Our Creek Culture – Exactly what is it? – the Past or Present?

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What is the culture of Mvskoke Nation? Everyone talks about preserving the CULTURE of the tribe. The Tribe spends hundreds of thousands of dollars preserving the CULTURE.

All my years I’ve always heard that the Ceremonial Grounds are the Mvskoke culture.

Since all Mekko’s of our gorunds have eaten of the forbidden fruit (money & position & fame), is the CULTURE gone?
Money talks to every man or woman, even leaders of our grounds.

I for one, will not fall prey to the money George and his NC shovel in the mouths of those who fall short of their beliefs.

I will live in my simple home, make my payments on my simple car and wear the clothes that I can afford to buy. I will never be one of George Tiger’s Hall of Famers, Supreme Court Justices or traveling companions. I’ll continue to work at my non-tribal job, helping those that I can and sleep well at night.

When a Mekko of a ground turns his head in passing, instead of speaking to one his own people it must be because of a guilty conscience rf shame.

Is the Mvskoke Nation’s CULTURE gone?

Eufaula Dorm (MCN School)

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What the hell is going on at eufaula dorm. My niece called me in the middle of the night to come get her because she is scared to death. I tried to call and talk to someone and there is no staff! I called today and was told the new priciple will not talk to parents that’s what staff for and was passed to some lady Colbert that don’t know a damn thing! My niece told me about bullying and locking kids in closets and beating then up. Boys sleeping in rooms with girls. Police showing up all the time and lots and lots of drugs. Staff outside on cell phone all night and won’t help her not be bullyed. Who at the tribe is in charge of the dorm? If you have kids in dorm get them out while you can it is so bad. They need our help!

Committees and Council Members

Information is found on MCN Website, click on About Us,  Legislative Branch. Scroll to the bottom of the page on a particular member to see the committee.

Internal Affairs Committee: Robert Hufft, David Hill, Adam Jones, Joyce Deere, Mitch Jack, David Nichols, Shirlene Ade, Mark Randolph

Fact Finding Committee: Dode Barnett, Darrell Proctor, Shirlene Ade, Johnnie Greene, Pete Beaver, Frank Coachman, James Jennings, Lucian Tiger

Museum Oversight: Thomas Yahola, Pete Beaver, David Nicholas, Johnnie Greene

Mound Building Oversight: Thomas Yahola, Lucian Tiger, Mitch Jack, Frank Coachman

River Spirit Hotel Project Oversight: Thomas Yahola, Robert Hufft

MCN Casino & Hotel Project Oversight: Thomas Yahola,  Robert Hufft


Tribal Construction

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Please add a topic on TRIBAL CONSTRUCTION nothing is ever mentioned about this department  that oversees the change orders on construction projects. What ever happened to the” Round Building” that was more or less “condemned” and evacuated , is it still being used?

MCN Departments—Let’s Start w/Housing

We will begin with housing, but we can set up other categories for other departments — at your request.   The MCN cannot fix any problems unless they know what the problems are, and it certainly appears they never know what the problems are.

We continually hear of so many issues with Housing.  Can’t they hire anybody who is competent to run the department?  There have been problems no matter who is in charge.

1.  They can’t supply housing to citizens who are  qualified,  such as  the full blood elders, elders, full-bloods, and those who are living in very sub-standard conditions, some even lacking basic utilities.

2.  Many citizens who do indeed have tribal homes show no desire to maintain their houses.  There should be some education for them or else.

3.  Many houses are standing empty.  Some for months & months.

Perhaps you can add stories of what you know.