MCN Resignations & Leaves

The Controller, James Pratt, resigned and gave 2 weeks notice. Thief George hopes to put Sam Alexander in as the next Controller. Sam may not be able to get the votes needed from the council. Which other thief FOG will GT pick if Sam is not confirmed?

Edwin Marshall, Public Relations Manager, has been put on administrative leave for SEXUAL HARASSMENT. The same thing happened to him when he worked for the Seminole Nation. Will George fire the victim? Most likely he will. That’s the way it works at the complex.


PROJECTS – Too Many Un-Completed – Where is Money for All of Them?

New Topic Please  (As requested).

In October of 2013, Principal Chief Tiger along with all those working for him told us that Margarittaville would be completed in early 2015 with the pictures in the Tulsa World.

It’s early 2015 and haven’t seen much in the building phase of the hotel or family destination as promised.

It seems as though before we start other multi million dollar projects that we should finish the one we promised.

Though I am not an economic development expert like the National Council and Chief, there could be unforeseen expenses arise at Margarittavilla and Hotel that the new Driving Range and Bar for $22,000,000 could offset.

I compare MCN mowing the yard. I mow one area completely before moving on to the next. What if it were to rain or an emergency arose, I would have an ugly looking yard. Simple minded ME thinks the tribe should finish the $400,000,000 Margarittaville project before beginning another especially since we are so far behind our estimated time of completion.

The National Council are of one mind with Chief Tiger and guess that’s a good thing, but I say come on, elected people, stop trying to make each other look good to the public.
It ain’t workin.

Facebook comment on Losers

Some people walk away from the same written word with completely different impressions of what was written.

We have probably all been misunderstood or had misunderstandings when something has been taken out of its original context.

I think the intent was that the remaining candidates lost the election and were losers of the election for second chief.