Taken from the Elect George Tiger Facebook page, October, 25, 2011:

VOC: New Topic Please
Taken from the Elect George Tiger Facebook page, October, 25, 2011:

“ATTENTION MUSCOGEE CREEK NATION TRIBAL EMPLOYEES! During a Tribal government election many employees worry about their status when a new administration is elected. I truly believe our employees are tremendous assets and I’ve always been an advocate for their security. Employees have a right to associate with who they want, and talk with elected officials at their leisure without a threat of termination. Employees rights must be a respected and their loyalty should be to the people they serve, the Mvskoke people, and that service should be in a respectful and professional manner. Employees and elected officials alike must work in unity to provide the best service possible to its fullest. I look forward to that challenge, and, I extend my appreciation to each employee for their service to the great Muscogee Creek nation!! MVTO!”

How much of a turnover rate was there in George Tiger’s first six months of office? And then he vetoes the Employee Protection Act?

Muscogee Creek Movement

Please contact me by next Wednesday so we know how many tables are needed—-Shelly Harjo-Davis at 918 814 7513 or tava5278@yahoo.com. we would like for all candidates to come to get your word out there. Mvto

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Muscogee Creek Movement
P.O. Box 26, Glenpool, OK 74033

Muscogee Creek Movement


We the Muscogee Creek Movement believe in the Constitutional Rights of all Muscogee citizens, acknowledging that the citizens are the government. The elected officials, appointed officials, department heads or managers are not the government.

We the Muscogee People will assist and inform citizens with information and knowledge to empower them to be active in our tribal government. This includes voting, asking questions of officials and to demand answers, respecting our culture and being able to take on issues without  intimating or intimidation.

At Large Citizens of Tennessee

Muscogee Creek “At Large” Citizens of Tennessee

Will have a meet and greet/business meeting
Date: Saturday, August 8, 2015
Time: 1 PM
Place: Heritage Center of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County
Address: 225 W. College St., Murfreesboro, TN. 37132
We want to be informed about issues in Muscogee Creek Nation and regarding candidates running in the Muscogee Creek National Election.
At Large Muscogee Creek Citizen of Tennessee will host Mr. Tom Pickering who is running for national Council Representative from McIntosh District.
We would like to extend an invitation to any candidate who would like to come and take an opportunity to meet Muscogee Creek Citizens At Large in Tennessee.  Over 240 Muscogee Creek Citizens are residing in the state of Tennessee.
At Large Muscogee Creek Citizens living in surrounding states are also welcome to attend.
Pot Luck Lunch will be provided at the gathering. Welcome and you are invited to attend!
For information contact Melba Checote-Eads at 6715 210-7276

New Post, as you requested:

” I (Shelly Davis) posted this on the CMCA website this morning after Eli went after Jason Nichols with hate and discontent. My post has since been removed by Eli who owns the website:

Comment from a California citizen: Sounds like the damn story teller person sitting there is a gossip and a pro George supporter. You’d think by now California Creek Citizens could think more critically than to have one person leading the charge for many to make up their own minds. Besides anyone can call anyone of the candidates and ask questions. Transparency and integrity? There is no integrity if you can’t even argue effectively other than by raging and spewing foul language at our citizens. We’re a Nation of people who have survived! Lateral Oppression is not a way to thrive as a people. I’m not an Eli fan club member like so many that cue up behind his bully tactics and defaming out of control mannerisms. So I’m ok with walking apart from his following and taking the heat of his scorn. I’ve survived worse things in life and have developed some pretty tough skin via Poverty, racism, foster care, and the Marines to mention just a few obstacles. He doesn’t speak for the truly proud Muscogee Citizen who had to struggle from poverty, racism, and oppression by the dominant culture. He should show more respect to those that have In a good way even if he disagrees Jason. Yet he has become sickened with his false sense of power for his deeds to be a community organizer and a select friend of the community. Anyone can love only those who agree with you. Try helping those that despise you then you’ve reached a place of true altruistic character. An old indigenous saying offers us this: “If you’re here to help us your wasting your time. But if your here to work with us let us begin”. My days of being a passive “wait and see” Muscogee Man are over. Indian men lost their voice a long time ago to the “Great White Fathers” oppressive shouting down of our men claiming they could speak better for us because Indians were ignorant and like children. Those days are over. If Eli wants to be a leader of the Nation then let him run for office and stop this half ass leadership role he has self appointed himself to as the California Messiah and Micco as I’ve heard him referred too. Jason you responded with integrity and respect like a true Muscogee Gentleman. If a man is unprincipled then integrity and transparency will not abide. I’ll see you at the CMCA meeting a week”.

Muscogee Creek Removal Facebook Comments

New Topic for those who are not on Facebook

 Lanissa Jack Melton‘s post.
July 18 at 8:05pm ·

Lanissa Jack Melton
Went to a listening session last night. Hosted by the Muscogee Creek Nation, held in Beggs. I didn’t know about the meeting until Sunday by a city council. Then the city council member announced it at the monthly meeting to the city of Beggs. Two individuals who are not from the city of Beggs named Charlene Adams Lovelace and Eli Grayson was responsible for the meeting. They were both asked if they were the spokesperson for the city. Charlene Lovelace said that she would be the contact person. The meeting started out to be informational. Employees gave their speeches. Questions were asked and answered if possible. During the beginning of the meeting a man asked a question then a woman who let them use the church Said “SHUT UP” out loud to the man. I sat in the far back of the room and clearly heard her say that in church in Gods house. How rude and disrespectful. At that moment I felt uncomfortable. Towards the end the two individuals wanted to have another meeting at the same church. I stood up waving my hand for 10 minutes kept clearing my throat to be recognized. Finally a gentleman said just talk. I didn’t want to be rude. So when I did I suggested that we should have it at a centralized location such as the city hall or the community center. Eli Grayson stood up and said loud and clear “This Meeting Is For All Muscogee Creek Citizens” I was stunned by that comment. I am half Muscogee Creek and half non-Indian. Who is traditional, culturally oriented, and speaks the language. A lady in front of me said what is that suppose to mean. At that moment I was discriminated against. Apparently I wasn’t dark enough to be at the meeting that was held by the Muscogee Creek Nation. My own tribe with a roll number. No one even corrected him. Not even the Principal Chief. This is not our culture we are to respect one another especially women. We are maternal lineage. Eli Grayson has been verbally abusive and aggressive to our people. This is not right. I am livid and nor have I ever been disgraced in a public setting. Individuals from this city came up and apologized to me for his behavior and said that he doesn’t belong in this town nor does he live in this town. They said he might have some family in this town, but not enough to make a difference. They stated that they voted me in as a city council member and being rude and disrespectful to our city council representatives is uncalled for. citizens said that was clearly racist and at the upmost disrespectful. Who came into this town and barely advertised the meeting.
This has been on my mind all day. Tell me what you think.

Yahola Simms
Eli was raised as a Jew by his father who was ashamed to be Native. This is what Eli told me years ago. Since then he has made threats to sue me for defamation. He disrespectfully told me to get a job when I was going to the University as an adult for my Doctorate in Psychology. He thought he could hurt me that way with ridiculous and slanderous put downs, even when I was completing my dream of education after leaving the Marine Corp and living with PTSD, Dyslexia, and ADHD as obstacles. His insensitivity to the plight of Muscogee Citizens with disadvantages below his self-acclaimed financial stature is arrogantly displayed in his community posturing as a savior to us lowlife impoverished ignorant Indians.
He never lived the lifestyle of a Muscogee citizen growing up, yet he has come into the Muscogee Nation in my opinion as a elitist and a person a step above most citizens. He has referred to the Muscogee people in general as racists in some of his talks when he was in California. This because of his agenda with the Freedmen. He even spoke of George as a liar and a thief when he ran his first race as Chief. His money is his strength and certainly not his humility and values as a Creek Gentleman/whatever gender he identifies with. I have no respect for this person and how he is able to charm his way next to our more affluent citizens seems to be a pattern he sets for himself. Besides being disingenuous regarding his personal agenda to manage our Nation from the sidelines he has become George Tigers confidant. He has intelligent concepts yet acts out with narcissistic rage if you disagree with him. He is the epitome of a lateral oppressor. Eli Grayson is not a friend of the Muscogee People in my opinion. He should have entered the Muscogee Nation sideways with humility and showing respect. Instead he came amongst us with a self-aggrandizing motive. I do not trust him and I look forward to the day I confront him in public amongst our citizens. We’ll see if he shouts this Proud Native Muscogee Citizen down…

Charles Ferguson
Let me add my FB conversation to what you have to say cuz.
Conversation started August 4, 2012
You are no principal chief; you are merely a wannabe. My Great Uncle was Principal Chief in 1979. your heritage club is likened to the Yemassee Negros thinking they are Redman.

Eli Grayson8/4, 11:08pm
who the fuck are you…are you NUTTS…

Eli Grayson
8/5, 3:46pm
listen you fucking idiot, I dont and anyone else dont gives a rats ass about you are your supposedly ancestry…NO ONE CARES but you…and if you do have Mvskoke ancestry I will tell you they are quite embarrassed to have a descendant like you…you RACIST FUCK! YOU ARE AN EMBASSEMENT TO INDIAN PEOPLE…but I doubt if you are because no MVSKOKE act like your stupid ass…GO TAKE YOUR PROZAX FOOL…one other thing, you dont have any clue you creap who was the first elected chief of the Creeks….that would have been more than a thousand years ago…learn the dang history before you show how ignorant you are…

Eli Grayson
8/5, 8:15pm
oh…now that’s explains it…Cox’s sperm…show did express me with him…lol…its amazing you actually know how to use your brain and fingers for typing…I do believe their is civil war museum looking for relics to hang around like you…Charles just in a few words from you, I can tell you are an embarrassment to your family…the loser in the family so to speak, shzt even Claude had a little common sense…but you, a mouth and brain with no intelligence whats so ever…Im going to copy these messages and place them on my face book so that other tribal members can be aware of your crazy insane ass….cant wait for Buddy Cox to see this….he would probaly say you are just off your medication…you know the ole saying sometimes you feel like a nut, will Im sure its all the time for you…lol

Charles Ferguson
8/5, 8:35pm
paste away chimpanzee
Choose a sticker or emoticon

Charles Ferguson
Grayson called himself chief of the Creeks in California.

Charles Ferguson
This is his agenda, wannabe. How many Creek can there be in California and where is the headquarters of his chiefdom located. What form of govt. did he oversee as wannabe chief?

 Yahola Simms
Making derogatory statements regarding Our past Chief/Uncle is unsettling. Grayson is not worth your anger nor your debate. If he didn’t have money and people to pay to think for him he would have no intelligent thought to convey. I mentioned he has intelligent ideas. I didn’t mention they were probably his lawyers ideas. Whatever the case may be he had no right in hell speaking to you my relative in that way. I’m sure his cancer will eat his vile embodiment soon. The Muscogee/Yuchi people are strong. Let Eli dig his own grave.

 Yahola Simms
Eli likes to bully people. Mostly weak frightened people. Creek men need to step up and stop this guy. He has been spewing vile vulgar threats to many for way too long. He is shrouded in good deeds that draw big attention like the true NPD he is. NPD’s need attention and lots of it. If you cross them they punish you severely. He himself is a racist.


Candidate Filing

James Richard Floyd   McIntosh District
Adam Jones II   McIntosh District
David Nichols Okmulgee District
George Phillip Tiger Creek District
Thomas Yahola Tukvpvtce District

Louis Andrew Hicks Okmulgee District

Robert Hufft
Alvin Bucktrot
Rodney Josie
Samuel Alexander
Darrin Bell
Alexis Crosley
Eleanor Irene VanBuskirk

Johnnie Lou (Chalakee) Green
Timothy Jackson

David Walter Hill
Toney Bell

Wilson Bear
Sharon G. Rose
Tom O. Pickering
Darrell R. Proctor

Mose “Pete” Beaver

Franklin Coachman
Arlene Frances Davis
Lena L. Wind
Eugenia Karol Tiger
Randall Hicks

Del Beaver
Hazel Grace Bunner
Nelson Scott Harjo
Sandra Peters
Pearl (Chalakee) Thomas
Dean Williams
Grover Wind

Shirlene Ade
David Jimboy
Edwin Marshall
Rufus Scott
Samuel Gene Whitlow
Christopher L. Powell

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