Committees and Council Members

Information is found on MCN Website, click on About Us,  Legislative Branch. Scroll to the bottom of the page on a particular member to see the committee.

Internal Affairs Committee: Robert Hufft, David Hill, Adam Jones, Joyce Deere, Mitch Jack, David Nichols, Shirlene Ade, Mark Randolph

Fact Finding Committee: Dode Barnett, Darrell Proctor, Shirlene Ade, Johnnie Greene, Pete Beaver, Frank Coachman, James Jennings, Lucian Tiger

Museum Oversight: Thomas Yahola, Pete Beaver, David Nicholas, Johnnie Greene

Mound Building Oversight: Thomas Yahola, Lucian Tiger, Mitch Jack, Frank Coachman

River Spirit Hotel Project Oversight: Thomas Yahola, Robert Hufft

MCN Casino & Hotel Project Oversight: Thomas Yahola,  Robert Hufft


Tribal Construction

To voc…

Please add a topic on TRIBAL CONSTRUCTION nothing is ever mentioned about this department  that oversees the change orders on construction projects. What ever happened to the” Round Building” that was more or less “condemned” and evacuated , is it still being used?

MCN Departments—Let’s Start w/Housing

We will begin with housing, but we can set up other categories for other departments — at your request.   The MCN cannot fix any problems unless they know what the problems are, and it certainly appears they never know what the problems are.

We continually hear of so many issues with Housing.  Can’t they hire anybody who is competent to run the department?  There have been problems no matter who is in charge.

1.  They can’t supply housing to citizens who are  qualified,  such as  the full blood elders, elders, full-bloods, and those who are living in very sub-standard conditions, some even lacking basic utilities.

2.  Many citizens who do indeed have tribal homes show no desire to maintain their houses.  There should be some education for them or else.

3.  Many houses are standing empty.  Some for months & months.

Perhaps you can add stories of what you know. 











MCN Communications

We get more news from other media than from our own Communications Department.  We have heard rumors in the past that Ole George plays a hand in approving the tribal medium, especially the newspaper.  It could be true since all we ever see are stories about George AND pictures of George.

This past Saturday’s TV show had not one mention of the news about ROGER BARNETT.

Today, the MCN newspaper came in the mail.  Not one mention of the news about ROGER BARNETT.

The top news in the Creek Nation, for all citizens who get access through the tribal radio, tribal TV Show and the Tribal Newspaper, SHOULD BE ABOUT THE ACCUSATIONS AGAINST OUR 2ND CHIEF ROGER BARNETT, who has been indicted for embezzlement of at least $150,000. with a tribal credit card (& maybe from his official tribal funding to be used to assist citizens who may need immediate assistance).  Most of the thievery happened at the River Spirit Casino, using the ATM machines.

Is this administration showing their lack of “transparency” while it continues to assert they are transparent?  We do appreciate the “feel good” stories included in the paper, but that’s not really news.  It’s only Human Interest stories.  Obits are appreciated greatly.


ROGER BARNETT – 2nd Chief Arrested this Afternoon

Posted by KJRH today at 2:28PM.

According to Tulsa KJRH TV, Barnett has been arrested – accused of  embezzlement,  of willfully misapplied moneys, funds, and credits, in excess of $1,000.

A source tells the TV station the allegations involve approx. $150,000 in tribal funds, between 4/5/13 & 4/29/14.

They’re expecting a press release from the tribe soon.

About Community Gaming–From the Past

Remember the MCN Supreme Court Chief Justice — Jonodev Chaudhuri?  He was the Chief Justice during all those law suits filed by Chief A. D. Ellis against the communities and against the Council, which were all ruled in Ellis’ favor.

Last year, he was appointed as the Acting Commissioner of the National Indian Gaming (NIGC).  The Tulsa World reported in today’s edition that Chaudhuri, pending Senate confirmation, would become the Commissioner.

This is good news but we can only surmise ole George and his bunch are already making phone calls to not confirm him.  We do have a very highly paid MCN lobbyist in Washington DC.  Jonodev would not be one to look the other way with Georg’s tactics against the MCN Gaming.