Community Clinic Services

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Received a letter yesterday that reads: “effective immediately Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health will no longer be providing Community Clinic services.”
The letter provides a list of nine doctors and one clinic in Henryetta & Okmulgee for us to contact.
Do we have to choose another Doctor now? We won’t have a clinic in Okmulgee any longer?

Nation is well on the way success

A new topic was NOT requested, but I feel this response needs a new post.

The current elected and appointed administration of Principal Chief James Floyd needs and deserves the full support of all citizens.
The previous group placed in charge by less than .0075 of the current Creek Tribal membership made such a horrible mess due to greed, lack of ability and overall ignorance that James Floyd was faced with quite a mess.
Never should we allow such to occur.
Always examine credentials, education, work history, and overall personal habits before electing anyone!
This nation is well on the way success, but four years of numbskull administrative decisions cannot be corrected overnight.

Calling all Creeks with restricted land !!!

New topic maybe?

Calling all Creeks with restricted land !!!

Former Speaker Steve Brunet and his attorney wife Kaylyn Free along with help from Marcella Giles (former Red Clay casino builder) want a casino/dance hall near his smoke shop in BA.

If they can do it so can we.

Some citizens believe Stevie Brunet should loose his tobacco license. He’s a millionaire because the tribe allows him to sell tobacco.

Take his license.

George Tiger is in the thick of this too.

Take Stevie’s license, he’s made enough money.

New “Acting” Secretary of Health

Is anyone else disturbed that the new “acting” Secretary of Health is Rhonda Beaver? She has been the Chief Operating Officer (basically second in command) while the Health Division has spiraled into the abyss. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the Chief Operating Officer responsible for the oversight of daily operations? She hasn’t demonstrated the ability to perform that job function at even the most basic level and yet we reward that sub-par behavior with a possible promotion to the Secretary position? This decision defies all logic. Please, please, please someone save us from ourselves.