s all negative and hurtful. And it isn’t even about me. You have a site on the Internet, use it to motivate and encourage our people. The whole world can view this site. Voices of courage is more like voices discouraged. This is not to start a war with words, just my observation.

      1. Yes I agree with you!! We are all relatives in families
        and I am proud of being Mvskoke my familey has been in the nation since the beginning of indian territory
        I love all Creeks . Wish everyone a happy new year!!

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